John Carter Copyright

Disney’s film “John Carter” flopped.

Disney is a big media corporation. They lobby for strict copyright enforcement. They lobby for retroactive copyright extensions. Every time the oldest Mickey Mouse cartoons are about to enter the public domain, Disney lobbies for a retroactive copyright extension.

Disney has made a fortune on old public domain stories. One example is “Alice In Wonderland”. “Cinderella” and “The Little Mermaid” were public domain fairy tales.

Due to strict copyright enforcement, much potential art is censored. For example, it’s illegal for me to make my own Superman story, unless I get permission from the copyright owner. These old characters should be in the public domain. For another example, it might be illegal for me to make a modified parody of a copyrighted song. I could claim “fair use”, but it’d be a fortune in legal expenses if I were sued.  It’s better for me to self-censor and not take the risk of being sued.

John Carter is an old public domain story. It’s ironic that Disney profits from public domain stories, while simultaneously lobbying for stricter copyright law.

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