Real Money!

I went to a fast food restaurant and bought a hamburger. As part of my change, I received a 1964 90% silver quarter!

It was almost like getting a free hamburger. The silver coin is worth $5-$6. Quoted in real money, the price of a hamburger+fries+soda hasn’t changed much from 60 years ago.

I was able to tell right away. The silver coin makes a different “clink” sound than the other coins.

The cashier thought that she had given me a dollar coin by mistake, because I was so happy. I explained to her that it was a 1964 silver quarter, but she didn’t get it.

I get one or two pieces of junk silver every year. I’ve found war nickels and dimes. This is the first silver quarter.

I’m able to identify junk silver nearly instantly. It makes a nicer “clink” sound. The silver is a sightly different color than other coins.

Maybe I should ge a job as a cashier? If I get one piece of junk silver per year, a cashier at a fast food restaurant must see at least one per week.

It’s interesting to compare real money (silver) to counterfeit money. The silver coin makes a nicer “clink” sound when it touches another coin. It feels nicer and looks nicer.

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  1. It’s funny. I have a special needs uncle that loves coins, his favotires where junk silver, wheat pennies, and war nickles. I remember my grandmother saying that he started collecting them the moment the government stopped minting them. Every silver coin he found he kept, and he would go to the bank every week to get rolls of quarters, nickels and dimes go through them and remove the junk silver. At the time late 60s and early 70s, people would give him weird looks and just attribute it to his ‘condition’. The joke ended up being on them. He did this for nearly every week for forty years and when we went through his bags, and I mean dozens of bags, of junk silver coins and it turns out he had something on the order of 10-15 grand worth that he had amassed.

    • 10-15 grand face amount, or fair market value?

      Someone estimated that he made about $5/hr (tax-free!) going through bags of pennies and picking out the pre-1982 ones.

      It’s a more effective use of my time to get a regular job and buy silver, than look through bags of coins.

      The interesting bit is that I can usually immediately recognize junk silver! I get 1-2 pieces per year. That was my first quarter. I got a few war nickels and a couple of dimes.

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