Denver Signs Peyton Manning

Denver signed Peyton Manning as a free agent.

It was a brilliant move by John Elway.  That gives him an excuse to dump Tim Tebow.  Instead of saying “WTF?  You cut Tim Tebow!”, people in Denver are saying “Wow!  Peyton Manning!”

Tim Tebow may have played well enough to hang onto his starting job, but not well enough to win a Super Bowl.  There may have been several 8-8 or 10-6 seasons, but no Super Bowl.

Lots of Tim Tebow’s “miracle 4th quarter wins” should have been blowout wins.  Denver’s defense kept the game close, and Tim Tebow scored at the end of the game.

I already expressed concern about Peyton Manning’s spinal cord surgery.  This could be a disaster.  It could be a Dale Earnhardt moment for the NFL.  Some people said “Dale Earnhardt dying during the Daytona 500 was like Peyton Manning dying during the Super Bowl.”  Linebackers are going to aim for Peyton Manning’s neck.  Peyton Manning is an adult and has informed consent, so it’s his choice.  I am concerned.  This could be a disaster for the NFL.

I always am offended when a professional athlete says “My #1 goal is to win!”, and then signs a huge contract.  Denver is spending approximately 10-15% of their salary cap on Peyton Manning.  In a salary cap league, every dollar Peyton Manning earns is one dollar less to spend on teammates.  Just once, I’d like to see a star athlete say “My #1 goal is to win!”, and then sign a minimum contract, leaving lots of cap room for teammates.

As far as I can tell, Denver didn’t exploit the “signing bonus cap loophole”, due to Peyton Manning’s injury.  With the signing bonus cap loophole, a team can pay a star athlete a $25M signing bonus and minimum salary in year #1 of a 5 year contract.  Then, the cap hit is only $5M in the first year.  That loophole was not closed under the new CBA.  I’m surprised Denver did structure Peyton Manning’s contract like that.

It was a brilliant move for John Elway to sign Peyton Manning.  That gives him an excuse to dump Tim Tebow.  Even if Peyton Manning flops or is re-injured, then John Elway can cut him and start over with a non-Tebow quarterback.  With Tim Tebow, Denver could have had many average seasons, but no Super Bowl.  I am seriously concerned about Peyton Manning’s spinal cord injury, but he’s an adult and is free to make his own decisions.

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