Kitchen Nightmares – Chiarella’s

This week’s episode of Kitchen Nightmares was interesting.  (Don’t try to watch it online with the News corporation’s lousy viewer.  Here’s a torrent/magnet link.)

I’m am 99% convinced that the male owner, Tommy, was taking psychiatric drugs.  Look at 5:40, the way he rocks when he’s sitting.  Look at 22:50, the way he’s rocking on the weight bench.  That’s a clear indication of psychiatric drug use.

They did mention “depression”, but didn’t explicitly mention psychiatric drugs.

I’m pretty good at identifying people who are taking psychiatric drugs.  I’m 99% convinced that the owner in that episode was taking psychiatric drugs.  It’s dishonest that “Kitchen Nightmares” didn’t mention that.  It’s impossible to run a business when psychiatric drugs are interrupting your thinking.

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