Headhunter Foolishness – “Open Source Programmer”

There’s a new trend.  It’s started in the past year or two.  Headhunters have a new category called “Open Source Programmer”.

I always thought that an “Open Source Programmer” is a programmer who contributes to open source projects.

According to headhunter logic, an “Open Source Programmer” is a programmer who works in open source languages, such as PHP, Perl, Python, Rails (yuck), or node.js (yuck).

Here’s the bizarre part.  Every headhunter has started using this category at almost the exact same time.  They’re all copying each other.

“Open Source Programmer” probably contrasts with “.NET programmer”.

Headhunters say “The client demands 5 years .NET experience.  FSK, you have only 1 year of .NET experience.  I can’t justify my big fee, if I submit your resume.”  Headhunters and clueless managers think that “# years in X language” is the proper way to screen resumes.  That enables clueless twits to make hiring decisions.

Headhunters and recruiters have promoted the idea “# years in X language” matters, because that’s the only thing they know how to do.  They’re justifying their own fees.  If you had to actually evaluate someone’s intelligence and ability, then it would be obvious that a nontechnical headhunter is useless.

Another headhunter said “FSK, you should have a LinkedIn profile.”  Unfortunately, I could tell he was evil, which was an indication that LinkedIn is probably useless and hype-over-substance.

That is amusing.  Starting at nearly the same time, every headhunter now has a category called “Open Source Programmer”.

10 Responses to Headhunter Foolishness – “Open Source Programmer”

  1. Anonymous Coward April 1, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    I was quite happily getting my bills paid for by my own software product and not having to stress out dealing with idiots. Then a couple of big company recruiters found a very old profile of mine on LinkedIn. Well I put hope over experience and decided to talk to them. It was a waste of time. All they did was piss me off. They couldn’t even tell me anything about the jobs they were recruiting for or what exactly they want in terms of skills, experience etc. As they have a tedious and strung out recruiting process, I didn’t want to be put down a mill of testing without knowing what the jobs are first.

    So the whole thing aborted at fortunately an early stage.

    Next time I will probably just ignore them like the scum they are.

    Even as early as back as 1996 – 1997, a manager of mine said that talking to recruiters made him sick (or words to that effect). Very wise words.

    It is stupid that a big, famous technical company have unqualified people working as recruiters that have no real hands-on knowledge of software. It will just lead to good people getting pissed off and never joining the company.

  2. Anonymous Coward April 1, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    I put out a resume many years ago that listed what I did in date order i.e. the earliest work would be listed before the latest work for each job and the latest jobs before the earlier jobs.

    My strong skills in C#, C/C++ and Java were right at the top.

    Unfortunately it seems all the dumb recruiters just looked at the very first line of my last job description, which said Visual Basic. So I did Visual Basic for a limited number of months, but obviously if you read below that you would see I’ve programmed in C/C++, C# and Java for many, many years. Even just a 30 second glance would tell you my experience is in these languages not Visual Basic.

    I’ve down classic credit/debit card processing work in C and if you travel to certain parts of Europe, my code is probably processing your transactions at some point! Yet the stupid recruiters missed this.

    But the recruiters were dumb and couldn’t be bothered to read beyond the first line. So any job I did get put forward to was one I wouldn’t want.

    So in the end I gave up and started my own business.

    Recruiters are dumb and just get in the way. They don’t read your resume/CV. They look at the very first line and the very last thing you did.

    • You are truly stupid May 14, 2012 at 4:11 am

      No such thing as C/C++. If you use C#, C++(I seriously doubt you can use C properly), VB, and Java well that is all pretty much the same damn thing. Basically you have 1 year of experience done n times.

      Grats to you and your pseudo-polyglot skills.

      Next time stretch your self and learn something that is actually different.

  3. Anonymous Coward April 1, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    A friend of mine says that software industry recruitment is completely broken (and the software industry as well!).

    The friend says the only thing that holds it together is the vast number of software developers trying to pile in for each available job.

    No system so inefficient and stupid could survive, unless tens of people were applying for each available job.

    That is probably why in the UK software development jobs are _advertised_ as a fantastic career with lots of money. In reality you get a shitty career with much less money that people make out.

    • It is amusing that everyone always says “There’s a shortage of qualified software engineers!”, yet I struggle to find a decent job.

      “Qualified software engineer” means “smart enough to get the job done, but not so smart that you threaten your manager’s job”.

      • You are truly stupid May 14, 2012 at 4:12 am

        “Qualified software engineer” means “smart enough to get the job done, but not so smart that you threaten your manager’s job”.

        Wait a sec, I thought that was describing you but you are not smart enough to get the job done unless said job is a pure API monkey gig.

  4. When I graduated from university many years ago, some companies did have programming tests. There were at most 30 minutes. Or even just a discussion about some code you have written.

    Now big tech companies have gone overboard. In one case I had to write 4 small pieces of software before the interview and fill out one technical test. On the day of interviews I had to do 2 whiteboard programming problems per interviewer. I had about 6. So it total I had to write 4 + (6 * 2) = 16 small pieces of software.

    My brain just gave up on the last one. I thought it was just getting silly. Plus the manager interviewing me starting to type loudly on his laptop. I did think at the time that it was done on purpose to distract me.

    Then about two weeks later, the Human Resources woman telephoned me and spent 15 minutes telling me how stupid I was because I didn’t answer the very last question of the day! She crossed over the line between interview feedback and being rude and offensive. I should have hung up. That was a mistake.

    The interview merged from being a test into a sill endurance exercise. Why go through that again, if it is not testing programming ability but endurance from a needlessly long list of questions?

    The trouble is that little companies copy the big companies and likewise have endurance tests rather than programming tests. You have to encounter multiple trips to their offices and needlessly long lists of questions. AND ALL BEFORE YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT THE REAL JOB IS ABOUT. WEALTHY COMPANIES CAN AFFORD TO WASTE SO MUCH TIME – A CANDIDATE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO WASTE 3 DAYS PER INTERVIEW.

  5. You are truly stupid May 14, 2012 at 4:08 am

    Rails and Node.js are not languages smart guy.

    It must suck to only get shit low-paying jobs but that is what happens to dumb asses

    I know it kills an ultra Reich-winger nut bag like you but OSS is a multi-billion dollar industry that covers the vast majority of technology from C to Lisp and back down into the sewer is shit like PHP. From small embedded devices to super computers. OSS owns nearly every single market in technology.

    I realize you are an idiot and can not learn new things. You are like a dinosaur just wanting for the inevitable

  6. Its the same in all industries. I have seen 5+ years exp wanted for truck drivers in jobs to get paid basic wage. Soon it will be 10+ years exp to use a shovel at basic wage.

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