The Daily Show And Unesco

Two weeks ago, The Daily Show did a bit on Unesco. Unesco is a part of the UN. It sets up schools and other things in third world countries. Unesco gets funding from the US government, and other governments.

There’s a law that says “Any part of the UN that officially recognizes Palestine loses all US funding.” Unesco recognized Palestine. Following the law, the US cut off all funding for Unesco. This is ironic, because some of Unesco’s projects are in Afghanistan.

John Oliver spoke with a Congressman, regarding the Unesco funding cut. The Congressman was saying “The law is the law! The law must be enforced as written!” John Oliver pointed out the foolishness, “You’re a Congressman. You could change the law.”

“The law must be strictly enforced as written!” is a bad attitude. State enforcers must blindly obey, without thinking for themselves.

There’s another problem. Unesco is a charity. Tax money shouldn’t be spent on charities. When a charity receives tax money, that makes the charity part of the government.

Essentially, John Oliver was saying “The US government should steal from me via taxes, and spend that money on Unesco.” However, the Congressman was also being silly.  Posturing about Palestine is more important than funding the UN.

Jon Stewart completely missed the point.  He was saying “Taxpayer money should be spent on Unesco!”  If Unesco is so wonderful, then why doesn’t Jon Stewart donate his personal money to Unesco?  He could organize a charitable event.

It is wrong to spend tax money on charities.  It’s a type of money laundering.  The tax money is spent on charity.  The charity administrators take a salary themselves.

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