Game Tip – Swords And Sandals – Aztec Level 7 – Return Of The Favor

I’ve been looking for some Android games.  I bought the “Humble Indie Bundle for Android” 1 and 2.  Both bundles had 1 game I liked.  The first one had Osmos.  The second had “Swords and Sandals”.

However, I got stuck on Aztec mission 7!  There’s no “level skip” feature!

I saw a discussion of that level on Steam.  I created an account to post my solution, but they didn’t enable my account!

Here’s how I beat that level.  It’s a different strategy than the one mentioned on the forum.  This bit will only make sense if you’ve played that game.

I noticed that I was losing due to catapults.  If you play the level long enough, the enemy eventually gets 3 catapults stacked up, and they form an invincible wall.  The 3 catapults will kill any unit that comes close, before the unit damages the catapult.

Catapults are immune to poison.  The non-catapult units are easy to handle, with the poison ball spell.

I sacrificed giants for mana, and then mindcontrolled the enemy catapults!  That prevented me from getting overwhelmed by catapults!  I also used boulder spells to knock out the two enemy towers.  The enemy doesn’t rebuild his towers once you destroy them.

It was very frustrating.  That level was impossible until I discovered that trick, “Sacrifice giants for mana, and mindcontrol enemy catapults.”

I’m thinking of buying some Android games. I’m probably going to get emulators fpse and DosBox Tubro. I’m also seriously considering “Deadly Dungeons”. I tried to download the demo and it didn’t work? (The link was broken, after the update from google market to google play.)

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