Motorola Droid 4 Mistake – No Removable Battery

I like my Droid 3.  However, Motorola made a *HUGE* mistake with the Droid 4.  They didn’t include a removable battery.

Why does this matter?  The phone software is buggy.  Once every 2 months, my phone gets stuck.  The only way to reset it is to remove the battery and put in back in.

Without that feature, I’d have to wait for the battery to fully run down, before I could use it.

There’s a keypress to simulate battery removal.  I tried that and it didn’t work.

Also, the battery life is *LOUSY*.  I get about 2 hours of subway gameplay on a full charge.  If I was flying, the battery would be inadequate to keep me entertained while waiting for the plane.  If I were still flying, I’d buy and carry a spare battery.

It was a *STUPID* decision to not include a removable battery on the Droid 4.  Sometimes, the phone software hangs, and you need to remove the battery.  If you need to use the phone in an airport, you’ll drain the battery and should carry a replacement.

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  1. Let me add, my son’s Droid4 went nuts last night. Out of the blue playing LOUD music at full volume —- we could not turn off the droid nor control the audio volume. He panicked and tried to remove the battery, only to tear the battery flex harness in killing the phone. Now I find we cannot buy a replacement repair battery either.

    There is NO user Master RESET button on the Droid4 to disconnect the battery from the Droid for a hard turn off/reset. In this the Droid4 is a crap design in not allowing battery power removal to invoke a hard reset!!! Sr. Test/MFG EE w/MS-EET.

    I have a Droid-X and I find I need to do a hard master reset about ever two weeks due to it going into some funky operation. A hard battery removal reset always fixes it!!!

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