Lamar Odom – Jerk Or Victim?

This story is interesting.  Mark Cuban got into an argument with Lamar Odom.  Lamar Odom wasn’t playing well and wasn’t giving 100% effort.  Mark Cuban decided to bench Lamar Odom for the rest of the season, and will trade him or cut him after the season (his contract has a buyout clause).

The mainstream media spin is “Management and owners are always right.  Mark Cuban is the owner, and everything he does is correct.”

There’s another possibility.  Mark Cuban and the coach were being real jerks.  Lamar Odom got disgusted and stopped trying.  The “advantage” of playing poorly on purpose is that it guarantees a trade to a less abusive environment.

Mark Cuban never played in the NBA, but he’s criticizing his players after every play.  That sounds familiar to me.  It’s frustrating to have a boss that can’t write software and knows nothing about managing software projects. but that boss still tries to micromanage every detail.

The mainstream media says that owners and management are always correct.  For another example, most sports leagues have a policy that says “Players may not criticize referees, even if they make a mistake.”  The important idea is “State authority figures cannot be questioned.”

When I read that story, I sort of read between the lines.  Mark Cuban was being a real douchebag towards Lamar Odom.  That’s why he stopped giving his best effort.

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