Best Buy Problems

This story was interesting.  Best Buy is having problems.  They are losing market share and sales.

When I first went to Best Buy a couple of years ago, the workers all seemed alert and intelligent.  I actually was impressed, that Best Buy managed to hire so many competent workers.

When I went to Best Buy recently, the workers didn’t care.  It was a huge contrast.  In less than 2 years, Best Buy went from having an intelligent and hardworking workforce, to having not-so-bright employees that weren’t motivated.

It looked a lot like Circuit City and K-Mart, just before they went bankrupt.  The workers weren’t trying and the store inventory was disorganized.

For example, I bought my new PC at Best Buy, via their “Buy on the Internet and deliver to a store!” feature.  The box was dented, which shows sloppy work.  The PC worked so it was OK otherwise.

Best Buy does have an advantage over Amazon.  “Buy on the Internet and pick it up in a store!” is a neat idea.

Best Buy isn’t losing market share because of “That nasty Internet competition.”  Best Buy is losing market share because they forgot how to hire skilled workers.  At one point, they had process for picking good employees, and now they don’t.

3 Responses to Best Buy Problems

  1. I worked there so I can attest to the fact that Best Buy is a terrible place to be an employee and that is why all the intelligent workers left. They make you work unreasonable hours for no pay, and they expect you to sell their crappy extended warranties. There is no commission so they use intimidation to “convince” you that the customer would be better of with them.

  2. For a small fee to join Amazon prime you will get free two-day shipping on all fulfilled-by-amazon items – a good portion of what you can buy on Amazon. I don’t know how they do it, but it makes going to best buy no longer necessary.

    By the way, you should know better than collect information such as email addresses – there is no benefit for you and nothing good can come of it for your readers. Neither should you force people to enable scripts to leave feedback. Before you had control of your server, you were forced to do what they did (although you were a fool enough to buy into the google ‘hand over your customer list’ campaign known as adwords). Now you have no such excuse. You seem to have a glimmer of understanding, but continue to disappoint me with ongoing foolishness.

    • You don’t have to leave an E-Mail address. It should work if you leave it blank.

      I had a comment spam problem, and added the “growmap anti-spam plugin”, which eliminated 98% of the comment spam. That requires a script to work.

      There is a problem with ordering from Amazon. I don’t have anyone to take deliveries for me.

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