Income Tax Mailing Address?

There’s a weird thing I noticed about the income tax.  There are two different addresses.  Based on whether you include a check or not, you mail it to one address or another.

WTF?  Are tax collectors that incompetent and lazy?  They can’t have them all go to the same address, and then sort them after they arrive?

It is offensive to fill out a tax return.  Only the State could demand that you tell them about everything you do.  Then, you figure out how much of your stuff they should steal, according to the rates they chose, and mail them a check.

It’s also amusing, that a tax return is an “obeying orders” exercise.

3 Responses to Income Tax Mailing Address?

  1. Anonymous Coward April 14, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    As we both know, the government only gets something like 30% (or was it 70%?) of its needs through taxes. The rest is borrowed from banksters.

    As Ellen Brown says, there is no need for the government to get into debt. It should issue its own debt free money. The interest payments to banks for money created from thin air is crippling everyone through higher and higher taxes and more and more debt.

    If you want to reduce unemployment and have a real free economy, YOU NEED CAPITAL. You can’t have capital, if the government sucks up all the money. The government only wastes all the money on wars and money to their incompetent friends.

  2. “It’s also amusing, that a tax return is an “obeying orders” exercise.” Its even more amusing to me that people thing that the money they pay in tax is “used” for public works. They never considered all public spending is financed, the tax only exists to enmesh you in the system, nothing more.

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