Reader Mail – 04/08/2012 To 04/14/2012

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Fred Chien commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
Just like you, I used to hate JavaScript before, because JaveScript is very slow, and also a lot of JavaScript developers always wrote nasty code, they never know how to manage system resources and computer how to work. With flexibility of JavaScript language, many developers do programming job that's just like a baby do.

But I really love JavaScript now, since I researched the V8 JavaScript Engine and Node.js. Google got a good job on JavaScript engine and JIT integration, to improve JavaScript performance. Not only V8 become faster, Node.js also has a pretty good mechanism of module, easy to write C/C++ Add-on to extend any functionalities for Node.js application.

So if you are familiar with C/C++, Node.js is the best language for you.

In my opinion, Node.js can do ANYTHING well right now. We can add new APIs with C/C++ to do that JavaScript cannot do, such as multi-threads and system programming.

For web purpose, node.js has different design to process requests. In fact, Non-blocking model was proved that good performance for web service, even better than Thread solution, handling thousands of request is not difficult for Node.js. In order to use multi-processor or multi-core, Node.js has already support API to do fork to spawn more instances.

horace commented on Open Pandora, PSP, or Android?.
You would still be limited by the available emulators for Android, but you could pick up an iControlPad (basically OpenPandora controls without a keyboard) that snaps onto your phone. Much cheaper than an OpenPandora, and probably much more convenient than carrying around both a cellphone and an OpenPandora.

I have an OpenPandora, and it is fairly cool, but your phone has higher build quality, faster hardware, and a nicer size.

I'm content with my keyboard as control pad, and using the touchscreen for analog controls. The emulators vary in quality. For example, NESoid and GBAoid don't work properly when I press 3+ keys simultaneously, even though I have a multitouch keyboard.

Also, it's a PITA to properly configure an Open Pandora. The good Android emulators are easy to configure.

It's easier for me to get fpse and DosBox Turbo rather than an Open Pandora.

I'm probably going to get the next generation Motorola Droid when my current contract expires in mid-2013. By that time, I should be able to get a PSP and DS emulator for my Android phone! (one that runs without frameskip) Hooray for Moore's law!

Paul commented on Buy Physical Gold, Get Robbed?.
I'm an (ex)antique dealer. I was always amazed by the number of my customers who strolled around their own house, took pictures of their valuables and then sent the film off for developing by post. Once they had the prints they would then send them off for insurance valuations. That way the crook who may work for the print developers or more likely in my experience the insurance valuers gets a look at the layout of the house, what's inside, the address and phone number!

You can buy insurance on gold/silver stored in your home. Unfortunately, the premium is 0.5%-2% per year. If insurance is that expensive, then you might as well buy GLD or a safe deposit box or a warehouse receipt.

The only way to safely hide gold in your home is if nobody knows you have it.

commented on Nobody Knows How To Build Things Anymore.
Lost skill? You obviously have no idea how many people died building all of the bridges and skyscrapers we have today. How many people died building the empire state building? Or was that "before" we had this "no construction death" skill. What point in time specifically did we have this skill? You are obviously a pencil/keyboard pushing tool that has never had a blue collar job. Some of these jobs are dangerous no matter what advances in safety are made.

Justin commented on Nobody Knows How To Build Things Anymore.

5 people were killed constructing the empire state building, troll. It is apriori true that the less free competition there is, the less skilled the people become. He never claimed this is a unique period in history.

His point is that construction deaths 100 years ago would have been unnoticed, but recently every one is a headline.

I still say that if you count deaths per construction project, the number is increasing over the past 5-10 years.

Here's a link that says construction deaths have increased recently. I couldn't find a better source after briefly googling.

commented on Nobody Knows How To Build Things Anymore.

I am not a troll. Accidents happen in construction because the nature of the job is dangerous, as they are in mining, firefighting, power plant operation, large factories, logging, etc. There has never been a time when these jobs were 100% safe, and until the jobs are only done by robots, there never will be. Even in safe conditions, random freak accidents and mechanical failure of equipment can occur. The danger of thinking about something and not paying attention in an office may be just tripping into someone, while the danger while working near heavy machinery is much greater. People are not perfect, and that is why there will never be a 100% no death rate in dangerous jobs. Most "dangerous jobs" you must be 18 or over even to apply to, as a 16 or 17 year old is not of the age to consent to excessive risk.

Reading the article, I does start out saying there was a "building boom" More construction overall can lead to more accidents when counted by individuals and not by percentage of total workforce injured. Pertaining to scaffolds, They are required to be inspected daily, with a tag left by the inspector at the base. If you use scaffolds in your work daily, I don't know, maybe checking that the scaffold is correctly anchored every so many feet and on level ground and not shaky with uncracked planks would be in your best interest.

If we have a lost skill in this country, it is not "construction without deaths" It is, realizing that "you are responsible for your own safety" and "how to pay attention"

Unless dangerous jobs are performed by robots, there will always be some accidents. 112 people died just building the Hoover dam. That is excessive.

I still say that "accidents per project" is increasing over the last 5-10 years. I don't have hard statistics.

Justin commented on Reader Mail - 04/01/2012 To 04/07/2012.
Openstreetmaps is indeed a decent free alternative to google. In fact if you believe the hype apple "stole" and skinned openstreetmaps.

Justin commented on Stale Dunkin Donuts.
In&Out (its a west coast burger chain) recently raised their prices AND lowered their burger freshness. I was so insulted I won't go back. I was so loyal I might have excepted either higher prices or lower quality, but I will not accept both.

Another example is Russell Stover. They changed their boxes from 16oz to 12oz *AND* lowered the quality.

I've also had problems with Subway. Their bread is almost always stale, even when I go during peak lunch hours.

"Higher prices and lower quality" is a symptom of hyperinflation. Like you, I'd accept the higher price if they didn't cut the quality.

Here's a tip. When you're considering a restaurant, look how busy it is at lunchtime. If it's packed, that's good. If it's empty, it's bad.

Anonymous Coward commented on Stale Dunkin Donuts.

Off-topic, but important none-the-less.

Previously FSK has advocated gold and silver. I can't remember in what way - a gold/silver backed currency or for savings.

Anyway I recommend that FSK and the viewers here watch The Secret Of Oz (Best Documentary 2010).

The URL is

At just under two hours it is too long for casual viewing. I've just watched the first 30 minutes and have learned a lot.

Using gold as money does have big problems. Historical evidence is referenced in the video.

Anonymous Coward commented on Stale Dunkin Donuts.

Perhaps I should expand on my previous comment.

I think the banking industry hurts our real economy. I disagree with debt-based money.

I agree with Ellen Brown that governments should issue debt-free money, instead of getting in hock with the banksters.

In The Secret of Oz, it is discussed that when Rome used money based on cheap, base metals their economy thrived. When it went back to gold-based money, there was unemployment, the rich took over everything and eventually the City was sacked.

Your fallacy is "Government is controlling money and forcing people to use the gold standard and fractional reserve banking." Also, "Government is adjusting the amount of gold per monetary unit, increasing and decreasing it."

In a really free market, people would use gold and silver as money.

Anonymous Coward commented on Stale Dunkin Donuts.

But the entire silver production for a year would only amount to 1 - 2 silver coins per person in the USA.

There isn't even one gold coin for each person in the whole world (or near enough).

What we need is debt-free money.

Anonymous Coward commented on Stale Dunkin Donuts.

Or at least _honest_ money.

That's a common fallacy. You assume that "size of economy" must equal "amount of physical gold and silver". The same coin can be used for many transactions. Gold and silver are a benchmark for price.

The way it probably would work is gold for big transactions, silver for medium transactions, and copper for change.

With paper money, whoever controls the paper will steal via inflation. In a really free market, there's no way to force other people to use your paper as money.

Anonymous Coward commented on Income Tax Mailing Address?.
As we both know, the government only gets something like 30% (or was it 70%?) of its needs through taxes. The rest is borrowed from banksters.

As Ellen Brown says, there is no need for the government to get into debt. It should issue its own debt free money. The interest payments to banks for money created from thin air is crippling everyone through higher and higher taxes and more and more debt.

If you want to reduce unemployment and have a real free economy, YOU NEED CAPITAL. You can't have capital, if the government sucks up all the money. The government only wastes all the money on wars and money to their incompetent friends.

Anonymous Coward commented on Taxing Stolen Money.
George Osborne is the Chancellor in the United Kingdom. He is in charge of the tax department.

But George's family use trusts to avoid inheritance tax.

David Cameron promised before the election to increase the threshold of this tax. He broke his promise in a deal with the slimy LibDems to get into government with only 20% of the population voting for his party.

So if Mr Osborne's family obviously thinks tax is too high, why don't they decrease it for everyone?

The law isn't the law if it only applies to poor people and not rich people.

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