Games With Randomly Generated Content

There’s a new indie RPG game coming out.  It’s “Legend of Grimrock”.  However, I noticed a big flaw.  The game has no provision for randomly generated content.

I like games with randomly generated levels.  This keeps the game interesting once you’ve beaten it.

Examples of such games are “Shattered Colony“, Mr. Driller, Nethack, Angband, and Torchlight.

The trend now is to make a game like a movie.  The idea is “You play the game for 40 hours, and then you buy a new one.”  If a game is good, I’d like to play it again, but that’s not interesting if the game doesn’t have random levels.

Games are much more interesting when they have random levels.  If it has a good random map generator, you can play it may times.  I was disappointed that “Legend of Grimrock” didn’t have a random map generator, but one may be added later.

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