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Reader Mail – 03/25/2012 To 03/31/2012

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name commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
What you said about node.js it's very interesting. I'm currently learning node.js just because I love javascript. I started with it a couple of weeks ago and I can extract some conclusions.

It's still a VERY VERY immature environment. It's true that you can find modules for every thing you can imagine, but there's no definitive framework to build a serious website. Too many libraries/plugins/modules it's definitely good but you can easily feel lost because you don't know which module is the best and the most important, where to find it. The only public module list it's a wiki page on github; are you kidding me? can't you publish a decent official repository? (i'm not talking about npm, this is just a download manager). In this sense, node.js has a lot to do. They write a wrapper for the V8 engine with a basic functionality to communicate with the OS layer, and they're done. NO!

A single-threaded language in the age of multi-core CPUs it's more a drawback than an improvement. It's impossibbbbrrruuuuuu to scale well. According to node.js we should stop buying multi-core CPU and continue with the ultra hot single-core CPUs? What a great idea. I'm going to throw away my i5-2500K, just a second... ok, I'm done.

The only benefit I can see to it is to be able to install it as a personal webpage (:D) to show to your buddies and say: "Hey look at my page. It rocks because is written in javascript. It's cooler than your shitty awkward PHP.". It can also be used as a replacement for Windows CLI. Thats good.

It's my first experience with a hyped language. yay! :D

For me, the only possitive thing that node.js has is the JavaScript language. If it had been written with another language, it's probable that now after 2 years it would be dead.

Anyway, I'll continue reinventing the wheel writting the tenth version of the same module. Just for fun and for learning new technologies.

And you're the psycopath.

Node.js will never be "mature", because the people who really want a mature language will use something else.

Erraprod commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

What you said is right, we should focus on using real multi-core power instead of trying to reinvent what already exists. It's like in few years everybody will know how to write code in a cool-buzzed-facebook-money interepreted language but nobody will know anymore how to write code in C/C++. I exaggerate a little but not that much actually

Vlad Nevzorov's blog commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

[...] akin to those between Catholics and Protestants during religious wars of 15-16 centuries (e.g. see this post and comments to it). It is no surprise taking into account emotional attachment many developers have to their favorite [...]

Himz Mammy commented on State Sanctioned Murder In Florida - Trayvon Martin.
"He beez a good keeid, he din do nuffin! He beez turnin his life aroun an sheeit! Dat rayciss honKKKy craKKKa dun kilt my boi! Gibs me dat check!

Trayvon Martin's relatives are suing the homeowner's association. That is offensive. That is stealing from people other than the murderer.

George Zimmerman may not have many personal assets. The homeowner's association has deep pockets, making them a tempting target.

Marie Tabor commented on State Sanctioned Murder In Florida - Trayvon Martin.

As A Black 56 year old mother of a 33 yearold son, I worried everytime he was out and about! And yes even living in NYC my son in his lifetimehas been stopped and abued by the police, Because he is BLACK! Enough is Enough, they used to lynch our black, men, now instead of a rope they use guns, and now it is legal through thease racist law, started in Fla now allows people to kill us and get away with it! They don't have to hide behind the Sheets!I pray that the peole againnst this horrible law, vote in November, vote in local elections, get those nuts out of Washigton! We have to vote as if though our lives depended on it, and it does!we have the power! I pray the voter fraud get repealed if you know someone who is not a regisered voter get them to register! We have to send our President 4 more years, so he can finish what he has started, and yes he is for all Americans! Even the ones who hate him, what a Christian! And Women you know what they have don to us over 1100 anti woman issues voye! vote! vote!

Henry commented on Google Play?.
Found this comparison of DosBox Turbo vs. AnDosBox vs. aDosBox on youtube:

I read that the only reason DosBox Turbo is faster than AnDosBox is that it has the sound configured for less accuracy. That video didn't include sound.

I'm almost definitely buying either DosBox Turbo or AnDosBox. I'm leaning towards AnDosBox. I'm also probably going to buy fpse.

Now that I'm unemployed, I have less "gaming on the subway" time, making it less important.

Henry commented on Google Play?.

The sound configuration is setup the same in the dosbox.conf file on the youtube video. I've got both of them, and I can't tell the difference between the sound quality when I have them set the same. Anyway, I saw that comment too, the person is claiming dosbox turbo author is a scumbag, and that it keeps popping up at the top of the page every day with a few words changed... a little too suspicious for me, sounds almost like the author of andosbox is bad mouthing his competition.

Henry commented on Google Play?.

The sound configuration is setup the same in the dosbox.conf file on the youtube video. I’ve got both of them, and I can’t tell the difference between the sound quality when I have them set the same. Anyway, I saw that comment too, the person is claiming dosbox turbo author is a scumbag, and that it keeps popping up at the top of the page every day with a few words changed… a little too suspicious for me, sounds almost like the author of andosbox is bad mouthing his competition.

It's hard to tell unless I look at the source for both apps. If DosBox Turbo is a straight ripoff of AnDosBox, then why doesn't AnDosBox just make those enhancements? It could be sour grapes by the AnDosBox author.

Both authors are doing something unethical, by making a closed-source port of an open-source GPL program. They only will give you the source if you prove you're a registered user. On the other hand, it is nontrivial work to make an Android port, due to the stupid way Google set up Android as a locked-down OS rather than full Linux.

The feature that would make it for me is SAVESTATES. Neither has savestates. Regular DosBox doesn't have savestates, but some variants do. Some dos games have savestates, but some don't.

I'm going to buy one or the other, but not both.

Trung commented on Google Play?.

Yes, it sour grapes as you said. I try DosBox Turbo and sound exactly same as anDosBox, no quality loss.

I like Turbo better for free virtual gamepad included. With andosbox you must buy extra $2.50 to buy the virtual gamepad. More money to spend for feature that come free with Turbo.

RickF commented on Only Stupid People Work Here.
Thats easy System.Collections.List.Sort().


Now, back to agile- are you a certified scrum master?.......

No. I never understood the point of giving fancy names to simple ideas. I never really got into those buzzwords for fancy methodologies. The people who use them tend to be barely qualified.

"Agile" and "Extreme Programming" are a way to extract productivity from mediocre people. As a top performer, those techniques are a handcuff more than a help.

R commented on Only Stupid People Work Here.

What about telling them the truth?

And if that would be too dangerous, do it when you resign.

There's no point in telling them the truth. Evil people never learn. That's one of the main characteristics of evil.

What do I gain by educating them? While working there, I should do my best to teach them. Once I'm gone, why should I care if they're clueless twits that can't manage a software project?

I no longer work there. I reached my abuse limit and walked out.

Anonymous Coward commented on Tech Support Douchebags.
> You have to meet 50+ abusive jerks to find one decent hiring manager.

Do you think there is something about software that attracts bad managers? Or is every type of work equally affected by sick clowns?

Have you done a time-benefit analysis of working in software compared to another line of work? (I've had my share of sick dishonest clowns in software, but I wouldn't consider another line of work just yet.)

A friend of mine once thought that software might attract stupid managers that want to prove how clever they are.

About 10 - 15 years ago, when I told people (well family and friends of family!) I write software, they always said how clever I must be! Yet in companies, I'm treated badly.

I've considered switching to standup comedy, independent filmmaker, or trying to make money via my website. Based on an eCPM of $0.50, I'd need 1M+ pageviews a month to make $500/month, so it isn't easy.

In software, there's a double filter against competent people. First, there's the possibility of an evil manager able to smooth-talk his bosses. Second, there's the possibility of evil non-technical managers, which would preclude a competent technical manager. It can be a disaster if *EITHER* the manager is evil OR if the non-technical bosses are evil. Also, a nontechnical manager is typically unable to tell the difference between a competent programmer and a good liar.

For now, I'm sticking with the wage slave software engineer track. I'm going to try something different eventually.

Yes, it is really surprising. I know I'm on the top end of the ability and intelligence and experience scale. I should be doing better career-wise, but I'm struggling. It's a symptom of a collapsing economy.

In my last job, there was another aspect. The evil bosses got to make themselves feel better, by talking down to me. The reasoning is "I'm abusing someone intelligent like FSK. Therefore, I'm smarter than FSK."

There also was the other programmer. He had less job security while I was there. That gave him an incentive to work against me. He probably was telling the other owners what a lousy job I was doing, rather than saying they were lucky to have me. I don't mind leaving and giving him his desire. Those three scumbags deserve each other.

Justin commented on Tech Support Douchebags.

The software industry attracts parasites for two reasons that are unavoidable. 1) Software is an intellectual activity and as such the common person cannot distinguish between competent and a mimic. It takes an expert to tell the difference and for a non technical business owner he can never know if his expert is a mimic and so must just trust someone until circumstances prove otherwise. 2) Software is a non tangible activity so quality and quantity is very hard to measure. This makes it easy for a lazy person to mimic a productive person.

Justin commented on Tech Support Douchebags.

FSK get hooked up with ycombinator. It would go well with your independent streak.

If you want to participate in ycombinator, you have to move to California. For personal reasons, I'm staying in NYC now.

I did send a resume to Union Square Ventures once. They never got back to me.

The "ideal situation" would be to join a startup as tech lead. I wouldn't work for equity-only, but I'd take a below-market salary and the rest in equity.

You should never work for equity only. As a minority shareholder, there's too many ways to get ripped off. If I'm going to work for equity only, I can work on my website and keep 100% of the equity. If their idea is so brilliant, they should be able to afford to pay a salary. Once you accept an equity-only job and they do raise money, the priority will be to spend it on other things rather than pay you a fair salary.

Anonymous Coward commented on Tech Support Douchebags.

> FSK get hooked up with ycombinator. It would go well with your independent streak.

In reply to Justin's comment, FSK does not have an independent streak - it is just a lot of other people don't have fully functional minds or don't have a developed emotional IQ yet.

FSK is human being as they are meant to be made - the others just haven't woken up yet.

"Start my own business" is a good long-term goal. It isn't as easy as it sounds.

With an eCPM of $0.50, I'd need a *LOT* of pageviews to get decent earnings.

VC is out. I probably wouldn't be able to get VC until I had a successfully bootstrapped business, at which time I wouldn't need it.

Ycombinator is out, because I'd have to move to California.

It is more accurate to say "Almost everyone else is crazy!" rather than "FSK is defective." For example, at my last job, I'm pretty sure they were getting a huge bargain, but they didn't appreciate me. It was crazy for them to be so rude to me.

Anonymous Coward commented on BATS Failed IPO.
>focus on hiring a lot of mediocre people, rather than hiring people who really know

>their stuff.

I've wrung my hands many times over the way corporations waste the talent of humans.

Just recently I was speaking to a big company recruiter. Recruiters seem to get in the way more than help. As the recruiter was in the way, I couldn't actually find out what the jobs are about, what they are looking for or what exactly their lengthy testing will and won't cover. As I couldn't get any sensible answers or any sensible decision making, I couldn't go ahead and apply. If the recruiter was gone, I would have been able to talk to the staff or the hiring manager.

The situation presented to me was go through lengthy testing spread over more than 1 day and then at the end of it, you might find out what the job is about. Personally I would like to find out what things are about first!

Justin commented on BATS Failed IPO.

Software newbs. Hey FSK I stand corrected on your degree in math/cs, didn't realize.

Anonymous Coward commented on BATS Failed IPO.

Very off-topic I know, but I've found a YouTube video in which compares government to a disease.

Less eloquent than FSK though. Just a real man showing the correct response to what the government does.

You didn't listen to that video carefully. He was arguing *AGAINST* government budget cuts.

Anonymous Coward commented on BATS Failed IPO.

In the UK we have the National Health Service, which is funded by taxes.

David Cam-Moron (the British Prime Minister who seized power with only 20% of the votes!) promised before the election to leave the NHS budget untouched.

He was being true only at the technical level. Now with the proposed NHS bill that the cowardly LibDems are backing (with some changes), the same taxpayer money will be instead funneled to private companies provided health services.

So the NHS is now a way to give money to your friends.

The man (maybe in a separate video) was also complained about cash for dinners/influence (bribery).

Anonymous Coward commented on BATS Failed IPO.

> You didn’t listen to that video carefully. He was arguing *AGAINST* government budget


There are no government cuts. There are no tax cuts. Tax is going up.

Instead of taxpayer money going to the National Health Service, the same taxpayer money will go to a private company.

Thanks for the nice expensive hospital equipment!

thomasblair commented on "Record" Lotto Jackpot.
Negative, ghostrider.

The ticket price of Powerball went from $1 to $2 in January. The Mega Millions game is the one with the record draw tonight - still with a ticket price of $1.

In this one case, the EV of a ticket is positive. With a $540m jackpot (lump sum cash value of $389.8m) and combined federal/state/local income taxes of 39.6% (in AL; ~50% in NYC), a winning ticket would be worth about $250m (~$195m for NYC). The jackpot odds are 1 in 176m, so there's an EV greater than the price of the ticket for this one draw, even if you live in NYC.

All this to say yes, it's stupid to play the lottery, but it's just a form of entertainment.

I thought it was the other one.

It's still negative EV. You have to consider the odds that there will be multiple winners - very likely.

Anonymous Coward commented on Google Maps Bug.
I recommend you buy a map book and switch over from Google Search to Clusty / Yippy.

I heard a rumour that a kitten is killed every time a Google search is carried out.

Headhunter Foolishness – “Open Source Programmer”

There’s a new trend.  It’s started in the past year or two.  Headhunters have a new category called “Open Source Programmer”.

I always thought that an “Open Source Programmer” is a programmer who contributes to open source projects.

According to headhunter logic, an “Open Source Programmer” is a programmer who works in open source languages, such as PHP, Perl, Python, Rails (yuck), or node.js (yuck).

Here’s the bizarre part.  Every headhunter has started using this category at almost the exact same time.  They’re all copying each other.

“Open Source Programmer” probably contrasts with “.NET programmer”.

Headhunters say “The client demands 5 years .NET experience.  FSK, you have only 1 year of .NET experience.  I can’t justify my big fee, if I submit your resume.”  Headhunters and clueless managers think that “# years in X language” is the proper way to screen resumes.  That enables clueless twits to make hiring decisions.

Headhunters and recruiters have promoted the idea “# years in X language” matters, because that’s the only thing they know how to do.  They’re justifying their own fees.  If you had to actually evaluate someone’s intelligence and ability, then it would be obvious that a nontechnical headhunter is useless.

Another headhunter said “FSK, you should have a LinkedIn profile.”  Unfortunately, I could tell he was evil, which was an indication that LinkedIn is probably useless and hype-over-substance.

That is amusing.  Starting at nearly the same time, every headhunter now has a category called “Open Source Programmer”.