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Brian Banks, Victim Of A False Rape Accusation

This story is interesting.  Brian Banks was a star high school football player.  While in high school, he was the victim of a false rape accusation by Wanetta Gibson, after making out with her but not having sex.

His lawyer was an overworked public defender.  She said “You’re an athletic young black man.  No jury will believe you.  Take the plea.  It’s better to go for a jail for a few years.  If you go to trial and lose, you could get 40 years in jail.”  Allegedly, he was pressured into taking the plea deal quickly, without consulting with his parents first.

Brian Banks made a “no contest” plea.  He served nearly 10 years in jail.

The girl filed a lawsuit against the school district for “not providing a safe environment”, and won $1.5M.  The girl had 1.5 million reasons to make a false rape accusation, and to not recant her lie.

After Brian Banks got out of jail, his accuser “friended” him on Facebook!  He proceeded cautiously.  He contacted a real lawyer, agreed to meet with the girl, wore a wiretap, and got her to recant her false accusation.  Based on that evidence, the conviction was overturned.

The judge who overturned Brian Banks’ verdict made an error.  He should have subpoenaed the accuser, and forced her to lie under oath or recant under oath.

It is interesting, that the girl “friended” him.  It’s pretty obvious what actually happened.  She was really attracted to him.  He turned her down.  To get even, she made the false rape accusation.  Once she got the civil lawsuit and the police were prosecuting Brian Banks, it was too late to recant.  10 years later, she was still attracted to him.

The girl probably will not have to give back the $1.5M she made from her false rape accusation.  Also, she probably won’t be prosecuted for perjury.

There are many disturbing things about this story:

  1. Brian Banks was coerced into accepting a plea bargain, even though he was innocent.  The plea was for 10 years in jail, but if he went to trial and lost, it could have been 40 years in jail.  “You get a much harsher sentence if you go to trial and lose.” gives innocent defendants an incentive to plea.  Brian Banks had a tough choice.  He lost a huge chunk of his life via the plea bargain, or he would have lost almost his whole life if he went to trial and lost.
  2. His overworked public defender did a lousy job.  The prosecutors’ budget is much higher than the public defender budget.
  3. A better lawyer would have gotten a better plea deal than 10 years.  A better lawyer might have said “WTF?  This is wrong!” and advised his client to go to trial.  An overworked public defender can’t advise the client to go to trial.
  4. However, some people claim the public defender did a great job.  After only 10 years in jail, he was able to meet with his accuser and get her to recant.  He couldn’t have done that after 40 years in jail.  Blame the corrupt system, and not the public defender.
  5. It is way too each for a woman to make a false rape accusation.
  6. Brian Banks didn’t have sex with her.  Most false rape accusations are “The women consented, but later changed her mind and called it rape.”  A woman can make a false rape accusation, even if the man never had sex with her!
  7. A prosecutor was willing to send a young black man to jail for 10 years, with zero physical evidence and no evidence besides the lies of a false accusation.
  8. The judge rubberstamped the plea deal, even though there was zero evidence.
  9. The girl profited from her false accusation, winning a $1.5M verdict against the government, i.e. the other taxpayers.
  10. The girl probably won’t have to give back the $1.5M.  She won’t be prosecuted for perjury.

Brian Banks was a heavily recruited star high school football player.  Now, he is hoping that an NFL team will give him a tryout.

However, Brian Banks still should have 4 years of college eligibility left.  He should give college football a try for at least a year, before going to the NFL.

This story is very disturbing.  The State legal system is biased against men.  Divorce law is biased against men.  It is too easy for women to make a false rape accusation.  If you reject a women, she can get even by making a false rape accusation.

“American Ninja Warrior” Review

I watched “American Ninja Warrior” on NBC.  My overall reaction was “It was a decent show.  They didn’t totally ruin it like the Olympics.”

My complaint about the Olympics is that they spend much more time on the athletes’ personal history, and very little on the action.

For “American Ninja Warrior”, they showed a decent amount of action.  They still did a lot on the history of the contestants, but they didn’t go overboard.  I prefer more action and less talk, but it was tolerable.

However, the structure of the US show is completely different than the Japanese version.

In the Japanese show, it’s completely “contestant vs. course”.  It is theoretically possible for all 100 contestants to win.  Most seasons, nobody wins.

Japanese Ninja Warrior is supposed to be ridiculously hard.  They make it so hard that one person wins every 5-10 years.  When someone does win, they redesign the obstacle course to make it harder.

The Japanese show also has some comic relief.  Some Japanese celebrities enter, even though they have no chance of winning.

Because the Japanese show is “constant vs. course”, the already-eliminated contestants show good sportsmanship and encourage the remaining competitors.

In the Japanese version, the # of contestants that qualify for each stage is determined by the difficulty.  If 30 people finish Stage 1, then 30 people attempt Stage 2.  If only 3 people finish Stage 1, then only 3 people attempt Stage 2.

The US show is completely different.  A certain number of contestants must qualify each round.  For example, 15 people from each region must advance to the finals.  If more than 15 people finish the course, then the 15 best times advance.  If fewer than 15 people finish the course, then people who didn’t finish advance.  The first tiebreaker is how far you got, and the second tiebreaker is how quickly you arrived at the obstacle you failed.

I understand why the US show did it that way.  They want to have a certain number of people advance past each round.  They want to have an overall guaranteed winner.

I like the Japanese style better, where it’s “contestant vs. course”, and most of the time nobody wins.  However, the American version of the show is also decent.

I also liked the Japanese show “Unbeatable Banzuke”.  It was a predecessor to Ninja Warrior.  That show features contestants attempting practically-impossible stunts.  Unfortunately, the show was cancelled because some people got injured during some stunts.  That seems silly.  It would be better to cancel or change those specific stunts, rather than cancelling the show.

Overall, it was a decent conversion.  They didn’t waste too much time talking about the contestant’s history.  When game shows waste time on talking instead of game, that ruins it.  However, I miss the Japanese flavor, where the obstacle course is ridiculously hard and most seasons nobody wins.  They could have kept that flavor, if they wanted to.  For example, the “winner” gets $500k, and then he gets to attempt a ridiculously hard obstacle to become a grand champion and win $5M.

Computer Illiterate Bloomberg

This story is interesting.  Allegedly, NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg wants to learn how to program.  Mike Bloomberg is the main owner of “Bloomberg LLC”, which provides the Bloomberg terminal, a financial information service.

However, that’s completely missing the point.  Mike Bloomberg’s goal shouldn’t be “Learn how to program.”  His goal should be “Learn to tell the difference between genuinely good programmers and managers, and clueless people who are good at promoting themselves.”  It is hard, but possible, to identify great programmers and managers, without being a programmer yourself.

The larger and older the institution, the worse management gets.  Once senior management is all clueless twits, the competent people get filtered out.  However, the State protects large corporations from competition and provides direct and indirect subsidies.  That enables an organization run by clueless people to survive.

I interviewed for a job at Bloomberg a few times.  The whole process indicated that Bloomberg isn’t a very tech savvy organization.  The questions were mostly lame.  The headhunter gave me a question transcript ahead of time, for each interview, through a couple of different headhunters!

If you’re not computer literate, you’re much more likely to hire someone who’s good at promoting himself, than someone who’s a genuinely good programmer.  Bloomberg must have had some competent programmers at some time, because their product mostly works.  However, if you actually use a Bloomberg terminal, it’s got a 1980′s-style user interface.  The “Bloomberg Terminal” is basically a desktop terminal into an old computer; it looks like IBM RPG.  Bloomberg is coasting off of past success and market inertia, rather than really improving their product.

Mike Bloomberg is missing the point.  He needs to learn how to hire great programmers, rather than program himself.  He probably doesn’t know that headhunters provide candidates with an interview transcript ahead of time.  That favors dishonest candidates over honest ones.

Reader Mail – 05/20/2012 To 05/26/2012

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kenneth parkar commented on About FSK.

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Kenneth parkar

I just answered this question yesterday. I prefer for you to post articles on your own blog, and then leave a link in the comments.

Z commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
You are a really bad programmer if it takes you an entire DAY to get LAMP up and running. You're being enormously sarcastic, right? As I was reading the first part of this rant, I was saying to myself, "I wonder if this guy thinks PHP is awesome". Then you mentioned PHP. That speaks *volumes* about your know-how at the keyboard. Plus also, PHP has a 3500-word namespace. Smaller and more agile is way moar bettar. Do you understand what it means to write code for someone? It means getting their shit to work so that everything involved is as happy as it can be, from the developer and the co-founders to the language and the framework and at the apex of this pyramid, the person paying for the code. Was it really that Node.js is substandard as a framework? Or is it -- my money is on this one -- that Node.js doesn't fit YOUR coding preference and style? I'd bet you simply aren't comfortable thinking in Node's "callbacks". Considering you're still carrying LAMP around on a devan, I'd also bet anonymous functions are too difficult for you, so you don't take them seriously.

You sound like a hipster, insulting everything you can't understand.

This video was interesting, "Node.js is Bad Ass Rock Star Tech".

Why are people obsessing about "It took me a day to set up LAMP+WP for this website."? I had never done a full LAMP install before. I was careful to make sure I set up the security properly. (disable root via ssh, disable mysql root remote login, etc.) I'm also including all the time I spent configuring WordPress.

David D. commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

My opinion is that Node is so new that it's really too early to determine if it's valuable, a positive addition to web development or a negative one. The thing about emerging technologies is that everyone's a hater these days. The value of having experimental projects is that they produce interesting solutions to problems. For anyone to say "LAMP is all you need, it does everything" is a false reaction to these emerging technologies.

What we should do is encourage people to use and understand the technology for what it is. It's new, it's somewhat untested, if you're going to use it you have to understand and accept the risk. There is no silver bullet framework, framework, platform. Every app is different and every need is different. I'm personally a nodejs supporter because I like some of the theories behind it. I see the need in it but I also see the downsides.

Both sides of the fence need to pipe down and let node grow to its full potential. If it's a powerful platform it will find a niche if not it will naturally die. I have a very Darwinian approach to development. Those haters on HackerNews and elsewhere should calm the F down and let nature run its course. Everyone's a critic these days but no ones in the trenches actually using this stuff and extracting the lessons learned!

Grow up people.

Smitty commented on Peter Keller - Survivalist Fallacy.
While your basic premise that "You can’t build a fortified bunker and hold off a siege by the State police" is correct, your treatment of this story is every bit as much "spin" and what you suggest was portrayed.

You wrote:

One spin is “All survivalists are evil. If you’re concerned about the collapse of the system, then you’re a fruitcake.”

You might have included the fact that Mr. Keller murdered his wife and daughter before retreating to his bunker, which he constructed on state land with timbers illegally cut and stolen from state land.

There is no "spin," Peter Keller was evil, and there is no lesson to be learned from him, other than that some people are crazy. To use this incident as a teaching tool to prop-up your petty anti-establishment meanderings is an insult to lives of Lynnette and Kaylene Keller.

Congratulations. You are exactly what you rail against.

Even though Peter Keller may have killed his wife and children, the story was also being spun to insult survivalists in general.

Similarly, that "Kane murders policeman" story is repeated over and over again, so that all "Sovereign Citizens" are treated like dangerous criminals and murderers. The fnord is "Everyone who thinks that government is way too big is a murderer!"

Also, the State has no legitimate claim to property, including land and wood.

Whenever I hear about someone "going postal", I now also wonder "What kind of abuse did he receive, to make him do that?"

Smitty commented on Peter Keller - Survivalist Fallacy.

Well, I would challenge you to post any legitimate link wherein anyone states that all survivalists are "fruitcakes." And I seriously doubt that you can find anyone other than survivalists or doomsayers complaining that the story painted all survivalists or doomsayers with the same brush. Paranoia strikes deep.

Further, your flippant dismissal of Keller's crimes as caused by someone else's abuse is as inane as as your so-called "lesson." Is that the level of personal responsibility you take? Let me guess: Your life is the government's fault.

I don't think Mr. Keller had any plans to challenge the constitutionality of Washington state law, do you?

Thanks for your time. I've certainly read enough.

One example is the Southern Poverty Law Center. They treat all "Sovereign Citizens" and survivalists as criminals.

Filing a lawsuit against the government is pointless, because that lawsuit is handled by the government. I know that all taxation is theft, but I don't expect to win a lawsuit against the IRS.

Yes, the State is directly and indirectly responsible for most of the bad things that have happened to me. There isn't much I can do about it.

You sound like an evil person. Enjoy the lies of the mainstream media and the blue pill.

spot silver commented on Reader Mail - 05/06/2012 To 05/12/2012.
Please let me know if you're looking for a writer for your blog. You have some really good posts and I feel I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I'd absolutely love to write some articles for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please shoot me an email if interested. Thank you!

I prefer that you post things on your own blog, and make a link in the comments (when appropriate). I do write about gold and silver occasionally.

You're website is silly. $500/oz for silver isn't realistic. I estimate inflation is 20%-30% per year, which means that $500/oz silver is still 8-10 years away.

Anonymous Coward commented on Facebook IPO Properly Priced.
Thank you for well thought out post.

My gut instinct told me not to touch Facebook shares with a barge-pole.

It looks like the share price has gone down according to the following Yahoo article - AND SO SOON!!!!

Ha! In that article, one person says "Buy some more on the dip". Man, that makes me feel queasy.

Anonymous Coward commented on Blogging Motivation.
Ever since I was a teenager I have had a strong motivation to write computer software.

I even wrote software to check my homework!

I wrote my own software during vacations when I was a student just for my own amusement.

I'm a little depressed at the moment, because in a way I'm unhappy that throughout my life I've just been treated so badly by companies. I worked hard and did good work, but just had raspberries blown in my face.

Life is full of distractions at the moment. I have no pressing money needs.

I need to pull my finger out and get back to doing what I have decades of experience doing and if I am good at anything, it is writing software.

Most companies have jobs guarded by brain-dead recruitment consultants and dishonest management.

Anonymous Coward commented on Blogging Motivation.

When writing essays, a fellow student of mine once said it is important just to write something badly first just so as to get down the important points.

Then start off again and use that as a model for a better essay.

Anonymous Coward commented on Blogging Motivation.

Johnny Osborne said he once had stage fright while paying Joseph in "Joseph and the Amazing Multi-Coloured Coat". His wife told him to get on stage and just do an okay job, instead of a brilliant job. That seemed to work for him.

Anonymous Coward commented on Blogging Motivation.

Sorry, that was meant to be Johnny Osmond.

That is one rule I try to follow when blogging, "Make one post per day."

That's also a good rule if you're trying to write software, "Accomplish one thing per day."

There's only a loose correlation between my expectations and post popularity. I can make a post I really like, and it isn't popular. I can do something boring, and lots of people read it.

For example, "node.js sucks" is still my most popular post. I thought I was doing a simple analysis of a new language/framework, but the result was a lot of hostility. However, I did notice that "XXX sucks" posts tend to do well, especially when XXX really does suck.

Justin commented on Blogging Motivation.

You can't really be motivated by something you aren't curious about in my experience. You might also be confusing where you are curious, perhaps you are curious about a lot of world topics which you like to write about on this blog, but the maintenance of the blog is really just a necessary evil? I would suggest not trying to use intellect to decipher problems of motivation, instead do the thing you want to be motivated to do. Resistance will occur and you will be able to identify it clearly at that point.

It has been educational setting up the blog. It was very educational configuring the Linode.

I've just noticed that my overall motivation increases and decreases at times.

There have been some other blogging stuff I wanted to do, but never got around to it, even though I'm currently unemployed.

Also, it's a drag going on interviews. It's painful to interview with clueless people, and try to convince them they should hire me.

I'm going to try bootstrapping my blog into other web businesses. It's hard to do that.

I did accomplish one thing on my "TODO" list. I went through my template and got rid of the copyright notice.

Justin commented on Reader Mail - 05/13/2012 To 05/19/2012.
FSK your blog is empirical proof to me that truth is the best troll attractor :)

I have noticed that.

If you say complete nonsense, nobody gets offended. If I write "asuh adphnge tigs gius", nobody gets offended.

People get offended by forbidden truths. If I write "Taxation is theft!" or "Node.js is a bad language/framework with good hype, tricking people into using it!", then people get offended.

The more people that get offended by a post, the more important the subject.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 05/13/2012 To 05/19/2012.

> Taxes are the price of a civilized country.

Well what do those taxes go towards.

Some (or rather most of it) goes towards paying interest on government loans taken out from private banks. The private banks created this money from thin air via the fractional reserve banking system. There is no reason why the government cannot create this money itself and not have to pay interest to private banks. Private banks should not charge interest on government loans using the PEOPLES' MONEY. The whole population pays for these loans via inflation.

Another portion goes on illegal wars. You don't need to be a lawyer to know murdering and injuring millions of people is wrong. In the UK some idiots were pondering whether the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were illegal. Are they stupid? Is murdering and injuring 1 million Iraqis wrong? Of course it is. You don't need a bunch of lawyers to tell you that.

Say you pay 50 - 60% tax. How much of that goes towards useful services? If it is only 10 - 20%, then tax is mostly theft. It depends on how many useful services you get back. If you get back very little, then it is theft.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 05/13/2012 To 05/19/2012.

Below is the Royal Mint's Britannia Masterpiece in silver. They did a limited edition in gold, but I can't photos on the Internet anymore.

It is 8 ounces.

If FSK was a real man, he would wear one as a medallion.


All these posts on Rails and node.js make my hear spin. Real men write in C.

"Write in C" lyrics

"Write in C" songs

If you don't write in C, then you are obviously not a real man, but just a wimp and a big wuss.

I have worked in C in the past. Unfortunately, most jobs require other languages. Even worse, I don't get credit for my experience in C/C++ when applying for jobs that use other languages.

"Taxation is theft!" is something I consider proven. The current government resembles a massive extortion racket and criminal conspiracy, much more than it resembles the protector of freedom.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 05/13/2012 To 05/19/2012.

Government steals cash from citizens who have broken no law. Then they ask for a share of the cash in return for dropping cases = extortion.

That is asset forfeiture. It's a type of legal extortion.

The loophole is that your property is accused of a crime and not you. That avoids due process. If you are charged of a crime, it's "innocent until proven guilty". If your property is accused of a crime, it's "guilty unless proven innocent". That's wrong, but the Supreme Court has upheld asset forfeiture.

If the police seize $20k, they know that it'll cost you $20k or more in legal fees to try and recover your money. In that article, the police target out-of-state victims, making it harder for them to try and recover their money.

Here's "another horrible story. Suppose you are accused of a "drug crime" (not a real crime). You relatives try to bail you out of jail. The police say "bring cash". They bring cash, and then the police seize the cash, saying it's "proceeds of crime" and subject to forfeiture.

The "asset forfeiture" money goes to the police department's budget. It goes to a slush fund they can use for miscellaneous expenses, such as throwing a party or other stuff.

Anonymous Coward commented on NASDAQ Botched Facebook IPO Trading.
A long, long time ago I had been unemployed for a while. There was a recession. In my part of the world very few companies where hiring. In fact one recruiter told me only one hedge fund and one online gambling company were hiring in the whole city we were in.

The only job I could get was at a company that serviced banks, government related business, financial institutions and the like.

I was shocked at the state of their software. They had got a vast amount of money to write the software. They decided to re-implement the wheel, but the wheel could be purchased for very small amounts of money. Obviously their re-implementation, just to save a few hundred dollars, didn't work.

The software built on top of it was appalling. Nothing worked. Nothing was finished. You couldn't even find one nugget of code that worked or was finished.

It was even impossible to finish what code had been written as it was designed by idiots. There was so many cases it wouldn't cater for.

I had to rewrite 95% or more of it from scratch. My design worked wonderfully. What I did was concise and elegant and easy to understand and modular. Within seconds you could go to exactly the right bit of code for a certain task.

I did in 2 - 3 months, what a bunch of clowns could not do in over a year.

Instead of being thanked for saving the company, the clown manager hurled abuse at me because I had done what he could not do with a whole team!

Just to spite me, the clown decided to start pissing off the client in order that my good work would be somewhat wasted.

This clown would prefer to sabotage the company that allow my hard work to benefit the company and everyone else.

Anonymous Courageous Man commented on NASDAQ Botched Facebook IPO Trading.

Actually, it is clear that the IPO WAS NOT BOTCHED by NASDAQ!

How do you spin a failed IPO? Make up a story: "It was so successful that the world's biggest computers exploded!"

The scenario described implies a large number of bidders unable to place their bids fast enough. There is no way that the price would go down, even if a small number of them were able to successfully place their bids.

Even in this distortion of the free market that we call 'Wall Street' the only time prices go down is when the seller accept lower bids. The fact that the stock is trading at 20% below the IPO "fixed" price means just that - people think that the fair price for Facebook is 20% less than gazillion dollar. Look at the trading volume for confirmation.

NASDAQ handled the IPO craze of the dot-com era without any major problems. Can one stupid IPO bring it down? Really.

This way, Facebook wins, and NASDAQ will just say "We need to borrow another trillion dollars to upgrade to software. The economy is so hot and we are so popular that we need to expand to meet customer demand!"

Otherwise, the headlines would be "Facebook IPO fails to meet targeted prices; stock sinks on low demand as consumers are still trying to sell their real-estate 'investments'."

I think you got too invested in the "NASDAQ programmers are idiots - they should've hired me" meme and are missing the obvious truth (which is generally the simplest explanation). Remember that what you read in the paper is just marketing hype.

The "20% drop" didn't happen until Monday, one trading day later.

Some bankster is probably naked short selling Facebook, knowing that $38/share is a ridiculous price. I have a draft queued for that.

I am 99.9% convinced that the problems at the IPO on Friday were caused by defective software at NASDAQ, which could have been fixed by hiring a couple of competent people to do QA. There's a lot of other propaganda regarding the IPO, but NASDAQ did have a legitimate-and-avoidable technical problem on Friday.

However, I don't work for NASDAQ in their tech department, so I can't be perfectly sure. It sounds like technical problems I've seen before.

For example, the day of the big tobacco settlement, the NYSE had an amusing bug for Philip Morris (Philip Morris was a tobacco manufacturer.) Due to the settlement, the NYSE was *SWAMPED* with orders for Philip Morris, eclipsing the previous single-day volume record by 5x-10x or more. The NYSE allocated a FIXED BUFFER SIZE for "orders today". The buffer overflowed, AND EVERY EXTRA ORDER WAS TREATED AS AN ERROR, SENT DO THE PRINTER. The specialist couldn't use the display book software anymore, because every single order was sent to the printer! This was at 2pm, but the specialist still had to close the stock and pick a closing price. The specialist sorted through the PRINTOUTS of the orders, looking only at large orders, and estimated a closing price, taking responsibility for any imbalance.

I am 99.9% convinced that NASDAQ had a similar problem. There was a record high volume of orders for Facebook, causing a previously-unnoticed bug to crash their system.

My father watches CNBC. Allegedly, they were saying "The Facebook IPO was a success, because the investment banks made a lot of money and retail investors lost money!" They couldn't even get their lies straight, not realizing that most of their viewers are retail investors.

I've worked with exchanges enough to know that they have a large number of barely competent programmers.

At my last financial job, I did some QA, finding bugs that the production programmers should have fixed. They did no unit testing! They gave obviously out-of-range values. They calculated negative "accrued interest" and accrued interest greater than one coupon. They gave negative answers when a negative answer was obviously wrong (i.e. negative VaR, which is impossible).

So, I half-agree with you. Most large financial institutions have barely-working software. There is a lot of propaganda regarding the Facebook IPO, in addition to the computer problem NASDAQ had.

For example, Google's software has much more reliability and uptime than most financial institutions.

Anonymous whatever commented on NASDAQ Botched Facebook IPO Trading.

Any way you look at it - the price is sitting at around 20% below IPO. That means that the IPO was not well priced - that is the banksters made up a number out of thin air instead of auctioning the initial blocks in the open market. The idea of setting the price is ludicrous. That is what the market is for. Technically an auction cannot fail - you get whatever price people are willing to pay! If it's lower than you hoped, too bad.

On another note, of course you are always right, buddy. We know, you are a f***ing genius, and if you were on board the stock would be flying sky high! :) Too bad the management is stupid because they did not hire a guy struggling to keep out of the bin! Whatever makes you happy.

Anyway, try not to be so belligerent - it makes you look stupid. You are not the only smart guy around, and you may learn something if you don't assume everyone is an idiot.

I had mentioned that elsewhere, that a dutch auction IPO would be best (like what Google did).

There are two separate issues you are confusing. There is the technical issues of NASDAQ opening the stock. Another question is "What is the fair valuation for Facebook?" I already said that a $100B valuation was ridiculous. However, in the short-term (1 day), the stock closed near the IPO price, which shows that it was somewhat reasonably priced.

I am pretty confident that I'm on the top end of the talent scale. If I were employed at NASDAQ, I would have a problem getting backstabbed by evil coworkers. A pro-State troll would say "FSK is an idiot, because he isn't able to figure out how to avoid getting cheated by abusive coworkers." That's a symptom of the collapsing State economy.

I'm getting pretty annoyed interviewing, because I no longer fit into any of the standard slave patterns. I'm not someone who's intelligent but a wimp. I'm not an abusive jerk. There's no place in a corrupt economy for someone who's intelligent, not a wimp, and not an abusive jerk.

I'm pretty confident that it wouldn't have been a disaster, if I was working at NASDAQ and in a position to fix things. Most of my programs actually worked.

As I said elsewhere, if you think I'm a twit with an exaggerated sense of his own intelligence and ability, then what kind of loser are you for wasting time reading and commenting?

Also regarding Facebook, this link is interesting. Normally, investment bankers intentionally underprice an IPO, so it pops on the first day of trading. Allegedly, this time, the investment bankers intentionally overpriced the IPO, tricking people into buying at the IPO and on the first day of trading.

Retail investors should stay away from IPOs. (Actually, stay away from the stock market completely, and invest in gold and silver, taking physical delivery.) If you bought Facebook shares at a valuation of $100B, you're an idiot who deserved to be robbed.

That is a separate issue from the technical glitch at the NASDAQ on the first day of trading.

Anonymous Coward commented on "The Bacheleorette" Propaganda.
> For some monkeys, when a new alpha male takes over, he frequently kills all the

>children that aren’t his.

Ah, yes... But we are humans. Aren't we better than monkeys?

> I’m paying higher taxes, so that guy can sleep around and get women pregnant.

We have people like that in the UK as well. Taxes are too high. Income tax + national insurance + the hidden employers' payroll tax = 42 - 43%. VAT/Sales Tax = 20%. That is almost 63% of your salary in taxation. OK a bit less as basic foods are not taxed, so long as you don't buy a hot pasty of hot chicken from a supermarket! Council tax is after income tax and if you earn a low salary can be another 10% of your salary!

Taxes really f*** things up. At an earlier point in my life I had worked about 10 years and had no savings. I had worked hard and done excellent work for my employers. I had loads of potential but no savings. So for a while I was left floating with no money doing nothing. That is what high taxes do. They rob you of the ability to save money. Then when you have no job, you cannot start your own business as you have no savings.

Anonymous Coward commented on "The Bacheleorette" Propaganda.

I can't say the following enough.

House prices are too high. Rents are too high in the United Kingdom.

As rents are too high, unemployed people suck lots of money from the government for housing benefit. That means we pay high taxes to pay the ridiculously high rents for unemployed people.

The housing benefit does not go to the unemployed, but rather to the property owning middle and upper classes. They get their income from rents instead of productive good manufacturing.

Therefore real businesses producing goods in the UK cannot start up, because taxes are too high. Also salaries have to be high so employees can afford the rents.

So the UK cannot complete with other countries for manufacturing just because rents are too high, taxes are too high and property is too high.




Cameron and Clegg are idiots as they want to keep house prices high and just get government to guarantee loans for over-priced houses.

Robert Ferguson commented on "The Bacheleorette" Propaganda.

Both of the comments left before me represent pro-state trolling. The bankster elite uses divide and conquer to control the slaves, which is why you see the medi promoted racial issues, the "travon Martin" case, homosexuality is promoted as well as the emasculation of men. Not all of FSK's articles receive comments but I knew this one would when I read it earlier today. Because it touches on forbidden truths about the glorification of unhealthy modes of thinking for men!

Anonymous Coward commented on "The Bacheleorette" Propaganda.

Both my parents had low paying jobs. Neither of them went to university.

I went to an academically poor school from the ages of 11 - 18. It was supported mainly by the government. The number of A grades gained by 18 year old was very low. In fact when I looked at previous results hardly anybody got A grades!

However I did well in my exams and ended up going to the best university in the country.

After I graduated a wise man told me that if I was uneducated and lower-class, then I would easily find a girlfriend. But given my current status, i.e. well educated but not rich, finding a girlfriend is difficult.

As his monologue was given decades ago, I can't remember anything more about our conversation.

Perhaps reasonably well educated women with reasonable jobs, will angle to get someone with a far more stable income stream that I had at the time. My looks, ability, cleverness would be irrelevant. What women want is a good job and a good salary and NOW.

Anonymous Coward commented on "The Bacheleorette" Propaganda.

> Both of the comments left before me represent pro-state trolling.

High rents are partly due to high house prices.

High house prices are partly due to banks being greedy enough to give mortgages to houses at inflated prices.

High rents mean that it is difficult to get work that pays enough to afford the rent.

The government benefit and tax credit system in the UK is such that you cannot work part-time and get housing benefit. Or you cannot do low paid work and afford your rent.

High rents mean that a certain proportion of the population cannot afford to work.

It also means that workers can't save as too much of their money goes on rent and tax.

It has also led to the fact that in London whole areas are occupied by the unemployed, whereas workers with jobs in London cannot afford to live in London and so must spent hours each day travelling into London from outside London.

I was not pro-state trolling. I was described a nasty problem, which means people cannot afford to work!!!!

commented on Headhunters Demanding Your SSN.
Quick suggestion (you don't have to post this comment if you don't want to). The "Reader Mail" posts seem kind of redundant. Aren't those comments already in your article comment sections? It kind of clutters up the place. Just a quick suggestion.

Some people don't read the comment feed.

Some people don't go back to read the comments after they read the original post.

It's wasteful for me to write a detailed response in the comments, if a lot of people aren't going to read it.

I wrote a PHP script that prepares the post template for me! Also, that makes it easier for me to have one post every day.

When I was on Blogger, I used to make the "Reader Mail" posts by hand. That was too much work, and I stopped doing it. Some people said they missed it.

Tony commented on Naked Short Selling Facebook.
Actually, naked short selling is NOT illegal in the US. Manipulative naked short selling is illegal - and the SEC has to decide to investigate if it's manipulative. Slightly different, but that's the case.

I know because I own a stock (Silvercorp metals - stock symbol : SVM) which has been probably naked short sold (ie: I don't trust the actual short interest numbers) and the subject of a Short-And-Distort scheme.

Silvercorp is suing the relevant parties (ie:bastards) - and I (as a shareholder) hope they succeed! (If they do, I stand to make some money.) (Oh, and I don't know if the SEC will actually do anything, but there is at least a investigations by the FBI and Canadian police, and a civil case going on in NY courts).

Tony commented on Naked Short Selling Facebook.

BTW: here's the link about how naked short selling is LEGAL

"Naked short selling is not necessarily a violation of the federal securities laws or the Commission's rules. Indeed, in certain circumstances, naked short selling contributes to market liquidity. ...."

so - yea, you should be able to naked short sell Facebook all you want - as long as it's not "Manipulative"

If the total naked short selling equals 50% or 100% of one day's volume, that is manipulating the market.

Research Overstock. They tried to sue regarding naked short selling and lost, even though they had a valid claim.

The bottom line is that banksters own the government. Don't expect justice. The stock market is rigged.

Anonymous Coward commented on Naked Short Selling Facebook.

Are you the same Tony that I've seen talking about Endeavour Silver and Canarc on Yahoo Finance?

Anonymous Coward commented on Clueless Employer Phrase "Hit The Ground Running".
I heard that phrase back in the late 1990s in London from a recruitment consultant. I think the area he was recruiting for may have been finance - well there are a lot of financial jobs in London. Actually most of the UK's GDP is now in finance.

I agree too that it is a mark of dumb recruitment.

When you are a software developer you have to learn new things all the time and any good programmer can teach himself (herself) from a book.

It is stupid to screen out people just because they don't have the right collection of 10 buzzwords.

It is disappointing to learn that recruitment is as stupid now as it was well over a decade ago.

Where Did All The Non-Trolls Go?

Almost all my recent comments have been from trolls.

I get about 1-2 hostile comments per week on “node.js sucks“, although none this week.

There was a troll on my post on Peter Keller, who missed the point.  “Peter Keller is a survivalist and a murderer.  Therefore, all survivalists are evil.” is a common mainstream media lie pattern.  Also, whenever someone “goes postal”, it isn’t random.  They had a history of being abused, and were pushed past their breaking point.

There was a troll on my post on how NASDAQ botched the Facebook IPO.  I even suspected that was a PR agent working for NASDAQ, trying to minimize potential lawsuits.  My point there was “NASDAQ had a software glitch the day of the IPO.  Most large financial institutions have lousy software.  If NASDAQ hired me or someone competent, they might have avoided the disaster.  Unfortunately, really talented people don’t fit into the bureaucracy of large financial institutions.”

It gets frustrating, to see that almost all comments are posted by trolls.  However, I’m starting to get my motivation back, for working on my website again.  I checked my custom analytics script, and I’ve increased from ~200 readers/day when I first moved here to around 300-500 readers/day.  (“Reader” = unique IP, bots not excluded.  I should install piwik.)  Also, my Google PageRank is up to 3 now.  My old Blogger blog had a PageRank of 4, and it was 2 for this blog a few months ago.

Clueless Employer Phrase “Hit The Ground Running”

There are certain common HR/headhunter phrases.  Whenever someone says one of these, I mentally translate it to “I’m a clueless twit who doesn’t know anything about hiring competent workers.”  Of course, I try to be polite anyway.

One common phrase is “I want to hire someone who can hit the ground running.”  That’s a military analogy.  An expert paratrooper can land on his feet and immediately start running towards the next target.

When clueless people say this, they mean “I want someone who already has the exact experience I want.”

That is false.  If I want to learn PHP or .NET, I can easily look that up; it’s well documented.  The hard part of a new job is learning all the details of that employer’s business, and the weird ways their software is organized.  For example, at my last two jobs, they had lots of tables in their database with confusing names and no documentation.  Learning the details of their database is *MUCH HARDER* than learning SQL or PHP or .NET.  Learning the business logic is much harder than learning the details of a new language.

When an employer says “I want to hire someone who can hit the ground running.”, he’s really saying “I don’t want to invest anything in helping my employees learn new things.” and “I’m evaluating employees based on # of years experience in each language, rather than overall ability.”

It also encourages lying.  If an employer says “I want 20 years of .NET experience!”, then I should lie and say I have 20 years of .NET experience.  If I lie, I get an interview and may get hired, and that was a silly requirement anyway.  If I don’t lie, I get filtered out at the keyword screening phase.  Liars have a *HUGE* advantage over honest people.

Here’s another phrase that indicates the employer is clueless.  “I want to hire someone young that I can mold.”  In other words, they want to hire someone inexperienced that won’t know they’re being abused.  I’ve had headhunters say that employers would rather hire a recent college graduate than me, even though I have 10 years of experience.  They say “If we’re hiring someone with no C# experience, we’d rather hire a recent college grad than FSK, even though FSK is asking for the same salary and has 10 years of other experience.”

“I want to hire someone young that I can mold.” is a keyword that means “age discrimination”.  If someone says “I won’t hire anyone over 30!”, that’s age discrimination, but if they say “0-2 years of experience”, that’s not age discrimination.

Here’s another new “resume keyword” that’s coming up.  I see people demanding “MVC” experience.  The fallacy is that MVC is not a specific language.  It’s a style of programming.  You can write MVC style in ASP.NET or in Rails or in other languages.  In my experience, it leads to a mess, because you’re wasting time writing code that follows the MVC pattern, more than you’re writing the code for your actual project.  “MVC style” is a fancy name for a simple idea.  It enables clueless people to think they’re accomplishing something, as they write code that follows the rules.

I’ve noticed another huge red flag.  If you go into a business, and everyone is using Macs, forget it.  They’re a bunch of clueless twits.

I’ve noticed some common phrases that indicate the speaker is clueless.  “We want someone who can hit the ground running.” or “We want someone young we can mold.” or “We want MVC experience.” or “I work on a Mac.” all indicate that the person is clueless.

Naked Short Selling Facebook

I saw an interesting fallacy.  The author said “You can’t short sell Facebook.  After an IPO, there are no shares available to borrow, preventing short selling.”

That is false.  It is perfectly legal to naked short sell Facebook.

A pro-State troll says “No!  Naked short selling is illegal!”  It is illegal, but not enforced.  If something is illegal, but there’s no enforcement, then it’s legal.

The SEC is supposed to police stock fraud, including naked short selling.  However, the actual trade records are not given to the SEC.

At one of my wage slave financial software engineer jobs, I looked at their database.  They had records for naked short selling.  For a “hot IPO” like Facebook, the naked short selling can reach 100% of a day’s volume, or more!

How does a bankster profit naked short selling Facebook?  Facebook is way overpriced, due to hype and the investment bankers propping up the IPO.  The bankster naked short sells Facebook.  In 3-6 months, pre-IPO share lockup agreements expire, and insiders may start selling, pushing down the price further.  The naked short seller waits 3-6 months to cover his short, profiting from the hype.

The naked short seller counterfeits shares of Facebook.  He sells them to gullible people who buy the IPO hype.  The naked short seller waits a few months and then covers.

The average person cannot naked short sell.  Your broker won’t let you.  Only banksters and insiders may naked short sell.  The stock clearing and settlement system covers up naked short selling, treating fails as equivalent to legitimate trades.

Naked short selling robs stupid people who buy a “hot IPO”.  The naked short seller is counterfeiting.  A regular counterfeiter makes fake State paper money.  A naked short seller counterfeits shares of stock and sell them.

There probably is a ton of naked short selling in Facebook.  It could be 100% of the daily volume or more.  The SEC can’t do anything about it, because they don’t have the records.  Even if they did, like Bernard Madoff, the banksters would use their connections to prevent an honest investigation.

Headhunters Demanding Your SSN

Quite a few headhunters demand your Social Security Number (SSN), before submitting you to the client.  I’ve been refusing.

Many large corporations are using SSNs to track applicants.  That’s *VERY ILLEGAL*.  SSNs are supposed to be for income tax purposes ONLY.

Why do I refuse?  Identity theft is a problem.

The law for “identity theft” is a mess.  With identity theft, it’s “Guilty unless proven innocent!”, the exact opposite of the way the law is normally supposed to work.

A criminal could pretend to be a headhunter, and trick people into giving him their SSN.

Even if the headhunter is legit, if one of the headhunter’s employees is a criminal, your SSN can be leaked.  I’ve heard of cases where someone in HR stole employee records, and used them for identity theft.

The “standard practice” for competent headhunters is “Only give out your SSN at the offer stage.”

I feel bad refusing to give out my SSN.  It’s a good idea, because identity theft is a serious problem.  Only the sleazier headhunters demand a SSN, so I don’t feel too bad.

“The Bacheleorette” Propaganda

Most mainstream media TV is nearly pure propaganda.  “The Bachelorette” is no exception.  Shows like “The Bachelorette” are female porn.

I don’t watch that garbage voluntarily.  I only notice because my other relatives watch.

The men act like total wimps.  They’re all saying “Wow!  I hope that The Bachelorette likes me!  I got to spend a few moments with her!”  It’s also a fabricated scenario, a bunch of men all exclusively going after the same woman.  It’s promoting one-itis.  The correct dating attitude is to pursue multiple women at the same time, rather than eagerly hope for a bit of positive feedback from a woman you’re obsessed over.

This season, “The Bachelorette” is a single mother.  She’s a single mother because the biological father died, and not because she frivolously divorced him.  At least they got that part of the story to make sense.

The lie is “It’s desirable to date and marry a single mother.”  Actually, that’s one of the stupidest decisions you can make.

If you marry a single mother, her #1 priority is the child she already has.  You’re going to waste money and energy raising someone else’s child.  As a man, that’s one of the stupidest things you can do.

For some monkeys, when a new alpha male takes over, he frequently kills all the children that aren’t his.

They also had an amusing scripted conflict.  One guy says “Maybe it’s a mistake to marry a single mother!”, and the woman gets angry and kicks him off the show.

“The Bachelorette” is promoting the lie that “It’s a good idea to date and marry a single mother.”  Actually, that’s a stupid idea.  If you marry a single mother, you’re wasting a huge chunk of your life raising someone else’s child.

While I’m on the subject of stupidly raising other people’s children, this story is interesting.  A man had 30 children from a bunch of different women.  He’s earning minimum wage.  Child support is deducted from his paycheck and split among the mothers of his 30 children.  Some of them only get $1.49 per month.

One reaction is “Good for him!  If you can get lots of women pregnant and get other people to pay for it, why not do it?”

There was one important omitted point in that story.  Almost all the mothers are on welfare.

I’m paying higher taxes, so that guy can sleep around and get women pregnant.  I’m stuck with the bill for that guy’s foolishness.

That’s the “benefit” of the Welfare State.  Why should a woman be responsible in picking a man, when the government will pay her to take care of her children?

In a really free market, if a woman gets pregnant via a deadbeat dad, that’s too bad for her.  It’s the woman’s fault for being irresponsible.  There might be some charities to replace the Welfare State, but they might not help women who make flagrantly stupid choices.

If a woman gets pregnant via a man who refuses to pay, then maybe her children should starve.  There have to be consequences for bad decisions.  That will happen anyway, as the economic system collapses.

In effect, the State is the absentee father for those children.  Via the Welfare State, productive workers are taxed to pay for irresponsible fools.

This is a very important point.  “Why does FSK have trouble finding a good job, even though he’s a really good programmer?  Why would a business need skilled workers, when they can get the government to give them a bailout?”  Similarly, “Why does FSK have trouble meeting women, even though he’s a hardworking and decent guy?  Why would a woman choose to date someone responsible, when she can get pregnant and make FSK pay for her child via taxes?”

Via corporate welfare, I’m paying for stupid businesses managed by unqualified idiots.  Via the Welfare State, I’m paying for other people’s children.  Taxes make it hard for me to find a job or wife, because other people get the benefit of my labor, stolen via taxes and the State.

The taxes I pay subsidize businesses who squander that money hiring unqualified fools.  The taxes I pay subsidize women who make bad choices.

All taxation is theft.  The negative effects of taxation and the State affect all decisions people make.  The State makes it hard for skilled workers to find a job, because the State subsidizes idiots who run a business.  The State makes it hard for honest men to find a wife, because the State supports women who make bad choices.

NASDAQ Botched Facebook IPO Trading

Recently, the IPO for BATS was a spectacular failure.  Reviewing, BATS is the third largest stock exchange in the USA.  They listed their IPO on their own exchange.  Their software couldn’t handle the volume.  BATS had to rescind their IPO, a major embarrassment.

NASDAQ had the exact same problem with the Facebook IPO.  Their software couldn’t handle the volume.

Even one day later, some customers still don’t know if they managed to buy or sell their shares!  As a retail customer, you should STAY AWAY FROM IPOs.  Even better, stick to gold and silver, taking physical delivery.

If only NASDAQ or BATS had hired me, they might have avoided their disaster!

Superficially, you would say “This software handles billions of dollars a day in volume!  It must be awesome!”  That would be wrong.  Large financial institutions have the worst software out there.

Why would a financial institution need good software, when they can get the government to give them a bailout?  Why would large stock exchanges need good software?  Regulation protects them from competition.  Inflation forces retail investors to use the stock market instead of leaving their money in a checking account.

Those financial institutions are a real software sweatshop environment.  They have 100+ programmers and multiple layers of management.

Even though BATS and NASDAQ have lousy software, no single employee is responsible for the disaster!  Some low-ranking employee may have been scapegoated.  The management structure at large financial institutions is carefully structured so that nobody is ever responsible for anything.

A fool would think “100+ mediocre programmers will always get the job done!”  Actually, they will always *SEVERELY* underperform a team of 5-10 people who really know what they’re doing.  A large group of mediocre programmers guarantees something that sort of mostly works, but isn’t really reliable.

NASDAQ’s software couldn’t handle the Facebook IPO volume.  Large financial institutions don’t need good software.  It’s easier to get a bailout and favorable regulations, than to invest in good software.  The stock exchanges are indirect beneficiaries of the huge State subsidy of the financial industry.