Peter Keller – Survivalist Fallacy

This story was interesting.  A “survivalist” Peter Keller built a bunker in the side of the mountain.  The police surrounded and sieged the bunker.  They pumped tear gas into the bunker, blew the roof off, and found him dead.

One spin is “All survivalists are evil.  If you’re concerned about the collapse of the system, then you’re a fruitcake.”

Peter Keller shows a common fallacy.  It’s the same mistake that Ed and Elaine Brown made.  You can’t build a fortified bunker and hold off a siege by the State police.  They have superior numbers.  They have superior resources.  If necessary, they will use explosives to blow you out of your hiding place.

If you want to avoid the State, the best option is stealth.  For example, if Peter Keller adopted a new identity and ran away, he might have succeeded.

That’s why I like agorism.  It’s a way of stealthily avoiding State theft.  You don’t want a direct confrontation with State police.  By that time, you’ve already lost.

Peter Keller shows an important lesson.  You can’t build a fortified bunker and hold off State police.  They will surround and siege you.  They have superior resources.

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  1. I clicked on your “This story” link and on that page was another link to

    This concerns a mother sentenced to 12 years in jail for living in a van and a homeless shelter. She enrolled her son in a local school and the county did not think living in a van really counts a living there. So she was convicted of “stealing” a free country education for her son.

    This is just plain sick. The USA is falling apart.

  2. Even worse

    Austin police dragged a female car passenger, cuffed her and then held her by her outstretched arms which must have been painful. SHE WAS NOT DRIVING THE CAR.

    An former Army Ranger decided to photograph the two cops. The cops then arrested him, even though he was sober. The cops have filed charges for assault against the former Army Ranger, despite the fact he was sober and just photographing them manhandling the poor female car passenger.

    The USA is really falling apart bad. The Army ranger did the correct thing. When a citizen is in trouble, you should at least see what is going on.


  3. While your basic premise that “You can’t build a fortified bunker and hold off a siege by the State police” is correct, your treatment of this story is every bit as much “spin” and what you suggest was portrayed.

    You wrote:
    One spin is “All survivalists are evil. If you’re concerned about the collapse of the system, then you’re a fruitcake.”

    You might have included the fact that Mr. Keller murdered his wife and daughter before retreating to his bunker, which he constructed on state land with timbers illegally cut and stolen from state land.

    There is no “spin,” Peter Keller was evil, and there is no lesson to be learned from him, other than that some people are crazy. To use this incident as a teaching tool to prop-up your petty anti-establishment meanderings is an insult to lives of Lynnette and Kaylene Keller.

    Congratulations. You are exactly what you rail against.

    • Even though Peter Keller may have killed his wife and children, the story was also being spun to insult survivalists in general.

      Similarly, that “Kane murders policeman” story is repeated over and over again, so that all “Sovereign Citizens” are treated like dangerous criminals and murderers. The fnord is “Everyone who thinks that government is way too big is a murderer!”

      Also, the State has no legitimate claim to property, including land and wood.

      Whenever I hear about someone “going postal”, I now also wonder “What kind of abuse did he receive, to make him do that?”

      • Well, I would challenge you to post any legitimate link wherein anyone states that all survivalists are “fruitcakes.” And I seriously doubt that you can find anyone other than survivalists or doomsayers complaining that the story painted all survivalists or doomsayers with the same brush. Paranoia strikes deep.

        Further, your flippant dismissal of Keller’s crimes as caused by someone else’s abuse is as inane as as your so-called “lesson.” Is that the level of personal responsibility you take? Let me guess: Your life is the government’s fault.

        I don’t think Mr. Keller had any plans to challenge the constitutionality of Washington state law, do you?

        Thanks for your time. I’ve certainly read enough.

        • One example is the Southern Poverty Law Center. They treat all “Sovereign Citizens” and survivalists as criminals.

          Filing a lawsuit against the government is pointless, because that lawsuit is handled by the government. I know that all taxation is theft, but I don’t expect to win a lawsuit against the IRS.

          Yes, the State is directly and indirectly responsible for most of the bad things that have happened to me. There isn’t much I can do about it.

          You sound like an evil person. Enjoy the lies of the mainstream media and the blue pill.

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