Stupid Knicks

This story was interesting.  Angry and frustrated after a playoff loss to Miami, Knicks’ star player Amare Stoudemire punched the glass case of a fire extinguisher.  He badly cut himself and may be out for the next game.  It was a pretty serious, stupid injury.

My first reaction was “Seriously?  The Knicks were surprised that they lost?  Didn’t they know that they’re huge underdogs?”

The Knicks are going to suck for another 4 years.  Stoudemire and Anothony have 3-4 years guaranteed left on their contracts.

The Knicks are going to play well enough to barely make the playoffs or get a lousy lottery pick.  They won’t win with Stoudemire and Anthony.

The Knicks have a history of stupid contracts and stupid trades.  They traded away a draft pick that turned out to be the #2 pick. Usually, teams trade a “protected” pick, which means that it’s swapped for a first-rounder next year if it turned out to be a high lottery pick.  The Knicks didn’t protect that pick.

The Knicks have been giving big guaranteed contracts to players that don’t deserve it.  Does anyone remember Stephon Marbury?  Stoudemire and Anthony are also mistakes.  With a salary cap, the Knicks are stuck until those contracts expire.  They already stupidly wasted their amnesty clause on Chauncey Billups.  (The new CBA gives teams an option to cut a player and have him not count against the salary cap.  The player still gets paid.)

The Knicks shouldn’t have been so eager to blow their cap room on players who don’t deserve it.  It would be better to have the league’s worst record for a season or two, get some good lottery picks, and pick up one or two *QUALITY* free agents.  When the Knicks lost out on LeBron James, they should have just waited until the next year and made sure they got a real superstar player, rather than wasting their salary cap on overpaid fools.

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  1. Of course we remember Stephon Marbury. James Dolan is the worst owner in all of sports. The Clippers are now a better team the Knicks. How sad is that?

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