Strike Or Lockout?

This story had an offensive error.  It was about the injury to the Chicago Bulls’ star player.

But he also missed 27 games with a variety of injuries over a season that was shortened and condensed by a players strike.

No! It wasn’t a strike. It was a lockout.

The players were perfectly willing to sign an extension of the last contract.  The owners demanded concessions and locked out the players.

I see this mistake over and over again. It has to be intentional.

However, any sports league that doesn’t have a CBA would be foolish to start the season.  Otherwise, they could wind up the same as MLB in 1994.  The players could play most of the season, collecting most of their paycheck, and strike at the end.  The owners make most of their revenue during the playoffs, but the players make most of their salary during the regular season.

I am offended by that mistake.  It wasn’t a strike.  It was a lockout.  That mistake is repeated over and over again.  It must be intentional.

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