Reader Mail – 04/29/2012 To 05/05/2012

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jerng commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
I thought your original article was cute, and that you only wrote the article without actually trying node.js because you thought it would be ironic. However, this particular comment of yours seems to say (to my meagre understanding) that confirms that you have a fairly superficial understanding of all this language stuff. ;P You judge people by their choice of machine form factor? Do you even know what's in a Mac? Ever heard of the LLVM? Oh god.

haha commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

Dude, the retard and the psychopath is you. Makes me wonder how anyone would hire someone like you. Did you get fired already? I wouldn't be surprised, if so. commented on Microsoft Sucks - XmlSerializer Exception.
It does seem peculiar that this code throws out an error as a matter of course. Did you resolve the issue in the end?

There was no solution.

When compiling for production, the code does not halt at the exception.

When debugging, I just ignore the exception and keep going.

Looseme2000 commented on Whitney Houston Drug Coverup.
I am very concerned about the mystery person who came in and cleaned up before the ambulance and police arrived. Tampering with evidence is illegal. So why is the case closed? I think there is a coverup with the investigation, it is so obvious. I think this will remain a talking point for a very long time.

Coward #99 commented on State Media Inconsistent Standard.
If housing benefit is 700 pounds a month, then over 1 year it is 8400 pounds.

So the total is 25.5 + 8.4 = 33, 900 pounds per year for the Romanian woman.

The blonde woman got 10, 000 pounds per year from the government.

The Romanian woman was working selling Big Issue magazines.

The English woman was working as a model, earning an irregular salary of 200 - 800 pounds a month.

The Romanian woman gets free legal aid in order to get even more money out of the system.

The English woman gets banged up in prison.

Therefore it seems the British legal system is biased against British nationals.

Coward #99 commented on State Media Inconsistent Standard.

Oops! My last comment was not meant to suggest that some groups of people have it soft and some groups have it hard. But rather a British court jailing a low-paid, pregnant woman with two children is wrong-headed. She had a job paying an irregular amount of money between 200 - 800 pounds a month. That salary is not enough to pay rent in the UK. So she had to claiming housing benefit. And for that a sick in the head judge put a pregnant woman in jail. This is so sick!

Coward #99 commented on State Media Inconsistent Standard.

Both in the UK and the USA, a large proportion of our tax money, goes not to public services but straight into the hands of bankers, who were stupid enough to lose all their money and need a bailout. Plus government is going into debt just to pay the interest on previous debt to bankers. This loaned money from banks to government was created from thin air. The bankers are getting rich on money created from thin air.

There is no reason for government to go into debt. They should create the money directly themselves. Why should a banker do it? Bankers are not free market businesses that should be exempt from government regulation, because they create money from thin air, which should be controlled.

But instead of blaming the banks, the courts seem to blame low-paid, single mothers with jobs only paying 200 - 800 pounds a month.

A court jailed a single, pregnant woman with two children for the "crime" of having a low paid job with an irregular salary. In the UK, rents are higher than her irregular salary so she needed to claim housing benefit.



Coward #33 commented on Peter Keller - Survivalist Fallacy.
I clicked on your "This story" link and on that page was another link to

This concerns a mother sentenced to 12 years in jail for living in a van and a homeless shelter. She enrolled her son in a local school and the county did not think living in a van really counts a living there. So she was convicted of "stealing" a free country education for her son.

This is just plain sick. The USA is falling apart.

Coward #33 commented on Peter Keller - Survivalist Fallacy.

Even worse

Austin police dragged a female car passenger, cuffed her and then held her by her outstretched arms which must have been painful. SHE WAS NOT DRIVING THE CAR.

An former Army Ranger decided to photograph the two cops. The cops then arrested him, even though he was sober. The cops have filed charges for assault against the former Army Ranger, despite the fact he was sober and just photographing them manhandling the poor female car passenger.

The USA is really falling apart bad. The Army ranger did the correct thing. When a citizen is in trouble, you should at least see what is going on.


Bob Sala commented on Stupid Knicks.
Of course we remember Stephon Marbury. James Dolan is the worst owner in all of sports. The Clippers are now a better team the Knicks. How sad is that?

Anonymous Coward commented on Chesapeake Energy CEO Stole $1B From Shareholders.
> ETFs

That stands for Exchange Traded Fund. From my limited understanding, an ETF invests in tens of individual companies in a certain area. Then you just buy the ETF and get diversification across say 50 different gold or silver mining companies.

So is the price of 1 share of the ETF an average of its holdings? Or can the price get higher than its individual holdings? Suppose lots of people buy shares of the ETF very quickly. Will that push the price of the ETF higher than the sum of its individual holdings?

Who are the kind people that manage these ETFs? What fees do they charge? 1%? 2%? 3%?

It would be a pity if the ETF went up 5% a year and 3% of that went in fees?

Suppose the ETF managing company goes bankcrupt?

Anonymous Coward commented on Chesapeake Energy CEO Stole $1B From Shareholders.

Why not invest in your own pick of 6 - 10 gold and silver mining companies rather than an ETF?

Just make sure you pick different geographical areas and a good mix of large, medium and small miners.

I've heard it said if you can't pick a good selection of mining companies with 6 choices, then you aren't doing it right.

Anonymous Coward commented on Chesapeake Energy CEO Stole $1B From Shareholders.

The trouble with an ETF is that the badly performing companies in it, may drag down the good ones.

Sometimes too much diversification is a bad thing. You will only get average returns with lots of diversification.

Coward #22 commented on Chesapeake Energy CEO Stole $1B From Shareholders.

Encana (gas) and Cenovus (oil) are Canadian companies which pay dividends.

Coward #22 commented on Chesapeake Energy CEO Stole $1B From Shareholders.

Doesn't Ron Paul invest in gold mining companies?

Coward #22 commented on Chesapeake Energy CEO Stole $1B From Shareholders.

Slightly cheesy music in this video.

But go to 2 minutes 40 seconds in this video to see Ron Paul showing a silver coin to The Bernanke.

Nobody has the right to use coercion to force people to do what they want. That is why it is right to have alternative currencies.

Then go to 4 minutes in the video for a couple of seconds of fun!

GLD and SLV are the two biggest ETFs for gold and silver.

They are not risk-free. They can lend the metal to short-sellers, and the short-sellers can default. The bank that runs the ETF can default, and the shareholders get Corzined.

Coward #22 commented on Chesapeake Energy CEO Stole $1B From Shareholders.

Some silver mining companies aren't selling their silver as they are waiting for better prices.

What do you think of JP Morgue and Blythe Masters?

7 comments on the same post is a bit excessive. Why do you switch from Anonymous Coward to Coward #22? It's the same IP address?

All banksters are crooks. I don't know about Blythe Masters. JP Morgan is both the custodian for GLD/SLV *AND* they have humongous short positions. In effect, the GLD and SLV shareholders are financing gambling by JP Morgan. Via the magic of rehypothetication, the shareholders could be Corzined if/when JP Morgan goes bankrupt.

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