Pointless TSA Screening

This story was interesting.  Police claim they foiled an airplane bomb plot.  They found a new type of bomb.

Allegedly, the new bomb would pass through airport security, without being detected.  It’s be easy to verify that.  Some undercover police could try to take a copy of the bomb through airport security.

The message in the story is “Hooray for the State!  We caught a bad guy!”

There’s another conclusion.  It’s “All this TSA airport security is for nothing!  There’s a new type of bomb that the airport security would miss.”

No matter what security procedures you have, there’s always a loophole.  99.999%+ of airplane passengers are honest.  It is offensive to treat everyone like a criminal, just to catch some the rare bad guy.

There are two points to TSA screening.  By having lots of security guards wasting their time, that creates the illusion of security and helps stupid people feel safe.  Also, TSA screening is an “obeying orders” exercise.  It trains people to blindly obey State authority figures.  It’s “good” that some people get into fights with TSA guards, because that helps identify subversive people.

One way to spin the story is “Hooray!  They caught a bad guy!”  The interesting point is “There’s a new type of bomb that can fool airport security.  The TSA is one big waste.”

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