Should You Get A SSN For Your Child?

By E-Mail, someone asked “Should I get a SSN for my newborn child?”

Some people say “If you don’t have a SSN, then you don’t owe income taxes.” That probably is false, but I don’t know of any specific precedent.

The precedents for income tax trials are pretty clearcut.  Judges have consistently said “You’re our slave!  We own your labor!  No loopholes!  No exceptions!”  You probably won’t be able to get out of income taxes without a SSN.  I don’t know of any specific case.  However, all the other “tax protesters” almost always lose.  I can’t imagine a “no SSN defense” being any different.

Some people may get away with it.  If you’re a small fry and not actively promoting freedom, then it isn’t worth it to crack down on you.

If you don’t have a SSN, you may not be able to claim the child as a dependent on your tax return, but I’m not 100% sure. They use the SSN to prevent two people from claiming the same child as a dependent. This matters if you have on-the-books income.

Without a SSN, you may not be able to get a State driver’s license.

Without a SSN, you may not be able to open a State bank account.

You may not be able to get any on-the-books job.

If you get an on-the-books job and refuse to fill out a W-4, your employer is required to withhold at the highest rate (single no exemptions). However, most employers would fire you for refusing to fill out a W-4, because they don’t want the hassle from the IRS. Without a SSN, you wouldn’t be able to get a refund of the excess withholding.

I’d advise to get the SSN, to avoid the hassle. By refusing to get one at birth, you already probably placed yourself on a “subversive persons” list, if you weren’t already.  You might even get a visit from Child Protective Services, for refusing to register your child as State property.

The important point is that you teach your child to not think like a slave. Your child could always start an agorist business and not report the income, even if he does have a SSN.  Even though I have a SSN, I still could start an agorist business.  I could always go the Mike Gogulski route, and move to another country and renounce my US citizenship.

The good news is that the State probably won’t exist 20 years from now, making it a moot point.

4 Responses to Should You Get A SSN For Your Child?

  1. “That probably is false, but I don’t know of any specific precedent.”

    Holy fuck! How is it possible for a person to be as retarded as you are.

    • This is the same guy who posted all the comments as “WTF” on my node.js post.

      Enlighten me then. Do you know of any legal precedent where not having a SNN means that you still do or don’t owe income tax? I’m pretty sure the answer is “You still owe income tax if you don’t have a SSN.”, but I’m not 100% sure. It’s OK to not be completely sure.

      “Taxation is theft!” is one of the main points of my blog. Ironically, it’s sort of related to “Node.js is a lousy language/framework, but it’s really popular, and people got very hostile when I criticized it.”

      In fact, I never said that I was 100% sure that node.js was a POS. I said that I briefly researched it, concluded it was no good and it reminded me a lot of Rails. None of the hostile comments convinced me otherwise.

      • You can’t get a job without a SSN you fucking idiot. So obviously you won’t make enough to have to file.

        Taxation is not theft. You are one of the nut bags who thinks that the revolutionary war was fought to abolish taxes aren’t you.

        Taxes are the price of a civilized country.

        Without taxes you wouldn’t be online posting your stupidity.

        Please tell me why you teabaggers are proud of ignorance and refuse to learn anything or even thing rationally?

        Why do you bother you fail at

        Economics 101
        Political Science 101
        Software Engineering 101
        Business 101

        You are just filled with fail

        Have you figured out that Rails and Node.js are not languages and that you actually have to write the application in PHP, along with all the boilerplate that goes into a web app. No? Color me shocked.

        • “Retard” is an appropriate name for you.

          If you pay a tax rate of 50%, then you’re half a slave.

          Unfortunately, mainstream economics and political science and MBAs are one big lie.

          Look at it this way. If I’m a fool, then what kind of loser are you for wasting time reading and commenting?

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