Robert Caro And Lyndon Johnson Propaganda

Robert Caro was on Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show.  He was promoting his book, a biography about Lyndon Johnson.  He won two Pulitzer prizes.  One was for his work on Lyndon Johnson.  The other was for work on Robert Moses, a politician in NYC.

When a “journalist” writes about politicians, he’s writing propaganda for the State.  Then, Robert Caro gets a Pulitzer prize, reinforcing that it’s a good career move to write propaganda.

Robert Caro is saying “Isn’t it wonderful that we have these great leaders to make all our decisions for us!” rather than “They’re a bunch of criminals!”

He was writing about some of the nasty things Lyndon Johnson did.  However, he was extremely negligent, to not mention “Lyndon Johnson might have organized Kennedy’s assassination.”  He briefly indirectly mentioned that point and ridiculed it.

It’s pretty obvious that his book is complete propaganda and nonfiction.  The book is otherwise factually accurate, but doesn’t discuss the most important thing that Lyndon Johnson did.  In fact, Bobby Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy probably suspected he organized the murder, which explains why they were so hostile towards him.

It’s dishonest to write about Lyndon Johnson, without seriously discussing “He might have organized Kennedy’s murder!”  It reminded me a lot of the Pat Tillman book, where the author didn’t mention that Pat Tillman may have been assassinated.

There’s another important point regarding the Kennedy assassination.  Most people argue about details of the bullet that killed him.  It is much more important to ask “Why was Kennedy killed?”  He wanted to end the war in Vietnam, knowing it was a boondoggle and a huge profit for military contractors.  He wanted to reign in the CIA.  Most importantly, he realized that the Federal Reserve was evil and was challenging the banksters.

Whenever you see State “journalism”, it’s important to ask “What’s the propaganda?”  In this case, it was pretty obvious.  Robert Caro is helping cover up Lyndon Johnson’s role in murdering President Kennedy.  He wrote a book that is otherwise 100% factually correct, but omits something very important.  By writing a book that’s 100% correct except for an important omission, that helps cover up the big lie.  Robert Caro probably really believes that President Johnson didn’t organize the assassination, which helps make him a more effective liar.

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