Cheating At MLB2k12 $1M Perfect Game Contest

This story was funny.  The MLB baseball game MLB2k12 had a “perfect game challenge”.  If you pitched a perfect game, you were eligible to enter a contest for $1M.  The code had countermeasures to prevent cheating, but there was a gaping loophole.

You were allowed to make substitutions before the start of the game, including the opposing team!  You could take out the other team’s best hitters, and replace them with .200 average scrubs!  That’s cheating, but the game allowed it and the rules allowed it.

That totally ruins the integrity of the contest.

I went for a few job interviews where they were organizing Internet gambling.  I questioned the legality, but they said “The game has no random element.  Therefore, it’s legal.”  I pointed out “People will cheat!”, but they were not concerned.

People will cheat even when no money is involved.  People cheat at World of Warcraft.  When money is involved, people will find another way to cheat.

Even though the game has countermeasures against cheating, there still will be loopholes.  If you can run a game on your hardware, some clever hacker will always figure out a way to cheat.

That was amusing.  People cheated at the MLB2k12 “Perfect Game Contest”, due to a loophole in the game and the rules.  People will always find a way to cheat, when money is involved.  People will even cheat when there’s no money involved.

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