Watching Professional Athletes Fail

It’s perversely entertaining, to watch professional athletes fail miserably.

It’s enjoyable to watch the Lakers and Miami lose, because they were big payroll teams and the superstars acted like they were a lock to win.

In MLB, it’s amusing to see the Angels, Red Sox, and Phillies in last place.  They are big payroll teams who wasted their money.

It’s amusing to see Pujols batting .200 after signing a $240M contract.  It would be entertaining to see him either failing miserably or batting .400.  If he were batting .300, it wouldn’t be as entertaining.  Similarly, the Rangers and Nationals are interesting, because they’re playing well.

It’s amusing to see Tiger Woods struggle to make the cut.  It’s entertaining to either see him struggle, or win.  If he was consistently finishing 10th, that wouldn’t be interesting.

I don’t follow much sports, but I do a little.  It’s always entertaining to see someone fail miserably, or be spectacularly successful.

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