Mainstream Media Website Censorship

The comments section on this Reuters article on George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin is interesting.  The article was posted on Friday, but it says

This discussion is now closed. We welcome comments on our articles for a limited period after their publication.

The article was published on Friday.  Other stories don’t have comments blocked.

It’s pretty obvious what happened.  There was a heated debate in the comment section.  The moderators purged the comment section and blocked further comments.

That is frustrating.  Mainstream media websites pretend to be open, but they censor and block comments when the discussion gets interesting.  It’s fake openness.

Most people wouldn’t notice that article had comments blocked.  It says “discussion closed” rather than “We’re censoring the comments because people are posting things we don’t like.”

That’s a common mainstream media Internet censorship pattern.  They block comments and purge the comments section, when an article attracts “inappropriate” comments.

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