Blogging Motivation

My blogging motivation has decreased.

When I was working, my #1 blogging time was on the subway, writing drafts on my phone.  At home, I’m doing other things on my PC.

When I was unemployed in October, I registered my domain, set up my Linode, and moved from Blogger to WordPress.  I haven’t done that much in this round of unemployment.

There’s a bunch of things that I’ve been meaning to do, but kept putting it off.

I’ve wanted to:

  1. Set up piwik.
  2. Clean up the FAQ section and finish it.
  3. Set up the “Best of FSK” script.
  4. Put up ads again, finding an AdBrite alternative.
  5. The blog template I’m using (“simplemarket”) has a copyright notice at the bottom.  I should go through the css and delete it.

How can I get my motivation back?

I wrote a script that parses out my raw apache logs.  I’m getting 300-500 unique IP address visitors per day!  That’s up from 200 when I first started on this domain!

I’m still disappointed that “Node.js sucks!” is by-far my most popular post. I went on an interview, briefly researched node.js, and it reminded me a lot of Rails. I was once involved in a Rails disaster. I’m surprised at the large volume of hostile comments. That’s an indication of an important subject.  There’s a lot of hostile comments, but that’s only a small percentage of the total number of people who read it.  The initial comments were mostly by regular readers, who mostly agreed with me.  The later comments are people who found it via Google or via node.js discussion groups, and were very hostile.

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  1. Anonymous Coward May 20, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Ever since I was a teenager I have had a strong motivation to write computer software.

    I even wrote software to check my homework!

    I wrote my own software during vacations when I was a student just for my own amusement.

    I’m a little depressed at the moment, because in a way I’m unhappy that throughout my life I’ve just been treated so badly by companies. I worked hard and did good work, but just had raspberries blown in my face.

    Life is full of distractions at the moment. I have no pressing money needs.

    I need to pull my finger out and get back to doing what I have decades of experience doing and if I am good at anything, it is writing software.

    Most companies have jobs guarded by brain-dead recruitment consultants and dishonest management.

  2. Anonymous Coward May 20, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    When writing essays, a fellow student of mine once said it is important just to write something badly first just so as to get down the important points.

    Then start off again and use that as a model for a better essay.

  3. Anonymous Coward May 20, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Johnny Osborne said he once had stage fright while paying Joseph in “Joseph and the Amazing Multi-Coloured Coat”. His wife told him to get on stage and just do an okay job, instead of a brilliant job. That seemed to work for him.

    • That is one rule I try to follow when blogging, “Make one post per day.”

      That’s also a good rule if you’re trying to write software, “Accomplish one thing per day.”

      There’s only a loose correlation between my expectations and post popularity. I can make a post I really like, and it isn’t popular. I can do something boring, and lots of people read it.

      For example, “node.js sucks” is still my most popular post. I thought I was doing a simple analysis of a new language/framework, but the result was a lot of hostility. However, I did notice that “XXX sucks” posts tend to do well, especially when XXX really does suck.

  4. You can’t really be motivated by something you aren’t curious about in my experience. You might also be confusing where you are curious, perhaps you are curious about a lot of world topics which you like to write about on this blog, but the maintenance of the blog is really just a necessary evil? I would suggest not trying to use intellect to decipher problems of motivation, instead do the thing you want to be motivated to do. Resistance will occur and you will be able to identify it clearly at that point.

    • It has been educational setting up the blog. It was very educational configuring the Linode.

      I’ve just noticed that my overall motivation increases and decreases at times.

      There have been some other blogging stuff I wanted to do, but never got around to it, even though I’m currently unemployed.

      Also, it’s a drag going on interviews. It’s painful to interview with clueless people, and try to convince them they should hire me.

      I’m going to try bootstrapping my blog into other web businesses. It’s hard to do that.

      I did accomplish one thing on my “TODO” list. I went through my template and got rid of the copyright notice.

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