Reader Mail – 05/13/2012 To 05/19/2012

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I'm surprised that my post on "node.js sucks" attracted so many hostile comments. That's very interesting.

Why are people so hostile? I only have a couple hundred regular readers. Why are people getting so upset by a post on an obscure blog?

I don't see the advantage of node.js. Even if you're serving lots of small simple requests, you can do no-blocking C/C++. If your business logic is complicated, node.js can be a disaster.

I was involved in a Rails disaster. Node.js reminds me a lot of Rails.

Rails and node.js are good examples of hype-over-substance. If you have a large enough budget, you can get something that sort-of-works, even if you use a lousy language and lousy approach. For example, at my recent job at a large financial institution, their software was a mess, but they had a large budget and a lot of people, so it mostly worked.

A bunch of hostile comments were published by the same person. (all from the same IP address) He posted as "WTF", "Retard", "You are truly stupid", and "Anonymous". That was pretty funny, and shows what a twit he was. He thought that he was calling me a retard, but he chose "Retard" as his name in the WP comment form, so his comments showed up as published by "Retard".

I'm getting good at identifying personality type. When I go on interviews where people are using node.js or Rails, they do seem more on the evil side. I can tell just from writing style, that those hostile comments were written by someone evil.

WTF commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
PHP is a language for amateurs.

The fact you can't understand Ruby or Rails isn't a flaw of the language or the framework. It is simply your stupidity.

WTF commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

You seriously lack any serious understanding of the issues of web development, deployment and scalability.

It is a good thing you stick to toy environments and those that hold your hand.

You don't understand Ruby, Rails, Javascript or Node.js how can you claim they are garbage?

WTF commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

Don't bother FSK isn't going to understand anything you wrote and will use his misunderstanding to fuel more idiotic rants

WTF commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

If it takes you more than an hour or two to set up LAMP, you flat-out suck.

You have been ranting for a while now,trying to pretend you are an expert web developer but this is the first time you have set this up.

You are seriously deluded.

WTF commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

How would you know whether or not setting up nonblocking services in C is easy or not.

There is no way you have any meaningful understanding of C. If you did you wouldn't post idiocy about how you think Node.js works.

WTF commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

How the fuck are you competent when you have shown repeatedly that you do not understand web development.

You are one of those annoying bastards that think they are good while producing shit.

You are so bad, you can't tell you are bad

WTF commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

Funny that you ignore the fact that single threaded apps run as well or better than multithreaded one.

You are stuck in web development circa 1997 and have no will or capability to learn modern techniques.

WTF commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

Node.js is not a language. You fail right out of the gate.

WTF commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

You are delusional.

People who agree with you are PHP amateurs.

"WTF", you've certainly proved you are an ignorant twit, making 9 comments on the same post. I have "comment moderation" enabled.

The extreme amount of hate on this post certainly has convinced me that evil people prefer node.js, and I'm better off sticking to other things.

This video was interesting. The speaker had an annoying voice, but he had some interesting points, and also some mistakes.

On one job interview, I mentioned node.js. The interviewer mentioned a criticism I hadn't heard before. "Node.js leads to I/O thrashing, when all the callback functions return at the same time."

WTF commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

There are over 230,000 active rails apps in the wild. I guess it is tough to develop in and deploy for um, just you.

Just because Rails is widely used, doesn't mean it doesn't suck. Microsoft OS is widely used, but it isn't as nice as Linux. I stick with Windows on my desktop, because much software, especially games, doesn't have a Linux port.

At one interview, they were using Rails. I should have refused the interview, but I figured I'd see. They had 50+ programmers, for a project where I thought 5-10 people should suffice. They probably had a product that mostly worked, but with huge expense and waste. That counts as a "successful Rails use", but I saw a ton of waste.

ryan commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

I never comment on blogs, this is a first. I cannot believe that you find ASP.NET / MVC enjoyable and quality at best as well! What documentation do you need for node, if you look at the API or *gasp* read a book and have a firm knowledge of real Javascript not using jQuery to do animations than perhaps you would see the strengths. A lot of us work on sites that get over 100,000k concurrent hits, hence the reason we do not use PHP / MySql ... Rails is great for what it was meant to do, who cares what the community acts like? Balmer was just appointed as the worst CEO by forbes, what does that say about MS? Should all .NET developers stop using C# because he threw a chair at a Java guy? Your arguments make literally no business sense in any regard. Some of the highest trafficed sites on the web are using Rails, and chug along just fine. And when the time comes to scale, some go with Scala / Clojure / C on the backend, just like your beloved .NET (which other than MS sites, the only ASP.NET site I have even heard of these days still is that is high in traffic). I think you need to understand long-polling a little better to know that you do not need 100k + concurrents to have that many active sockets, imagine if you have 20k users per every 10 minutes, but they keep an active tab open, are on a mobile device, etc... What do you think is pushing those updates to the user? It sure as hell isn't PHP with Ajax calls, its a custom library (or Backbone / Ember) bound to an event that is listening to a callback from some kind of ASYNC programming methodology ... Node / EventMachine / Twisted ... Go do some research before you spew shit.

Crispin Bacon commented on Facebook IPO - Pump And Dump.
First let me point out that I have no credibility whatsoever, except my finely tuned bull detector. I know these comments are a couple of months old, but really, Tincup, you can't think of any uses for gold? Maybe you should use your computer with its non tarnishing gold connectors on its RAM and CPU pins to search google or wikipedia for uses. Gold-palladium automotive spark plugs, anyone? Gold fillings were once used as tooth fillings because of its unreactivity. Gold has more uses now than it ever did in antiquity. Google the other uses yourself.

Just because its main industry use may be in 'worthless' jewelry doesn't mean that you can discount the value of the industry. If it were up to logic, the jewelry industry would not exist because on the grand scale of things in the universe, jewelry is useless and illogical --- other than the fact that it can get you laid. Regardless of actual practical use, something has worth because one says it does but this is not going to work unless someone else agrees. I refuse to believe that you are associated with a Fortune company and yet only know of gold as useless shiny adornment.

Ever try Goldschlager? I hate it, but apparently you CAN drink gold. Also you can eat it. The Pharoahs ate gold in their food, I believe, probably so they can see that number 2 sparkle.

Is gold is a bad investment because it may collapse someday? When i was in school 10-15 years ago gold was probably 500$ an ounce. Last year or so, it was 1000$ an ounce. It's even higher now. Is it the gold that is now worth more or is our paper now worth less? Say hypothetically in the future the almighty dollar collapses and the US government crumbles(heresy!). You won't be able to pay for food with your worthless paper. I'm sure you can find pictures on google of the wheelbarrows full of paper money people have to haul to the store to buy bread in some countries. But this will never, NEVER happen to us, right?

I'm not saying you should be a total moron and dump all your money into gold, but some old folks I know have some small 1/10 oz. bullion packs hidden in a safe "just in case", i.e. the SHTF. We live in times where people haven't lived in the "bad old days" and believe we ALL should just trust whatever monetary system is dealt us, and to have a small inkling of doubt and preparation means you're probably part of a small group of skeptical redneck inbred gun-wielding morons.

Read about North Korea bankrupting all of its already poor people by devaluing all of its currency. They created a machine to destroy all the savings of their people literally overnight.

If gold is just a "big pump and dump ponzi scheme", it's been going on for hundreds of years.(sarcasm)

Actually, shifting all your savings to physical gold and silver might be the smartest investment. I mean actual physical delivery, and not paper gold. However, I don't have the balls to do this. I'm putting most of my new investments to GLD/SLV, but keeping my old ones. I'm going to start accumulating physical eventually.

If the financial system really does collapse in the next 20 years, gold and silver might be the only thing that preserves most of its purchasing power.

Even without complete collapse, gold and silver to well in times of high inflation and hyperinflation.

The real return on a gold investment should be 0% minus transaction costs. The sad news is that may be the best investment. With other investments, you get robbed by inflation. With cash/money market/treasuries/bonds, you get robbed via inflation. The stock market does not outperform true inflation. In the stock market, the CEO can dilute your ownership via share/option grants, and waste the corporation's assets. The waste/fraud/theft of a large corporation is larger than the dividends and earnings. With real estate, you can get robbed via property taxes. For example, in some areas of Detroit, homes are effectively worthless, because the annual property tax is greater than the market value.

Tony Roma commented on State Sanctioned Murder In Florida - Trayvon Martin.
Trayvon would be alive today if he had not climbed over the fence of a gated community.

Trayvon was beating up Zimmerman MMA Style - US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum commented on "Castle Doctrine", "Duty To Retreat", And "Stand Your Ground".
[...] with head meeting concrete. More like head meeting grass with some pebbles in the grass. “Castle Doctrine”, “Duty To Retreat”, And “Stand Your Ground” | ... Sanford police believed the encounter between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin was [...]

You are truly stupid commented on Headhunter Foolishness - "Open Source Programmer".
Rails and Node.js are not languages smart guy.

It must suck to only get shit low-paying jobs but that is what happens to dumb asses

I know it kills an ultra Reich-winger nut bag like you but OSS is a multi-billion dollar industry that covers the vast majority of technology from C to Lisp and back down into the sewer is shit like PHP. From small embedded devices to super computers. OSS owns nearly every single market in technology.

I realize you are an idiot and can not learn new things. You are like a dinosaur just wanting for the inevitable

You are truly stupid commented on Headhunter Foolishness - "Open Source Programmer".

No such thing as C/C++. If you use C#, C++(I seriously doubt you can use C properly), VB, and Java well that is all pretty much the same damn thing. Basically you have 1 year of experience done n times.

Grats to you and your pseudo-polyglot skills.

Next time stretch your self and learn something that is actually different.

You are truly stupid commented on Headhunter Foolishness - "Open Source Programmer".

“Qualified software engineer” means “smart enough to get the job done, but not so smart that you threaten your manager’s job”.

Wait a sec, I thought that was describing you but you are not smart enough to get the job done unless said job is a pure API monkey gig.

B commented on Headhunter Foolishness - "Open Source Programmer".

Its the same in all industries. I have seen 5+ years exp wanted for truck drivers in jobs to get paid basic wage. Soon it will be 10+ years exp to use a shovel at basic wage.

Retard commented on Where Are The Intelligent Hiring Managers.
There is a simple test to tell if a HM is intelligent. Did they not hire you? If yes, they are smart.

commented on Should You Get A SSN For Your Child?.
"That probably is false, but I don’t know of any specific precedent."

Holy fuck! How is it possible for a person to be as retarded as you are.

This is the same guy who posted all the comments as "WTF" on my node.js post.

Enlighten me then. Do you know of any legal precedent where not having a SNN means that you still do or don't owe income tax? I'm pretty sure the answer is "You still owe income tax if you don't have a SSN.", but I'm not 100% sure. It's OK to not be completely sure.

"Taxation is theft!" is one of the main points of my blog. Ironically, it's sort of related to "Node.js is a lousy language/framework, but it's really popular, and people got very hostile when I criticized it."

In fact, I never said that I was 100% sure that node.js was a POS. I said that I briefly researched it, concluded it was no good and it reminded me a lot of Rails. None of the hostile comments convinced me otherwise.

Retard commented on Should You Get A SSN For Your Child?.

You can't get a job without a SSN you fucking idiot. So obviously you won't make enough to have to file.

Taxation is not theft. You are one of the nut bags who thinks that the revolutionary war was fought to abolish taxes aren't you.

Taxes are the price of a civilized country.

Without taxes you wouldn't be online posting your stupidity.

Please tell me why you teabaggers are proud of ignorance and refuse to learn anything or even thing rationally?

Why do you bother you fail at

Economics 101

Political Science 101

Software Engineering 101

Business 101

You are just filled with fail

Have you figured out that Rails and Node.js are not languages and that you actually have to write the application in PHP, along with all the boilerplate that goes into a web app. No? Color me shocked.

"Retard" is an appropriate name for you.

If you pay a tax rate of 50%, then you're half a slave.

Unfortunately, mainstream economics and political science and MBAs are one big lie.

Look at it this way. If I'm a fool, then what kind of loser are you for wasting time reading and commenting?

Hobbsee commented on Annoying Webforms.
Or, why not set the default country as the country you wish for your potential staff member to reside in?

7 Responses to Reader Mail – 05/13/2012 To 05/19/2012

    • I have noticed that.

      If you say complete nonsense, nobody gets offended. If I write “asuh adphnge tigs gius”, nobody gets offended.

      People get offended by forbidden truths. If I write “Taxation is theft!” or “Node.js is a bad language/framework with good hype, tricking people into using it!”, then people get offended.

      The more people that get offended by a post, the more important the subject.

  1. Anonymous Coward May 21, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    > Taxes are the price of a civilized country.

    Well what do those taxes go towards.

    Some (or rather most of it) goes towards paying interest on government loans taken out from private banks. The private banks created this money from thin air via the fractional reserve banking system. There is no reason why the government cannot create this money itself and not have to pay interest to private banks. Private banks should not charge interest on government loans using the PEOPLES’ MONEY. The whole population pays for these loans via inflation.

    Another portion goes on illegal wars. You don’t need to be a lawyer to know murdering and injuring millions of people is wrong. In the UK some idiots were pondering whether the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were illegal. Are they stupid? Is murdering and injuring 1 million Iraqis wrong? Of course it is. You don’t need a bunch of lawyers to tell you that.

    Say you pay 50 – 60% tax. How much of that goes towards useful services? If it is only 10 – 20%, then tax is mostly theft. It depends on how many useful services you get back. If you get back very little, then it is theft.

    • I have worked in C in the past. Unfortunately, most jobs require other languages. Even worse, I don’t get credit for my experience in C/C++ when applying for jobs that use other languages.

      “Taxation is theft!” is something I consider proven. The current government resembles a massive extortion racket and criminal conspiracy, much more than it resembles the protector of freedom.

  2. Anonymous Coward May 21, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Below is the Royal Mint’s Britannia Masterpiece in silver. They did a limited edition in gold, but I can’t photos on the Internet anymore.

    It is 8 ounces.

    If FSK was a real man, he would wear one as a medallion.

    All these posts on Rails and node.js make my hear spin. Real men write in C.

    “Write in C” lyrics

    “Write in C” songs

    If you don’t write in C, then you are obviously not a real man, but just a wimp and a big wuss.

    • That is asset forfeiture. It’s a type of legal extortion.

      The loophole is that your property is accused of a crime and not you. That avoids due process. If you are charged of a crime, it’s “innocent until proven guilty”. If your property is accused of a crime, it’s “guilty unless proven innocent”. That’s wrong, but the Supreme Court has upheld asset forfeiture.

      If the police seize $20k, they know that it’ll cost you $20k or more in legal fees to try and recover your money. In that article, the police target out-of-state victims, making it harder for them to try and recover their money.

      Here’s “another horrible story. Suppose you are accused of a “drug crime” (not a real crime). You relatives try to bail you out of jail. The police say “bring cash”. They bring cash, and then the police seize the cash, saying it’s “proceeds of crime” and subject to forfeiture.

      The “asset forfeiture” money goes to the police department’s budget. It goes to a slush fund they can use for miscellaneous expenses, such as throwing a party or other stuff.

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