“The Bacheleorette” Propaganda

Most mainstream media TV is nearly pure propaganda.  “The Bachelorette” is no exception.  Shows like “The Bachelorette” are female porn.

I don’t watch that garbage voluntarily.  I only notice because my other relatives watch.

The men act like total wimps.  They’re all saying “Wow!  I hope that The Bachelorette likes me!  I got to spend a few moments with her!”  It’s also a fabricated scenario, a bunch of men all exclusively going after the same woman.  It’s promoting one-itis.  The correct dating attitude is to pursue multiple women at the same time, rather than eagerly hope for a bit of positive feedback from a woman you’re obsessed over.

This season, “The Bachelorette” is a single mother.  She’s a single mother because the biological father died, and not because she frivolously divorced him.  At least they got that part of the story to make sense.

The lie is “It’s desirable to date and marry a single mother.”  Actually, that’s one of the stupidest decisions you can make.

If you marry a single mother, her #1 priority is the child she already has.  You’re going to waste money and energy raising someone else’s child.  As a man, that’s one of the stupidest things you can do.

For some monkeys, when a new alpha male takes over, he frequently kills all the children that aren’t his.

They also had an amusing scripted conflict.  One guy says “Maybe it’s a mistake to marry a single mother!”, and the woman gets angry and kicks him off the show.

“The Bachelorette” is promoting the lie that “It’s a good idea to date and marry a single mother.”  Actually, that’s a stupid idea.  If you marry a single mother, you’re wasting a huge chunk of your life raising someone else’s child.

While I’m on the subject of stupidly raising other people’s children, this story is interesting.  A man had 30 children from a bunch of different women.  He’s earning minimum wage.  Child support is deducted from his paycheck and split among the mothers of his 30 children.  Some of them only get $1.49 per month.

One reaction is “Good for him!  If you can get lots of women pregnant and get other people to pay for it, why not do it?”

There was one important omitted point in that story.  Almost all the mothers are on welfare.

I’m paying higher taxes, so that guy can sleep around and get women pregnant.  I’m stuck with the bill for that guy’s foolishness.

That’s the “benefit” of the Welfare State.  Why should a woman be responsible in picking a man, when the government will pay her to take care of her children?

In a really free market, if a woman gets pregnant via a deadbeat dad, that’s too bad for her.  It’s the woman’s fault for being irresponsible.  There might be some charities to replace the Welfare State, but they might not help women who make flagrantly stupid choices.

If a woman gets pregnant via a man who refuses to pay, then maybe her children should starve.  There have to be consequences for bad decisions.  That will happen anyway, as the economic system collapses.

In effect, the State is the absentee father for those children.  Via the Welfare State, productive workers are taxed to pay for irresponsible fools.

This is a very important point.  “Why does FSK have trouble finding a good job, even though he’s a really good programmer?  Why would a business need skilled workers, when they can get the government to give them a bailout?”  Similarly, “Why does FSK have trouble meeting women, even though he’s a hardworking and decent guy?  Why would a woman choose to date someone responsible, when she can get pregnant and make FSK pay for her child via taxes?”

Via corporate welfare, I’m paying for stupid businesses managed by unqualified idiots.  Via the Welfare State, I’m paying for other people’s children.  Taxes make it hard for me to find a job or wife, because other people get the benefit of my labor, stolen via taxes and the State.

The taxes I pay subsidize businesses who squander that money hiring unqualified fools.  The taxes I pay subsidize women who make bad choices.

All taxation is theft.  The negative effects of taxation and the State affect all decisions people make.  The State makes it hard for skilled workers to find a job, because the State subsidizes idiots who run a business.  The State makes it hard for honest men to find a wife, because the State supports women who make bad choices.

5 Responses to “The Bacheleorette” Propaganda

  1. Anonymous Coward May 23, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    > For some monkeys, when a new alpha male takes over, he frequently kills all the
    >children that aren’t his.

    Ah, yes… But we are humans. Aren’t we better than monkeys?

    > I’m paying higher taxes, so that guy can sleep around and get women pregnant.

    We have people like that in the UK as well. Taxes are too high. Income tax + national insurance + the hidden employers’ payroll tax = 42 – 43%. VAT/Sales Tax = 20%. That is almost 63% of your salary in taxation. OK a bit less as basic foods are not taxed, so long as you don’t buy a hot pasty of hot chicken from a supermarket! Council tax is after income tax and if you earn a low salary can be another 10% of your salary!

    Taxes really f*** things up. At an earlier point in my life I had worked about 10 years and had no savings. I had worked hard and done excellent work for my employers. I had loads of potential but no savings. So for a while I was left floating with no money doing nothing. That is what high taxes do. They rob you of the ability to save money. Then when you have no job, you cannot start your own business as you have no savings.

  2. Anonymous Coward May 23, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    I can’t say the following enough.

    House prices are too high. Rents are too high in the United Kingdom.

    As rents are too high, unemployed people suck lots of money from the government for housing benefit. That means we pay high taxes to pay the ridiculously high rents for unemployed people.

    The housing benefit does not go to the unemployed, but rather to the property owning middle and upper classes. They get their income from rents instead of productive good manufacturing.

    Therefore real businesses producing goods in the UK cannot start up, because taxes are too high. Also salaries have to be high so employees can afford the rents.

    So the UK cannot complete with other countries for manufacturing just because rents are too high, taxes are too high and property is too high.




    Cameron and Clegg are idiots as they want to keep house prices high and just get government to guarantee loans for over-priced houses.

  3. Robert Ferguson May 24, 2012 at 3:12 am

    Both of the comments left before me represent pro-state trolling. The bankster elite uses divide and conquer to control the slaves, which is why you see the medi promoted racial issues, the “travon Martin” case, homosexuality is promoted as well as the emasculation of men. Not all of FSK’s articles receive comments but I knew this one would when I read it earlier today. Because it touches on forbidden truths about the glorification of unhealthy modes of thinking for men!

  4. Anonymous Coward May 24, 2012 at 11:04 am

    Both my parents had low paying jobs. Neither of them went to university.

    I went to an academically poor school from the ages of 11 – 18. It was supported mainly by the government. The number of A grades gained by 18 year old was very low. In fact when I looked at previous results hardly anybody got A grades!

    However I did well in my exams and ended up going to the best university in the country.

    After I graduated a wise man told me that if I was uneducated and lower-class, then I would easily find a girlfriend. But given my current status, i.e. well educated but not rich, finding a girlfriend is difficult.

    As his monologue was given decades ago, I can’t remember anything more about our conversation.

    Perhaps reasonably well educated women with reasonable jobs, will angle to get someone with a far more stable income stream that I had at the time. My looks, ability, cleverness would be irrelevant. What women want is a good job and a good salary and NOW.

  5. Anonymous Coward May 24, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    > Both of the comments left before me represent pro-state trolling.

    High rents are partly due to high house prices.

    High house prices are partly due to banks being greedy enough to give mortgages to houses at inflated prices.

    High rents mean that it is difficult to get work that pays enough to afford the rent.

    The government benefit and tax credit system in the UK is such that you cannot work part-time and get housing benefit. Or you cannot do low paid work and afford your rent.

    High rents mean that a certain proportion of the population cannot afford to work.

    It also means that workers can’t save as too much of their money goes on rent and tax.

    It has also led to the fact that in London whole areas are occupied by the unemployed, whereas workers with jobs in London cannot afford to live in London and so must spent hours each day travelling into London from outside London.

    I was not pro-state trolling. I was described a nasty problem, which means people cannot afford to work!!!!

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