Headhunters Demanding Your SSN

Quite a few headhunters demand your Social Security Number (SSN), before submitting you to the client.  I’ve been refusing.

Many large corporations are using SSNs to track applicants.  That’s *VERY ILLEGAL*.  SSNs are supposed to be for income tax purposes ONLY.

Why do I refuse?  Identity theft is a problem.

The law for “identity theft” is a mess.  With identity theft, it’s “Guilty unless proven innocent!”, the exact opposite of the way the law is normally supposed to work.

A criminal could pretend to be a headhunter, and trick people into giving him their SSN.

Even if the headhunter is legit, if one of the headhunter’s employees is a criminal, your SSN can be leaked.  I’ve heard of cases where someone in HR stole employee records, and used them for identity theft.

The “standard practice” for competent headhunters is “Only give out your SSN at the offer stage.”

I feel bad refusing to give out my SSN.  It’s a good idea, because identity theft is a serious problem.  Only the sleazier headhunters demand a SSN, so I don’t feel too bad.

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  1. Quick suggestion (you don’t have to post this comment if you don’t want to). The “Reader Mail” posts seem kind of redundant. Aren’t those comments already in your article comment sections? It kind of clutters up the place. Just a quick suggestion.

    • Some people don’t read the comment feed.

      Some people don’t go back to read the comments after they read the original post.

      It’s wasteful for me to write a detailed response in the comments, if a lot of people aren’t going to read it.

      I wrote a PHP script that prepares the post template for me! Also, that makes it easier for me to have one post every day.

      When I was on Blogger, I used to make the “Reader Mail” posts by hand. That was too much work, and I stopped doing it. Some people said they missed it.

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