Where Did All The Non-Trolls Go?

Almost all my recent comments have been from trolls.

I get about 1-2 hostile comments per week on “node.js sucks“, although none this week.

There was a troll on my post on Peter Keller, who missed the point.  “Peter Keller is a survivalist and a murderer.  Therefore, all survivalists are evil.” is a common mainstream media lie pattern.  Also, whenever someone “goes postal”, it isn’t random.  They had a history of being abused, and were pushed past their breaking point.

There was a troll on my post on how NASDAQ botched the Facebook IPO.  I even suspected that was a PR agent working for NASDAQ, trying to minimize potential lawsuits.  My point there was “NASDAQ had a software glitch the day of the IPO.  Most large financial institutions have lousy software.  If NASDAQ hired me or someone competent, they might have avoided the disaster.  Unfortunately, really talented people don’t fit into the bureaucracy of large financial institutions.”

It gets frustrating, to see that almost all comments are posted by trolls.  However, I’m starting to get my motivation back, for working on my website again.  I checked my custom analytics script, and I’ve increased from ~200 readers/day when I first moved here to around 300-500 readers/day.  (“Reader” = unique IP, bots not excluded.  I should install piwik.)  Also, my Google PageRank is up to 3 now.  My old Blogger blog had a PageRank of 4, and it was 2 for this blog a few months ago.

3 Responses to Where Did All The Non-Trolls Go?

    • You hadn’t left a comment in awhile. I don’t see why you think I meant you.

      I’m referring to the large volume of hostile comments on “node.js sucks!”, and those two other trolls. Looking at the comment feed, more than half the comments are trolls.

      That article seems to say “The only valid tax is a tax on land.” The correct answer still is “All taxation is theft.”

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