Answering Machine Phishing – Remote Access

Most common answering machines have a serious security flaw.  If you know the “security code”, it is possible to remotely check answering machine messages.

Initially, you might say “Wow!  That’s convenient!”  However, there’s a serious problem.  Most users do not change the default security code.

Even worse, the security code is a number from 00-99.  With only 100 choices, a determined hacker could easily break in.

Most people are not aware that their answering machine has such a feature.

However, with cell phones and cell phone voicemail, it’s a less serious problem.  There, you can use longer and more-secure passwords.  Also, Verizon probably shouldn’t let someone check my voicemail unless they call from my phone.

I thought I had changed the security code on my answering machine.  However, after a short power outage, it was reset.  Also, looking at the options, I could change the security code, but not disable remote access completely.

That’s a serious security flaw in all answering machines.  There’s a “remote access” code that lets other people check your messages.  Most people don’t change the code.  Even if you do change the code, it’s only a number from 00 to 99.

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