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Brian commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
He wont understand those, and wont give time in, dont waste yours.

Brian commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

Just same as my guess, he wont comment to this. Long posts reply to the article has been giving him too much fuel to live on with his lack of being a good teammate. It's okay for us, just work on your own .NET shopping website dude, and dont bother about scability of your apps, because you wont get anything big and meaningful in your coding life. Making some boilerplate code and you'll get your boring life, which will produce some other nice articles like this.

"...because Rails is widely used, doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. Microsoft OS is widely used, but it isn’t as nice as Linux. I stick with Windows on my desktop, because much software, especially games, doesn’t have a Linux port..."

Just face it, you're using a sucked OS, and node.js wont work nicely with your OS, which probably proves that nodejs is only working with a nice Linux distribution. Dont even reply me that because of your .NET projects make you not a linux user, well, you chose it anyway.

I'm not a good nodejs user but I can see its potential. I wont be a .NET or LAMP die-hard fan like you. Open-minded to what you stated? You're trolling so well then.

Brian commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

Dont even prove that by expose user emails although how bad or anonymous it is. I think you're old enough not to do such a childish reaction. If you have a feeling you are against the world and overwhelming, please do close the comment option, hope that you have used it before.

Based on your comments, you are barely able to write coherent English. If you and the other commenters are typical of node.js users, I'm better off staying away.

I can tell, by the IP address, when the same person posts a bunch of comments under different IDs. That is childish.

I am not obligated to reply to every comment. My policy is to publish all comments except for spam. You should see from the large volume of hatred on this post, that I'm open to publishing comments posted by people who disagree with me, no matter how stupid or evil they are.

Also, this blog is on a Linode, so I do have basic UNIX/Linux competence. I use Windows on my desktop because many games only have a Windows version.

I don't require E-Mails for comments. You can leave the E-Mail blank or make a gibberish E-Mail. It only does a regexp match if you do fill in the E-Mail address. I'm not running a mailserver. Also, you are under no obligation to post a comment or read my blog.

By definition, nothing I write on my own blog is trolling. Having analyzed all three, LAMP is better than ASP.NET and ASP.NET is better than node.js. I am open to other possibilities than LAMP, but node.js is a POS.

Jonathan Neufeld commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

Haven't you heard? Hard work is obsolete. I can file a human rights complaint for being asked to do too much work or fire my professor for making me learn new programming languages. The stench of Herbert's Butlerian Jihad fills my nostrils. We rely more and more on computers to do all the thinking so that our brains can atrophy and shrink, I have no idea why this is considered a good thing.

In this context it works like this: programmer works less, designs less, plans less, leaves more processing up to the computers. This translates as more work for the end-user's computer to do. So due to programmer incompetence or down-right sloth, the end-user has to wait longer for a web-page to load.

Our role as developers is to shield end-users from pain and time-sink. So we go the extra mile and setup a proper LAMP stack--a one-time capital cost, we're not talking variable cost here--so that the end-user throws money at us.

Node.js could be sensible if it wasn't a CPS-based approach and if JavaScript was a modular language, not just a scripting tool intended for making animated rainbows appear on your 1997 web-page's scrolling marquee. The language is in dire need of a make-over, but personally I think RubyScript or PythonScript would render JavaScript a faint memory of the old Internet.

I want to see:

- Built-in libraries

- Byte-code compilation

- Source code encryption

- Modularity

What we should be doing is getting involved with the W3C.

Tony commented on Naked Short Selling Facebook.

Robert Ferguson commented on Clueless Employer Phrase "Hit The Ground Running".
Hey FSK, I agree with you about MAC users. I've worked on Windows servers in my career an I will be the first to tell anyone that it has flaws and that I am sure Unix is more reliable. But for better or worse this is that I have done in my career and I do ok. Yet Mac users always seem to have such a chip on their shoulders make it seem like anybody who uses anything else is a "sellout" or is the devil. What's up with that? Also what forms your opinion about them being clueless twits? I agree, just curious.

I do agree that UNIX/Linux is better than Windows. However, playing games, Windows is still better than Linux. I can always install cygwin to use grep and Linux tools. (Grep is so much better than Windows search.) My blog is on Linode/Ubuntu.

At the job where I saw the Ruby on Rails disaster, the idiot who ruined the business owned a Mac. Reviewing, he had never used Rails before, made a "bet the business" decision on Rails, and failed. At that same job, I went to the NYC Ruby meetup group, and almost everyone had a Mac laptop. That was creepy.

At the node.js interview, they were all using Macs. The head programmer had never used node.js before, and made a "bet the business" decision on node.js. They haven't failed yet, but their website is pretty lame. At the interview, he said their website would be ready in 1 month (Dec 2011), and it didn't go live until March 2012. Amusingly, their website is static HTML plus a few forms, making the node.js choice seem pretty silly.

I went on a couple of other interviews where everyone was using a Mac, and they seemed more clueless than usual.

Look at the famous "Mac vs. PC" ads featuring John Hodgman from The Daily Show. John Hodgman is an intelligent comedian. The actor playing the Mac was a douchebag. The "target audience" for Macs are douchebags. I thought those ads were amusing, because John Hodgman's character was much more interesting and likable than the Mac character.

When you buy a Mac, you're paying 20%-50% more compared to generic Windows hardware. Apple has great marketing, tricking clueless people into paying extra.

Amusingly, my sister observed that iPhone users tend to have an attitude problem, when she uses her Android phone (Motorola Droid 3). The locked-down iPhone app store prevents my favorite cell phone use, emulators and retrogaming.

Anonymous Coward commented on Clueless Employer Phrase "Hit The Ground Running".

I owned an Apple Mac in the 1990s and used the integrated graphics and word-processing package ClarisWorks with it. It was excellent software and very useful for university reports etc.

However my next computer after that was a Windows PC and all subsequent ones after that were Windows as well.

If it helps one of my managers (in a predominately non-Mac environment) bought a Mac into work. It might have been his personal computer or maybe he even convinced the computer to buy it for him. Unlike most of first-line management, this guy was not really interested into doing technical work. For most of the time, I didn't like him at all. He didn't stick up for employees. He didn't do anything to fix a broken environment - if anything he made it worse. I didn't particularly like him. He did delegate work evenly and caused lots of problems for me.

Anonymous Coward commented on Clueless Employer Phrase "Hit The Ground Running".

> He did delegate work evenly and caused lots of problems for me.

Sorry that should read

He **didn't** delegate work evenly and caused lots of problems for me.

Anonymous Coward commented on Where Did All The Non-Trolls Go?.
I am not a troll. I am a human being. I am a free man.

Robin Smith commented on Where Did All The Non-Trolls Go?.

I don't think I'm a troll. I'm looking for the truth as far as that can be found. Without prejudice. See here for True Free Trade. Read it in a quiet moment. Else wait until you can find a quiet moment.

You hadn't left a comment in awhile. I don't see why you think I meant you.

I'm referring to the large volume of hostile comments on "node.js sucks!", and those two other trolls. Looking at the comment feed, more than half the comments are trolls.

That article seems to say "The only valid tax is a tax on land." The correct answer still is "All taxation is theft."

Anonymous Coward commented on Computer Illiterate Bloomberg.
I always thought of myself as a studious person that constantly teaches himself new stuff out of books. I always was very careful with my work. My work was always highly praised by my early employers and even some of the later ones as well.

But whenever I went through the hiring process and had to speak to recruitment consultants and Human Resources, I always wonderful why a bunch of thick idiots were in charge of hiring. It was like being thrown into some strange, alternative world.

Doh-San commented on Computer Illiterate Bloomberg.

Another example of Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy (q.v.) in action.

cogitansiuvenis commented on Brian Banks, Victim Of A False Rape Accusation.
It is terrible. However, I can't imagine that the young man couldt sue her for libel and damages. Moreover Brian, being a minority, could also sue the city and probably win. He had the option to get some sort of justice, however, it will likely be at our expense.

I noticed an error. According to this article, he was only in jail for 5 years and 2 months.

Shocked commented on Brian Banks, Victim Of A False Rape Accusation.

This is absolutely horrible.

And scary.

It does beg the question what you can do to protect yourself. Spend a long time getting to know someone and keep away from anyone that appears flaky.

In reality, this is easier said than done.

The blame lies not just with the girl. It also lies with the State. The law encourages women to make false rape accusations.

A similar problem is divorce law. Your wife can cheat on you, get pregnant with another man, divorce you, and then she gets half your property and you owe her child support and alimony. Even if you choose a wife carefully, the State makes it very tempting for her to cheat.

That's the problem with a modern marriage contract. Your wife can break the contract, but you have to pay her anyway.

Cogitansiuvenis commented on Brian Banks, Victim Of A False Rape Accusation.

Quebec had something that worked well, never thought I'd be saying that. They had this system were individuals could file together on their tax return but not be legally married. It was like marraige, but without all the pitfuls. However, a jilted ex lover recently won a court case to be paid alimony of a sort. It's being appealed but if it isn't over ruled then thousands if not millions of Quebec Canadians will be forcefully married against their will.

I heard about that.

That's one problem with the State. Suppose I convince a woman to agree to a non-standard marriage contract. "If I cheat on you, or if I frivolously divorce you, then I get zero alimony and no child support payments." If the woman later decides to divorce me, the State judge will throw out that contract, and award her money anyway.

PFH commented on Brian Banks, Victim Of A False Rape Accusation.

Brian must have had God right next to him. Crucified and born again by believing. Brian is a gifted man and he will have great opportunities and success.

commented on Brian Banks, Victim Of A False Rape Accusation.

Fix your title bro. You got "Brain" instead of "Brian" - once or twice in the article too. You'll get more hits on your site if you fix it probably.

Whoops. I fixed the typo. I also fixed the permalink. (I hope nobody else linked to it yet!)

Jody commented on Brian Banks, Victim Of A False Rape Accusation.

This is pathetic someone needs to step up and demand that this girl re-pays this money. How is it that she has not been arrested yet this was fraud, making false accusation, and lying on the stand alone is bad enough but for her to gain financially due to her lies and to take 10 years away from an innocent man....unbelievable. This man is a better man than I to forgive this **** (I'm not going to turn this into a bashing session) and she hasnt even appoligized and to have the nerve to try and comment how hard things were for her WOW im baffled. But what about the people of this state as well as the school board? I would feel cheated and outraged and would demand something be done about her. This is injustice and I truly feel that something needs to be done with her she ahould be severely punished for her actions and to sit back and to do nothing is in my opinion the most dangerous thing you can do what kind of message is this sending to every young lady out there? If you need some cash make up a story who cares who's life you rune. To me 1.5 million is a lot of money with the state of our economy right now how can the government justify not going after their money?? And I'm not speaking out of my ass, I am 33 years old and when I was 17 i hooked up with a girl nothing actually happened but when her boyfriend found out all of a sudden I forced her to mess around with her and I have 10 guys outside my door looking to beat me. My lightning strike me now if I'm lying but I tell you nothing did happen that night but as an 18 year old guy I am not gonna lie I was quite scared that this was going to ruin my life. Luckily the truth did come out but in a he said, she said I didn't like my odds if it didn't get settled. My friends nephew is in the same situation right now only she's not backing off and hes been told his chances are not good. This needs to stop and I cannot think of a better case for the government to make an example of in an effort to stop this type of injustice from happening to another innocent man who ends up loosing half his life so some whore can get a payday.

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