Creative Murder Accounting

This story was interesting.  The number of civilian deaths due to drone strikes are down!  What’s the joke?  Any adult in the drone strike area is defined to be a terrorist!

That’s an amusing bit of circular reasoning.  “We only kill people who deserve to die.  By definition, anyone we kill is a criminal.  Hooray!  We aren’t murdering as many innocent people as we used to!”

President Obama mostly ran on an anti-war platform.  He never explicitly promised to end the wars, but he did promise “change”.  He didn’t promise “I’m going to murder more people in drone strikes than the previous President!”  Technically, he didn’t lie, although a lot of people should be disappointed.  Elections are a fake choice.

Most government statistics are lies.  If you look at “Civilian deaths are down!”, you might think they’re doing a better job.  When you realize that the definition of “civilian” was changed, it’s one big lie.

Similarly, the definition of the CPI was changed, allowing professional liars to say “Inflation is low!”

That was an amusing bit of creative accounting.  The definition of “civilian” was changed, so that any adult in a bomb strike area is assumed to be a terrorist.

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