Wisconsin Recall Election

There was a recall election for Wisconsin’s governor.  He was reelected.  However, some legislature seats were also up for recall, and the Democrats have a majority now.

Wisconsin’s governor wanted to reduce the bargaining power of unionized government employees.  The unionized workers objected, and organized the recall.

That’s one big problem with democracy.  Politicians can buy voters with taxpayer money.  Government unions receive money from the government.  Then, they lobby to keep the money flowing.  That’s nearly pure corruption, when taxpayer money is spent on lobbying.

When more than 50% of the people work for the government, directly or indirectly, it becomes almost impossible to reduce the size of government.  Anyone who works for the government will usually vote against reducing the size of government.

It is also important to count indirect State employees.  The people who work for the State telephone/cable/electricity monopoly count as indirect State employees, because they’re benefiting from a State monopoly.  Lawyers and doctors are indirect State employees, due to heavy regulation of those professions.

In the private sector, the “purpose” of unions is to prevent owners and management from abusing workers.  In practice, the union bureaucrats usually work to protect their turf, rather than truly advocating for workers.  Unions were most effective when they were illegal.  Once unions were regulated, the union leaders became just another State bureaucrat and middleman.

What is the purpose of a government union?  Who are the workers unionizing against?  The taxpayers?  The politicians have almost no incentive to reign in unions, because they’re spending taxpayer money and not their own money.

It is almost impossible to reduce the size of government by voting, because people dependent on the State will always lobby against reform.  It is corruption, when unionized government employees lobby against attempts to reduce their salary.  Literally, taxpayer money is spent to make sure that certain groups continue to receive subsidies.

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