Reader Mail – 06/03/2012 To 06/09/2012

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I liked this post, "MF Global For Dummies".

Alex commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
PHP is just like a lot of other languages , it's a wrapper for C/C++. It's only considered amateurish because of a lot of them use it. It's a lot more mature and has a larger support base and more examples and documentation than Python or Ruby or any of the other fads

Tom commented on Naked Short Selling Facebook.
Short selling is done in a type 3 account which involves margin. Stocks are not marginable until 30 days after IPO. Therefore it is impossible to short sell stock until 30 days after IPO. What players do is to intra-day sell short, and cover on the same day to cover the sale.

That is the rule for retail customers and small fry.

The rules for big banks are different. They can naked short sell and fail to deliver.

LG commented on Brian Banks, Victim Of A False Rape Accusation.
This girl should be arrested for life for lying under the oath and making false accusations. I am guessing this girl is insane and i feel so very bad for Brian Banks like everyone else.

dionysusal commented on Bloomberg Vs. Soda.
The fat asses will just order 2 16 oz. sodas and drink them both at the same time. Are they going to enforce "one soda per customer per visit"? Good luck with that.

Anonymous Coward commented on Bloomberg Vs. Soda.

The government should use education to suggest to people not to drink large sodas. Yet another another law to a huge mass of laws. So many laws, nobody understands the law and understanding the law requires huge libraries, cd-roms, computer searches, a huge search of previous case law and very expensive lawyers.

By the way FSK, have you heard of the hot pasty tax in the United Kingdom?

If you buy hot food, you now have to pay 20% Value Added Tax. If you purchase a hot chicken for a supermarket or a hot pastie, it now have 20% tax on it.

There was an outcry and now the interpretation has been changed. If a Cornish Pastie is cooling down after being taken out from an oven it has no tax, but it is warmed above ambient temperate it now has 20% tax.

So you can sell two pasties at the same temperature and one will have tax and one won't. A hot pastie just taken out of a oven has no tax. A hot pastie kept warm has tax.

It is completely stupid.

Anonymous Coward commented on Common Hiring Myth - "Better To Reject A Good Candidate Than Hire A Bad Candidate".
It is very interesting to learn that FSK has similar thoughts to myself on how ridiculous hiring practises for software developers are to myself.

It is not just this meme, but a number of likewise luxurious hiring practises. Some are listed below.

1) Instead of picking people that can teach themselves new techniques, the hiring managers and recruitment scumbags like to play buzzword bingo and require 5 years experience in each of 10 different buzzwords.

2) One scumbag recruitment consultant told me that as I had work for 10 years in software I was nearing the end of my career!!!!!!

Anonymous Coward commented on Common Hiring Myth - "Better To Reject A Good Candidate Than Hire A Bad Candidate".

> luxurious

Sorry, I meant "ludicrous".

Captain Capitalism had an interesting post on this subject.

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