Record Low Gasoline Prices

This post on zerohedge was interesting.  Gasoline prices are at or near an all-time low.

Why is that?  If you look at prices in State paper money, prices are skyrocketing.  If you look at the price in gold or silver (i.e. real money), it’s near a record low.

State comedians come up with myths like “Peak Oil” to cover up hyperinflation.  They say “The supply of oil is decreasing.  Therefore, prices are rising.”  They always ignore the effect of inflation on prices.  There always is some other excuse, to justify higher prices.  If anything, we’re closer to Peak Paper than Peak Oil.

If you look at prices in State paper money, prices are skyrocketing.  Salaries do not keep pace with true inflation.  Most investments don’t keep pace with true inflation.  If you look at prices in gold or silver, prices are actually decreasing.

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  1. Anonymous Coward June 13, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    Do you believe that oil is formed from dead animals and plants? Do you ever wonder why oil is found miles underground, so deep it is below any fossils?

    Do you believe the Russian abiotic theory which states oil is formed by processes deep inside the Earth? Perhaps methane under high temperatures and with catalysts gets converted into oil and seeps upwards.

    Did you know you have artificially create oil from carbon monoxide and hydrogen? See

    • I heard about that. Allegedly, some depleted oil fields now have oil again, which supports that theory.

      “State comedian” is any type of State professional liar. I should update my “FSK Glossary” and FAQ section. I intended to finish those, but never got around to it.

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