Gary Johnson On The Daily Show

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I saw Gary Johnson on The Daily Show.  He was a wimp and a weak candidate.

He said “If only I can get to 15% in the poll!  Then, I’ll get invited to the debate!”  By saying that, he’s reinforcing the legitimacy of the process.  He should have said “The debates are just a scripted press conference!  They’re one big farce!”

He also said “The ‘Presidential Debate Commission’ set the threshold at 15%, to get invited to the debates, to prevent another ‘Ross Perot situation’.”  Gary Johnson acted like the Presidential debates are run by an independent third party.  They aren’t.  They are run by the two major parties.  The “15% poll rule” specifically exists to exclude outsiders.  15% is low enough to seem reasonable, but high enough to be practically impossible to achieve.

The Presidential Debates are one big farce.  However, most people won’t consider Gary Johnson at all, if he isn’t invited to the debate.  If Gary Johnson was serious, he could have made a YouTube video where he answers all of the debate questions, although most people wouldn’t bother reading it.

Gary Johnson should have pointed out the problem with mainstream media bias.  The mainstream media editors say “Gary Johnson has no chance of winning.  Therefore, we shouldn’t mention him.”  However, when they never mention him, he has no chance.  In a real sense, Rupert Murdoch and Sumner Redstone have more influence than politicians, because they decides who gets free publicity disguised as news.  In 2004-2006, Obama was widely touted as a hot new Senator from Illinois.  All that free publicity set him up to become President.

Gary Johnson should have pointed out the defect in the winner-take-all voting system.  It’s practically impossible to form a 3rd party, because you need a plurality in a district to elect a candidate.  For example, if 10% of the population in each district is a Libertarian, there will be zero Libertarian candidates elected.  The Libertarian Party needs to win a district to elect any candidates.

Also, ballot access laws discriminate against 3rd parties.  A 3rd party spends a substantial percentage of its budget, just to get listed on the ballot.

Gary Johnson said “Now that Ron Paul is out of the race, if you want liberty, I’m your best choice.”  However, Gary Johnson didn’t criticize the Federal Reserve during his interview with John Stewart.

John Stewart asked Gary Johnson weak questions, but Gary Johnson should have steered the debate more towards liberty-oriented subjects.  He didn’t mention “Taxation is theft!” or even “Taxes are way too high and government is way too big.”

Overall, Gary Johnson was a weak candidate.  By having a weak Libertarian candidate, people who are interested in freedom have no realistic choices.  The Libertarian Party exists as an outlet for people who want more freedom, but are still dumb enough to try working within the system.  You can’t work within a corrupt system to fix a corrupt system.

I was disappointed that Gary Johnson didn’t talk more about freedom during his Jon Stewart interview.  I was disappointed when he said “If only I can reach 15% in the polls and get invited to the debates!”, because that reinforces the legitimacy of the farce.

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