Jerry Sandusky Trial Spectacle

There’s a lot of mainstream media coverage of the Jerry Sandusky trial.  It’s obviously excessive.  What’s the point?  What’s the propaganda goal achieved?

In a high-profile criminal trial, an obviously-guilty criminal is brought to justice by the State.  The fnords are “Only bad guys get accused of crimes.” and “The State always wins.”  With a high-profile trial leading to a conviction, that reinforces the omnipotence of the State. However, with Casey Anthony, the jurors didn’t follow the script and voted “not guilty”; the mainstream media said “The jurors made a mistake!” rather than “There was insufficient evidence.”

Some people did raise warnings about Sandusky, but were ignored, so this trial actually illustrates a failure of the State.  He should have been caught much sooner.

A lot of State resources are wasted on sex offender lists and “sex crime” prosecution.  For every obviously-guilty Sandusky, there’s probably 10-100+ Brian Banks, when people are encouraged to make false accusations.  In some cities, public urination can lead to getting on a “sex offender” list.

The lie is “Every stranger is a pervert who wants to rape you.  Be grateful that the State is there to protect you.”

Also, it’s pointless to send Jerry Sandusky to jail.  As long as there’s no risk of him being a repeat offender, nothing is gained by jailing him.  It would be better for him to work and send the money to his victims.  Instead, State resources are wasted on jailing him; prison worker unions lobby for strict sentencing laws.  Compensation-based justice is better than punishment-based justice.

There’s one hilarious bit.  There’s a Jerry Sandusky biography titled “Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story”, published in 2001.  That is pretty ironic, that he picked “Touched” as the name of his biography.

Another amusing bit is that Sandusky went on “dates” with the victims.  He gradually escalated physical contact.

The Jerry Sandusky trial serves a lot of propaganda goals.  It reinforces the lie “Only guilty people are accused of crimes.  The State always wins.”  It reinforces the excessive “sex offender” laws and “sex offender registries”.  Every stranger is a pervert who wants to rape you, except for the police, who are there to protect you.

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