The Latest Flash Is Buggy – v11.3.300.257 64bit

The latest flash (v11.3.300.257) is buggy.  It’s crashed on me a bunch of times.  When I change the window and return, it doesn’t redraw properly.  Previous flash versions didn’t do that.

That always is frustrating, when an “upgrade” breaks software.

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  1. Adobe has been suiciding flash as fast as possible it seems. Did you know they outsourced the AdvancedDataGrid component? Its 3000 lines of crap :)

    • I don’t follow Flash programming. I decided that HTML5+Javascript is more worth learning. Also, I have to pay $$ for a Flash SDK.

      Flash on phones is a problem. There’s no “mousehover” operation on phones, which is a key to much flash content. Apple banned Flash from the iPhone, due to their “no 3rd party runtimes” rule.

      After dealing with PDFs at my most recent job, I hate Adobe. They wanted to gouge for $30k plus a percentage of sales, to sell software that allowed PDF markup in a browser via Reader.

  2. You are absolutley right as I ma experienced the same issues wiht chewing cpu as well and it has made me realize that similar issues in the past coincided with flash updates. Fortunately the chrome/firefox revisions behind this currently buggy version are a few digits behind which is why in past i have switched in desperation to one of the them whenever this happens. Maybe getting patches out there for the endless security holes in their buggy software leads to issues — i would advice anyone out there not to bother upgrading to this version but wait for the next realease!

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