Reader Mail – 06/10/2012 To 06/16/2012

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Gman commented on "American Ninja Warrior" Review.
I’m sure a lot of people who watch American Ninja Warrior have never seen the Japanese version, like me. I was curious about it when I saw the title show up on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings on my Hopper DVR. Actually, I found a lot of shows I had never seen before by looking on my Hopper. I used to rely on my Dish co-worker to tell me about what he was watching. With PrimeTime I feel like I’m getting more value out of my service, and now American Ninja Warrior is our family’s new favorite quality time activity.

You just barely qualified for the spam cutoff. I almost deleted this.

I am planning a post on the copyright lawsuit, regarding Hopper/Dish and the "skip commercials" feature.

jag0581 commented on Brian Banks, Victim Of A False Rape Accusation.
Unfortunately the girl who made the false accusation never actually lied under oath since he accepted a plea deal. It would have been better for him if he did go to trial because of this came out after a conviction then she could have been tried for perjury, but in this case she could not have been because she never testified under oath. Now I do wonder about the police report, and if she could be charged with filing a false police report, the only thing I might be able to say about that is that she might be able to get off because of statute of limitation. The other thing I wonder is if he could sue for defamation and severe emotional distress, if he can then he might be able to argue that he missed out of millions of dollars because of this.

Actually, lying to police investigators is a crime. That's what sent Martha Stewart to jail.

That's why you *NEVER* talk to the police. If you talk for an hour and say one false thing, then you're going to jail for "lying to a policeman".

However, false rape accusers must be coddled and encouraged, so the woman will probably get away with it.

Anonymous Coward commented on Common Hiring Myth - "Better To Reject A Good Candidate Than Hire A Bad Candidate".
Captain Capitalism's post is indeed good.

I've had many jobs. All ended for some reason.

Three jobs had excessive hours, by which I mean 60+ hours a week. In most of those jobs I was underpaid. Even if I wasn't rewarded for my level competence, I simply wasn't even paid proportionally for the extra hours I worked over other employees. In one job, I spent a large proportion of my time fixing mistakes by other people and working continually into the early hours of the morning to fix emergency problems caused by other people. Despite that I was attacked by the HR woman as performing below standard. Given I was fixing mistakes by other people, surely those people should be below standard, not me!

Robert Ferguson commented on Gary Johnson On The Daily Show.
Are you okay man?

WordPress mangled that post. I'll have to rewrite it.

Robert Ferguson commented on Gary Johnson On The Daily Show.

Ok cool.

Anonymous Coward commented on Record Low Gasoline Prices.
Do you believe that oil is formed from dead animals and plants? Do you ever wonder why oil is found miles underground, so deep it is below any fossils?

Do you believe the Russian abiotic theory which states oil is formed by processes deep inside the Earth? Perhaps methane under high temperatures and with catalysts gets converted into oil and seeps upwards.

Did you know you have artificially create oil from carbon monoxide and hydrogen? See

commented on Record Low Gasoline Prices.

"state comedians" - i like that one.

I heard about that. Allegedly, some depleted oil fields now have oil again, which supports that theory.

"State comedian" is any type of State professional liar. I should update my "FSK Glossary" and FAQ section. I intended to finish those, but never got around to it.

Anonymous Coward commented on North Dakota Voters Considered Repealing Property Tax.
Property tax is the most evil tax of all.

It is even more evil than income tax.

Suppose I work for myself. Only if I make money do I pay tax and it is proportional to my income. If I get no work for a few months, I pay no tax. While I am waiting for sales to ramp up, I will hardly pay any tax.

However if my work does poorly for a few months, I won't be able to afford the property tax and so I will be thrown out of my home. Without a home I don't have anyway to work. If I have to pay high rent to someone else, then it makes it harder to me to be self-employed on a modest salary.


Bob Sala commented on MLB Statistics - Why So Many No-Hitters?.
That's a good point about how a small decrease in overall batting average leads to a significant increase in no hitters, but it then begs the question as to why there has been a decline in overall batting average. I think you touched on it and I think that umpires have expanded the strike zone the past couple of years.

Maybe there's lower batting average because the players stopped taking steroids?

I'm an expert on the Math analysis. I don't know much about baseball.

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