Tiger Woods Ugly Plastic Surgery

I watched a bit of the US Open.  I noticed that Tiger Woods had a lot of plastic surgery.

Most celebrities get plastic surgery.  When you have proper lighting, makeup, and a proper camera angle, the plastic surgery may look decent.

However, in the golf tournament, Tiger Woods was filmed at a non-standard camera angle.  It looked *HORRIBLE* and unnatural.

It’s an amusing logical contradiction.  Professional athletes are not supposed to use steroids.  However, it’s acceptable and encouraged for celebrities to get plastic surgery?  That makes plastic surgery mandatory, if you want a career as a celebrity.

I’m getting better at noticing plastic surgery, especially when a celebrity is filmed from a different camera angle.  It looks hideous.

There was another interesting bit on “Pawn Stars”. There was one episode where a man tried to pawn stuff, claiming he needed the money to buy cocaine. The store managers refused to buy his stuff. Look at that guy’s eyes. His eyes were pretty messed up, a clear indication of a drug addiction.

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