Blogging Pet Peeve – 3rd Party Comment Tools

A lot of blogs use a 3rd party service to store their comments.  Examples are “disqus” or “intelligent debate”.  What’s the point?

I normally use NoScript.  If you use a 3rd party service to store your comments, I can’t read the comments unless I turn off NoScript.

What’s the benefit of using a 3rd party service?  The default WordPress comments are pretty good.

I made a script to generated the “Reader Mail” template.  I can easily do that, because I have access to the WordPress database.  I couldn’t do that if my comments were owned by a 3rd party.

Also, if you use a 3rd party blog comment service, it becomes a PITA if you ever want to change.

You can browse my blog with NoScript turned on, and it’ll be fine.  You do need Javascript enabled to leave a comment, due to the GrowMap anti-spam plugin.  I had a serious comment spam problem before I started using that.

I also have a script from for blog stats.  I don’t mind if you block that.  According to my raw Apache logs, I get ~500 unique IP address per day, but piwik only shows ~150 daily unique visitors.  According to that, 2/3 of my readers are using a script blocker!  (However, I don’t exclude crawl bots from my ~500 IPs per day estimate.  I doubt it’s more than 50/day.)

I get annoyed when blogs use a 3rd party service to store their comments.  Those services aren’t much better than the WordPress default.  When you use a 3rd party comment service, I have to disable NoScript to read the comments.

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  1. Third party comment tools are great for users who comment a lot and want to keep track of their comments as well as replies. Although, your comment system is simple and sufficient too.

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