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goldbug commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
So did you get the job or what? What you even want to work for this Harvard person. he probably has such a Tude.

No, they didn't hire me. That was in October 2011, they said the website would be ready in a month, and it didn't go live until March 2012.

It's a pretty lousy website. It's mostly static html with some forms, which makes the node.js decision seem really silly.

I could have written something better by myself in a few weeks.

I did find another job in November, but it was a mistake and I'm looking again.

Why would I need a chatbox? Comments are sufficient.

I also decided against a forum. If I have a forum, I can get legal liability for things people post.

Jenny commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

You know what..the job wasn't meant to be. There's always a better job out there. My suggestion - start your own business in the meantime. I think the best thing to do is to work for yourself. you have skills - start to get clients and then eventually you won't need to work for someone else. I know it's stressful, but in the long run i think you will be better off. you can do it!

goldbug commented on Open Pandora, PSP, or Android?.
You are lucky that you have the money to buy and test all this stuff. 20% of the population in the U.S. is out of work right now according to economist John Williams of shadow stats.

goldbug commented on Income Tax Mailing Address?.
Yeah and the IRS is just a collections agency for the "elite" banking families. the same families that brought hitler to power.

matt commented on The Latest Flash Is Buggy - v11.3.300.257 64bit.
You are absolutley right as I ma experienced the same issues wiht chewing cpu as well and it has made me realize that similar issues in the past coincided with flash updates. Fortunately the chrome/firefox revisions behind this currently buggy version are a few digits behind which is why in past i have switched in desperation to one of the them whenever this happens. Maybe getting patches out there for the endless security holes in their buggy software leads to issues --- i would advice anyone out there not to bother upgrading to this version but wait for the next realease!

silverbug commented on Gold Outperformed The S&P 500, 1995-2011.
The only reason why gold prices are down is because they are being artificially manipulated down. The elite bankers apparently do not want the average person holding onto their money (gold and silver) so they are pushing it down through futures so that they can scare the people out of buying it. I really think the smart thing to do is to buy silver. i do like gold too. And i think Jim Rogers who worked with soros has insider info. He thinks gold will skyrocket over the decade. i don't care if it's down now. It's good for people who haven't gotten in yet. You can get a better price. I think silver will outperform gold in the long run, but it will probably get much lower then it is today due to price suppression. I am buying when the elites crash it.

Make sure that you buy physical and not paper. Otherwise, you'll get Corzined just like MF Global's customers.

Justin commented on Sandusky Trial Manipulation Tricks.
I think he wouldn't overturn excessive convictions, but he would have to declare a mistrial. He was probably front running that possibility.

It's very hard to win an appeal. There's a legal principle called "harmless error". The appeals court says "The trial judge made a mistake, but the defendant was obviously guilty, so it's a harmless error."

Anonymous Coward commented on Sandusky Trial Manipulation Tricks.

> There’s a legal principle called “harmless error”.

A very long time ago (measured in decades) I once had access to something worth say 50, 000 USD.

It was taken away from me, but just before it was taken away from me, the regulator was unilaterally changed from party A to party B.

I did query this and I was told party A was changed to party B due to a correction of an administrative error. No detail was given how this administrative error was found, why it was found just days after a certain event and no paperwork was provided to back up their claim. I had documentation saying party A was the responsible one.

I went to a lawyer and was told that they were obviously lying, but it wouldn't have made any difference!!!!! As you sue in civil court for money (and nothing else), I had no claim.

But the big question is they obviously changed from party A to party B for a reason. And what reason was that?

A few years later in a discussion with an acquaintance, I was told that I should have sought out a lawyer in a different city as the ones in the city in question were a small group and would never do anything that would create waves.

Once, when I did a rollover from my employer's 401(k) to an IRA, my ex-employer stole $3500 from my account! There wasn't anything I could do about it.

Anonymous Coward commented on Sandusky Trial Manipulation Tricks.

This happened decades ago. I was very shocked at the time. It involved a world famous organization.

All I needed was a lawyer to write them a letter and start asking questions. Who found the administrative error? What documentation did they have to suggest this? Isn't it suspicious that the routine checking for this error happened within days of someone having a motive to take what I had rights to?

It would have caused a s***-storm. But I guess the lawyers knew they would make powerful enemies.

Anonymous Coward commented on FSK Asks - WordPress Update?.
My motivation declines when I think of all the nasty stunts and tricks pulled on me over my working life.

I guess I find it hard to get my head around people that just don't care about other people. They are just users.

Funnily enough twenty users ago, I was told about the "user" person type and I'm only just thinking back to the advice I was given early on. I filed it away, when it should have been at the front of my mind.

Doh-San commented on FSK Asks - WordPress Update?.

Always stay one step behind the bleeding edge of technology until some other poor sucker has used it and found the flaws.

Anonymous Coward commented on FSK Asks - WordPress Update?.

I have a website that makes use of Open Source software and some paid-for web components.

I created the website in 2008 or 2009, so the software it is based on its getting old now and I can see the new releases have a few nicer features.

However the website is also loosely connected to the software I sell - it needs to ping my website on key registration etc.

I am holding off on upgrading my website, until I release a lot more software that actually brings in more money.

What I am doing at the moment, is creating a brand new website with current Open Source software and I will slowly migrate content over time or just use the new website for the brand new software product I am currently writing.

Anonymous Coward commented on Piwik vs. Google Analytics, A Comparison.
I first starting using Google Adwords for advertising in the early days when Click Fraud was quite prevalent on the 3rd party display network i.e. your advert shows up on a third party website instead of Google Search.

I got stung for 300 - 400 USD before I realized what was going on. At the time I was very busy with programming and just wanted to spend some money to get my software out into the real world. Overall it paid off. I now have a successful software product that a lot of major companies and organizations use.

I was a regular custom of Adwords and over the years they must have earned a great deal of money from me.

I asked Google repeatedly to refund the 300 - 400 USD they took from me via click fraud. I told me I had my Apache Logs and it was obvious to me an Indian screensaver website was stealing from me. The software I was selling had nothing to do with Indian screensavers and so my adverts should not have been showing there. In fact there weren't showing there. The whole thing was a scam to take money from my Google Adwords budget. Strangely this Indian Screensaver website gobbled up my whole daily budget within seconds and then for the rest of the day none of my ads were shown.

A university professor was sent to report on Google and Click Fraud. He found that Google's methods to prevent click fraud were simple but they worked. HE ALSO STATED HE DID NOT KNOW WHY GOOGLE TOOK SO LONG TO FIX THE CLICK FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous Coward commented on Piwik vs. Google Analytics, A Comparison.

Google partners with the Indian company InfoSpace to display adverts.


Conversely, I was banned from AdSense due to "click fraud". I didn't do anything dishonest. Why didn't Google just remove the invalid clicks, rather than completely ban me?

Interestingly, Google bans people just before they reach $100 and qualify for a payout. In effect, I ran Google's ads for 3 months for free.

I wonder if I had good ad clickthrough rates, because I have a real blog and not a spam made-for-adsense blog?

I'm evaluating other ad alternatives for this blog. I'd like to make $20/month to cover the Linode hosting costs.

Anonymous Coward commented on Piwik vs. Google Analytics, A Comparison.

Google has become a clown house.

Google purchased the Android operating system from another company.

Google purchased streetview software from another company.

Their Chrome web browser is based on the OpenSource HTML renderer Konqueror which released a long time before they picked it up.

Anonymous Coward commented on Piwik vs. Google Analytics, A Comparison.

> I didn’t do anything dishonest.

I would have thought FSK would have got it yet.

That is why the evil clowns do not like you. You are not one of them. You do not cheat and lie. They hate you for this.

Regarding Google AdSense, it was some anonymous script calling me a cheater. I couldn't even appeal to a person.

I'm looking at other ad options. According to my raw Apache logs, I get ~500 unique IPs per day. According to Piwik, it's only 150, which means that 2/3 of my readers block scripts and ads.

I am aware that it's a handicap, to be honest and intelligent.

Anonymous Coward commented on Piwik vs. Google Analytics, A Comparison.

Perhaps you could call yourself a minority as based on honesty and intelligence and come to the United Kingdom.

The stupid Zanu Nu Labour Party over here wanted to make it law that if two applicants apply for the same job, the minority applicatnt should get the job, if there is not much to choose between the applicants.

They want to make positive discrimination legal and anything other than positive discrimination illegal.

Anonymous Coward commented on Piwik vs. Google Analytics, A Comparison.

> I’d like to make $20/month to cover the Linode hosting costs.

I pay about $5 - 7 USD per month for my hosting. It is on a shared webserver and has PHP, MySQL and automatic installation of Open Source blogs, forums, content management software...

I have quite large software downloads and large numbers of visitors and nobody has complained about low speeds yet. I do have a static IP though and that costs more. Not sure whether I need a static IP though.

Linode is a little better than shared hosting. I get my own virtual Linux host with the root password.

I looked at the cheaper options, but decided Linode was nicer.

It also matters if I ever want to do anything more complicated than blog+PHP. I could run custom C/C++ on my server, but the shared hosts don't allow that.

"Discrimination" literally means "deciding".

Anonymous Coward commented on Another Common Hiring Fallacy - "You're Overqualified".
I'm a software developer and I sell my own software.

Years ago, around the time sales were slowly picking up, I did go for job interviews.

I was routinely insulted by potential employers. It was either a total lack of technical questions or going the other way i.e. excessive questions spread over 3 different days. Or having to wake up at 5am to make the interview and then having to answer programming questions solidly from 10 am to 6 pm. Or simply to get every question correct and then having the manager lie about me getting the very last question he asked me incorrect.

On the flip-side my software business was picking up and at its peak selling 35 copies a day. If course a site-license was sold, then obviously that daily figure would be greatly increased.

So what am I?

A complete failure that can't get a job. An incompetent employee that all employers think is useless.

Or a competent software developer that can develop a loved software application that sells almost every day and at its peak was selling many, many copies per day almost every day for years non-stop.

Robert Ferguson commented on Another Common Hiring Fallacy - "You're Overqualified".

Why don't you just go down to the county courthouse, get a business license, go down to the FedEx store and get some business cards printed for like ten bucks, launch a website which I know you have the expertise to do, then find a way to market yourself. Then go work as an independent contractor. Boom, your own business. I know it's hard but you can at least try. Anything's better than just talking about it.

You still need clients. It's one thing to have a website. It's another to have a consulting business.

If you want consulting contracts, the best way to do it is via Dice/Monster/Craigslist, which I'm already doing.

I have this website. If I put ads on my website, that isn't even going to cover my hosting costs.

Robert Ferguson commented on Another Common Hiring Fallacy - "You're Overqualified".

Then it sounds like you need a little money to hire your self a sales rep. Pay some 25 year old attractive, well spoken woman to go down to some tech and business conferences and get your card out there.

Does that actually work? Does it make sense for me to pay $$ for a sales rep when I'm not earning that much myself?

A consulting business isn't really a proper business, because you're dependent on clients at big corporations. You're still limited by how much you can bill hourly. Once you start hiring other people, that adds another layer of complexity.

I don't have the contacts to start a consulting business. If I did, I'd already have my next job.

Anonymous Coward commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.
Some people are more responsible than others.

Anonymous Coward commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

If you were blind, you would have no sin. As you see, your sin remains.

Robert Ferguson commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

I could not agree with you more. When I see parents with buttons an stickers that reference their children's military service, I only hope that they never get injured. Who has the heart to tell them if they did get hurt or killed, that was for absolutely no good reason at all. It's offensive that sports events have te obligatory military parade, staff seargent whomever and his family.

Anomymous Coward commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

I do agree with FSK's sentiments.

But consider. When a politician supports the war, it is a fair bet he/she will not be serving and neither will be his sons and daughters or any of the family.

When an ordinary person signs up, he at least will be risking his own life and limb. For all the other failings at least courage is shown.

Politicians are cowardly scum that send other peoples' sons off to get killed and maimed, but are at no risk themselves. These people have the greater share of the sin.

If nobody followed the orders of the sick clowns, then no evil would be done.

Anomymous Coward commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

One last thing.

If a sick government clown orders you to kill, his order is no more valid than that of manager of a hamburger restaurant.

The only correct response when a government thug asks you to kill is:

"I will not kill. You cannot make me do a thing. You can have my dead body, but that is all you will get."

It isn't always wrong to kill. It's acceptable to use violence to stop real crime.

Unfortunately, most things police do isn't about stopping real crime. It's about enforcing rules that a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats invented.

Angry Black Abobo commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

Bravo, FSK. One of your best blog posts in a long while.

Captain Capitalism is a fairly bright guy. Unfortunately, his analysis is too often half-baked. This is typically the case with people who are only partially awake or labor under the delusion that we live under a legitimate system that has only recently gone bad when the real truth is that we have always lived under an illegitimate system (U.S. CONstitution) that was always bad.

I have no idea which posts will be great, and which are failures. It's only loosely correlated to my expectations. I can only judge by comments, links, and # of pageviews. Sometimes, I think a post will be awesome, and nobody is interested. Sometimes, I think I'm restating something obvious, and a lot of people like it.

If you think a post is really good, link to it elsewhere!

I am very offended that Captain Capitalism censored my comments. He still falls for the lie "All soldiers are heroes, even when their bosses are evil."

A government that respected the Constitution would be better than the one we have now. The correct answer is "The Constitution is not a valid contract. I don't consent to the Constitution. I don't agree that I'm the property of politicians and insiders, based solely on where I was born." Either the Constitution authorizes the current disaster, or it was powerless to prevent it. Either way, the Constitution is a proven failure. The correct answer is "market anarchism".

Insiders and banksters were profiting from the Constitution, before the ink was dry. Alexander Hamilton and his bankster friends bought up revolutionary war bonds at pennies on the dollar. The new Federal government assumed the obligation to repay these bonds, and had the taxation power to do it. The original purpose of the Constitution was for bankers and insiders to steal. It contained a lot of checks and balances, as a concession to the Anti-Federalists. They knew that once a government monopoly is in place, its power only grows over time.

Angry Black Abobo commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

I have a request for a topic I'd like you to cover:

Property taxes

In one of your old blog posts, probably on the Guide to Reality, you referred to any kind of property tax as a sort of "transferable lease", if I am not mistaken. That if a person has to pay a tax to use or possess his own property, then he doesn't really own it. At that point he is only renting it. You referenced this concept more than once in a few of your other posts as well.

When you get a chance, would you expand on this concept a little more? I think it might prove useful in getting people to think more critically about the system they live under and what it implies.

I already discussed this topic recently. North Dakota voters considered repealing property tax, but the law didn't pass.

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