4th Of July Real Meaning

It is offensive, the way that the mainstream media uses “Independence Day” to celebrate soldiers and the military-industrial complex.

The real point of the holiday is “When the abuses of government are too great, people should get rid of it and try something else.”

State comedians will never say “If you don’t like the way the government treats you, and the abuses are great, then you have the right to revolt and pick a better form of government.”  They say “This is the best form of government that’s ever been tried.”, ignoring ever-increasing corruption.

The correct answer for “What form of government is best?” is market anarchism.  Most people would disagree with reflexive hostility, even though they’d never heard an intelligent description of market anarchism and a truly free society.

However, violent revolt is pointless.  The police have you outnumbered.  The State specializes in violence, and a violent revolt is something they can easily handle.  Even if you did try to organize 100+ people who are severely disgruntled, you can be sure that you also would get undercover cops joining your efforts.

Agorism is the best strategy for achieving greater freedom.  However, even that is risky, because police spent a lot of effort cracking down on people who want greater freedom.

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