“Best Of FSK” v1.0 Implemented!

After much delay, I finally wrote version 1.0 of my “Best Of FSK” statistics page.

I really was way too lazy.  According to Piwik and my raw apache logs, that’s one of my most popular pages!

I definitely feel my motivation increasing.  I’m more interested in implementing stuff for my blog.  I wonder if I did get partially burned out, after my recent lousy job?

I still have some more stuff to do, implementing the monthly version.  The current version shows an obvious bias towards older posts.

I’m also investigating ad options.  According to my raw Apache logs, I get ~500 unique IPs per day.  According to Piwik, I’m getting ~150.  I conclude that 2/3 of you are running NoScript.  Most ot the less-sucky ad options have a minimum of 10k or 50k or 100k pageviews per month.

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  1. Quick technical question. You seem to get a lot of traffic on your blog, which is a good thing. Did you do anything special to attract an audience or did they just find you a bit at a time? For someone thinking of starting their own page, do you have any tips on how to attract readers? Thanks in advance.

    • According to piwik, I have around ~150 regular readers. According to my raw Apache logs, I have ~500 regular readers. I conclude that 2/3 of my readers use NoScript.

      That matters because, if I want to put up ads, it’s the 150 figure that matters and not 500.

      It also means I’m not getting a fair rating in Alexa. Most of my regular readers aren’t so stupid to install the Alexa tracking/spying widget. You can game the Alexa rank by installing the widget and browsing your own website! Some scammers will browse your website for you with Alexa installed, inflating your rating!

      In the “Best of FSK” script, I didn’t make any effort to filter out bots. However, I do discard duplicate visits from the same IP address. I figure that bots should crawl each page equally, so the overall “Best Of FSK” stats are still correct.

      Back to the original question, here’s what I’ve been doing for traffic growth.

      I try to have one post per day. That helps for consistency. One rule is “volume leads to quantity”. The more posts I have, the better my writing gets. Also, “posts that are popular” is only loosely correlated with my expectations.

      The more posts you have, the more you match Google searches. I’m not going to rank for “Federal Reserve”. I can rank for “Federal Reserve sucks”, “node.js sucks”, “Rails sucks”, or various long-tail searches.

      When I contribute to other forums, I try to provide links to my blog, when appropriate. However, if I’m censored by a moderator, I stop contributing to that website.

      I also put my blog in my signature, when I contribute to other websites.

      I don’t worry about scammers copying my stuff. Google is getting good at penalizing spam blogs.

      Some blogs pollute their site with “Share on FaceBook/Twitter/Reddit/Digg/etc!” widgets. Those are ugly and disgusting. If you want to share my blog on one of those sites, go ahead, but you’ll have to cut+paste the link.

      Once you have 100+ regular readers, you don’t need to put as much effort into promotion. When I write a good post, other people will share it and link to it. After awhile “other people mentioning my blog” leads to more new readers than “I promote my own blog”.

      Also, some of the “long tail” Google searches get converted into regular readers. With piwik, it’s *MUCH EASIER* to determine this than with Google Analytics. I may add some custom PHP that polls the Piwik database.

      It’s been pretty gradual growth. Hopefully, I got to keep my regular readers when I moved from fskrealityguide.blogspot.com. I am getting growth of 1%-2% per month.

      However, growth of 1% isn’t as awesome as it sounds. If I grow from 200 readers to 202 readers, that’s 1% growth, but it’s 1% on top of a small number. If a mainstream media source grew its audience by 1% per month, that would be *AWESOME*, but I’m growing 1% off a smaller base.

      When I get “Slashdotted”, that usually leads to a spike and also a growth in my regular readers. For example, I was Slashdotted by Dave Winer, and my regular readers jumped by ~100-200 around that time. “Slashdotting” occurs when a more popular blogger links to me. In that case, the Dave Winer traffic overwhelmed my Linode. I made some configuration tweaks, and if it happens again, I’ll tweak some more or upgrade to the $30/month Linode instead of $20/month.

      The main point is to keep blogging and improving. When I first started researching agorism, I read other blogs, and some of those other blogs disappeared! Other bloggers are interesting, but hard to follow. Kevin Carson has some neat ideas, but he’s a tough read, and I’m looking for more advanced material. Stefan Molyneux has some nice ideas, but he’ll make a 2 hour video to explain something that should take 5 minutes, and he’s also more about beginner-level freedom.

      I’m also getting better at domain name picking. “Fskrealityguide” was interesting, but tough to remember. “Realfreemarket” should be easy to remember.

      The next main expansion I’m considering is vlogging or “promote freedom via comedy”. Unfortunately, that has to wait awhile.

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