Psychopath Lying Tell – Heavy Blinking – Bill Erpenbeck And Ruth Madoff

I noticed a tell that some psychopaths give, when they are lying.  They start blinking a lot.

“Blinking implies lying” is such an obvious tell.  Do police know about it, but don’t disclose that?  It would be nice if the announcer said “The speaker is blinking a lot.  That’s an indication of lying.”

I watched the “American Greed” episode on Bill Erpenbeck.  At the end, he had a videotaped interview from prison with a reporter.  He was saying how he was sorry and he made a mistake.  He was heavily blinking.

While he was in prison, the prison social workers taught him what he’s supposed to say.  However, it wasn’t a mistake.  He is evil and he did it on purpose.  He was saying it was merely a mistake, because he wanted sympathy.  He was blinking, because he knew it was a lie.  He kept turning in all his friends, hoping for a shorter sentence.  He knows that if he says the right things, that increases his chance for a shorter sentence.

Anyone who runs a Ponzi scam is an idiot, in the logical sense.  The laws of arithmetic guarantee that every Ponzi ends badly.  If you run a Ponzi scam, you have very high emotional intelligence and low/medium logical intelligence.  If you run a Ponzi scam, that requires a high degree of sophistication and emotional manipulation.  They all are doing it on purpose, even though they want you to believe otherwise.  Even though a Ponzi scam ultimately fails, a skilled pyschopath can evade detection for years or decades, living in luxury in the meantime!

I watched Ruth Madoff, Bernard Madoff’s wife, on “60 Minutes”.  The interviewer asked her “Is there any money hidden somewhere?”  She replied “No.  I have no money hidden.  I wish I did, but I don’t.”  She was blinking heavily.  I could tell she was lying.

Bernard Madoff owned a lot of jewelry.  After he confessed his scam, he mailed a lot of that jewelry.  Police don’t know who got it. You can be sure that some of that money wound up with Ruth Madoff, or someone who’s secretly paying her expenses.

State insiders know that gold is a best investment!  Always keep a gold stash!  If there’s serious problems, the gold can disappear!

Bernard Madoff ran the world’s biggest Ponzi scam.  He kept some of his stolen stash in gold.  Bernard Madoff endorses gold as an investment!

However, some world class liars don’t blink when they lie, so this isn’t an absolute tell.  For example, when a “journalist” lies, his eyes don’t blink.  The “journalist” is merely reading from the teleprompter without thinking.  If it’s not a world class liar, or it’s under duress, you’ll probably see the blinking tell.

You can sometimes tell when someone is lying, because they’re blinking a lot.  It isn’t an absolute tell, but it’s an indication.  I noticed it with Bill Erpenbeck on American Greed. I noticed it with Ruth Madoff on her “60 Minutes” interview.  Also, Bill Erpenbeck was sticking with the usual psychopath excuse “I’m stupid.  It was a mistake.” rather than “I’m an evil person who did it on purpose.”  Never let someone evil trick you into believing that they’re merely stupid and incompetent.

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  1. Robert Ferguson July 6, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    I used to enjoy the tv show “The West Wing”, created and largely written by Aaron Sorkin. He also wrote the script for the movie with Michael Douglas called “The American President”. His themes tug at the heart strings about doing “good” and all the goody-do-gooder “liberal” stuff like caring for the poor and all that. The thing is some liberals, like other people of whatever tag political persuasion one might have actually mean well, but I found it very interesting watching Sorkin on CNN last week. You made an observation last year about David Axelrod, chief Obama advisor, when he was on “The Daily Show” with John Stewart and about the patterns of speech indicative of a mentally disturbed person, which is very well documented. Like Axelrod, Sorkin was obscene with the “uh uh uh uh, um um um um, and ya know ah ah, um and, ah the thing is, uh, uhh, um, uh uh uh….”. And this guy is touted as an intellectual genius!! Like Chomsky, Sorkin is an approved gatekeeper of the Left, touching on themes of liberty but like all priests of the State, like Krugman as well, inexorably making the strong case that more State intervention is the solution to cure humanity’s ills. I thought that was very interesting that a top advisor “liberal” David Axelrod literally has the same mentally disturbed speech pattern as a counterpart “Media Agent”.

  2. Hey FSK, OT but my family made me watch “The Patriot” for the 4th… dear god, worst movie ever. Have you ever seen it?

    • No, I never saw “The Patriot”.

      That “uh uh uh” speech pattern is also a strong psychopath indication. The speaker’s brain is literally skipping as he talks. The “uh uh uh” comes from the fact that the speaker is being really careful to make sure that he doesn’t say anything “politically incorrect”. When you’re a high-ranking State liar, one wrong truthful word, and your career is over.

  3. Anonymous Coward July 6, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    > You can sometimes tell when someone is lying, because they’re blinking a lot.

    You can tell when a politician is lying – his mouth moves!

  4. Angry Black Abobo July 6, 2012 at 9:16 pm


    The largest Ponzi scheme in the world wasn’t operated by Bernie Madoff, it’s operated by the U.S. government and is known as “Social Security” (AKA, retirement extortion).

    Ol’ Bernie was just copying the government’s lead.

    • Social Security is a Ponzi scam.

      However, the biggest scam is the Federal Reserve. That is closely related to the income tax, also a scam. If you pay a % tax on your labor, you’re actually a partial slave.

  5. Anonymous Coward July 7, 2012 at 6:56 am

    Doing work should always be a GOOD thing.

    Due to high taxation and high rents, work can now be a very bad thing.

    There are women in the UK thrown into jail for claiming housing benefit to pay their HUGE RENTS, but taking on irregular, part-time work i.e. 200 – 600 pounds a month and sometimes no money at all. They would have been better off doing no work at all. But then society suffers when more people don’t do work.

    The real scandal is that if you do part-time work and don’t know the rules, you are thrown into jail.

    But if you are part of a huge scam and know the rules and get free lawyers on Legal Aid (government support for lawyers), then you can go to tribunals to get increases into your benefits and end up in total being paid 60, 000 pounds a year in benefits.

    So the scam merchants with their free lawyers get 60, 000 pounds for the government in welfare benefits.

    But the “honest” people that don’t have free lawyers and struggle to get by, end up in jail for part-time, low-paid work.

    Our government is effectively saying working can be done.

    • That is one problem with welfare. If you start working, you lose your welfare benefit. If a welfare recipient starts working, his effective marginal taxation rate can go over 100%, when you include lost welfare benefits.

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