FSK Asks – Advertising Options?

I’m considering putting ads back on my blog.  I’m evaluating options.

I was unfairly banned from AdSense.  I was falsel accused of click fraud.  AdBrite rejected my new blog, because I put the ads up when I first started it.  I decided to evaluate other options, before asking AdBrite to reconsider me.

My eCPM from AdBride was $0.50, so that’s the benchmark for alternatives.

Most of the better options require 10k or 50k or more pageviews per month.  According to my raw Apache logs, I get 10k+/month, but according to Pikiw it’s only 4k-5k per month.  The latter figure is the one that matters for ads.

I considered Project Wonderful, but that requires a PayPal account.  Also, the eCPM for similar sites was much less than $0.50.

I already considered textlinkads.  I had their code up for a couple months without selling an ad, and then removed it.   They did sell one link after I removed their widget, but it was a spammer.

Based on my analysis, ValueClick and ContextWeb are the finalists.  I’m leaning towards ValueClick.

On the other hand, I’d only make a couple dollars per month, so maybe I shouldn’t bother at all until I get more traffic.

What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous Coward July 7, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    At a couple of dollars a month, I wouldn’t bother.

    Plus you might have to declare the income as tax.

    It just isn’t worth it.

    • I could deduct my Linode expense, $20/month, so it’d be zero actual income.

      My goal is to cover my hosting costs.

      With an eCPM of $0.50, I’d need 40k pageviews/month, to cover my Linode cost. I’m only 1/8 there.

  2. Anonymous Coward July 7, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    In the good, ol’ United Kingdom our clown Prime Minister David Cam-Moron (with only 20% of people voting for him) attacked the comedian Jimmy Carr about using schemes to avoid tax.

    The Chancellor George Osborne said it was immoral to avoid tax.

    Guess what?

    Cam-Moron’s father had a business moving money off-shore for clients.

    Osborne’s family use trusts to avoid inheritance tax.

    Is this some kind of sick joke?

    Our government use schemes to avoid tax and then they attack comedians for using schemes to avoid tax.

    Are they having some kind of sick joke?

  3. Maybe if you get an LLC for a business tax id you can get another google adsense account. Although you will need a new ip address. and change your whois on your domain name to look like you are a new owner. it’s worth a shot. although a business license is expensive.

    • That isn’t worth it for $20/month. I’d rather investigate Google alternatives.

      Besides, if I did get another AdSense account, I could get banned again just before I earn $100.

  4. At a few $ a month I wouldn’t bother either you will just pollute the blog with ads that the kind of readers of this blog don’t care about anyway ;) So unless you are getting a high CPM, then you may not get enough clicks to reach your 20$/mnth target.

    • That’s my biggest complaint with the ads, both from AdSense and AdBrite. They were mostly spammy/scammy, and not serious ads.

  5. Anonymous Coward July 8, 2012 at 9:12 am

    I’m sure FSK would choke on the LLC idea as he/she believes they promote irresponsibility by protecting the owners from the effects of their actions!

    Anyway LLCs do require State filings at some level and they will take up time and cost money. Even at the cheapest level they will consume hundreds of dollars a year either in time and money.

    • Also, an LLC does not protect a small business owner. When there’s a lawsuit involving a small business, the owners are usually also named as defendants.

  6. FSK instead of ads write a book. Advertise it on your blog and turn your readers into a market. I think $10 is a good target for price imo.

    • Selling 100 copies for $10 each still isn’t that much money.

      Do you advise 100% self-publishing? Do you advise using Kindle or one of the other e-book services?

      I agree that it’s better to use my blog to leverage other business opportunities, rather than profiting via ads. That isn’t easy.

  7. Yeah, and it would be a miracle if you could sell 100 copies of any book, especially for ten bucks a piece. The publishing industry has been taken over by self-publishers, which is good, but now everyone thinks they are an author and the self-publishing market is flooded with junk and it would be a miracle if anyone ever even noticed your book was there, let alone bought one.

    • The idea was that, if each of my regular readers bought one copy, that would be 100+ sure sales.

      I’m not interested in hiding my content behind paywalls. Equivalently, I could just upload a PDF and solicit donations. If I use Kindle, I pay a fee to a middleman. If I directly sell or solicit donations, I keep 100% (minus taxes).

      That would be really offensive. For each $10 sold, the State gets $5+ via taxes!

  8. Since you already have an audience, your best bet is to keep plugging away at this and add a Paypal Donation button. Also, you can write PDF books and email them to anyone who donates a certain amount or higher.

    • Penny Arcade is switching from ads back to donations. They’re having a Kickstarter campaign.

      Why use Kickstarter and pay a fee, rather than solicit donations directly yourself? If you’re famous enough to successfully raise money via Kickstarter, why not ask fans to pay you directly?

      Penny Arcade has some advantages. They were one of the first webcomics, which gives them an advantage. They’ve been doing it for a long time, which is an advantage.

      Here’s an interesting link on self-publishing options. That post recommended Hyperink, specifically aimed at someone trying to turn a blog into a book. However, that site was ugly. The modern trend is to stuff a website with too much whitespace. I didn’t see how Hyperink is better than me using Open Office to write a pdf. If they take a cut of 50%, I don’t see the benefit compared to just putting up the pdf up my website, or dealing directly with Amazon or iTunes.

      Amazon Createspace seems to be the best option. That minimizes 3rd party fees. Createspace also offers a non-exclusive contract.

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