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Node.js? Really? - BTLee Technical Solutions commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
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No one in particular commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

FSK: in a nice ironic twist that site has since been rewritten in Rails.

Which site?

The one from that interview? It may have been rewritten in Rails. That's what their github profile says. They still have a lousy website and a stupid business plan.

"Ironic" would be rewriting it in something that doesn't suck.

I looked it up in Alexa. My blog has a higher "USA traffic rank" than that website! HAHAHA! I have more regular readers than that flaky startup ever will.

Brad commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

I hate going on interviews. If the interviewers were really annoying i would just walk out in the middle of the interview and say see ya! I think being self employed is the best option.

Anonymous Coward commented on North Dakota Voters Considered Repealing Property Tax.
So the vote passed 75%:25%.

Perhaps 25% are in the real, productive economy. 25% are unemployed. 50% are on government welfare on some kind or in government jobs or are dependent on government violence such as lawyers.

Anonymous Coward commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.
> If you’re stupid enough to enlist as a soldier, then you deserve all the bad things

> that happen to you.

The Army likes young people to join. I do have some sympathy. When you are in your twenties you are a bit clueless. When you reach your thirties, forties and fifties you are a lot more clued up.

If you are stupid, then you don't deserve bad things. If you are evil, like hurting people or do it for fun, then I have less sympathy.

Where do you draw the line between stupid and evil on purpose?

An evil person will try to make you believe that he's stupid and incompetent, rather than doing it on purpose.

It makes no difference if you hurt someone on purpose, or because you're so stupid you don't know any better. Either way, the results are the same.

I did say that I'm somewhat sympathetic to soldiers and police who were tricked. However, everyone is individually responsible for what they do.

Anonymous Coward commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

I did some business with a clown many years ago. He used to work for a very infamous organization that is known across the world for using trickery to make great profits.

Throughout the time I knew this clown, I could never work out whether he was stupid or incompetent. I thought he was stupid as I couldn't believe anyone could be evil.

Your blog has helped me confirm it is their plan to make you think they are stupid, when they are really tricking you.

I actually thought at the time I should make allowances for their ignorance, but they were all the time just trying to screw money out of me.

commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

You keep telling it like it is, FSK. I'm glad someone finally had the guts to say what many of us have been thinking about the troops. All pro state trolls, including capitain communist or whatever his name is, can go to hell!

I was expecting quite a few hostile comments on this post.

It's disturbing when all the comments agree with me. I'm surprised there were no comments like on the node.js post, where people call me an idiot for questioning the hype.

This post doesn't rank in Google, so the only people who read it are my regular readers. Maybe that's the reason for no hostile comments.

Dan commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

Hire your own private military? Well that will cost you, matter of fact, the security corporations are the ones tax payers have had to pay big time. Not the soldiers, they are paid very little when deployed, most will make less than 30k while deployed. FOR MONEY? How about adventure? Or experience, or about being a part of something bigger than yourself? Look at Ernest Hemmingway, Oliver Stone, or if you ever read up, most the countries greatest leaders were Veterans. Who the hell do you think brought about our INTERSTATE HIGHWAY??? President IKE!!! How do you think we protect our free trade system or how do you think our country manages to have good deals on produce and oil and everything you can think of. It took hundreds of years of sacrifice by the military. With little reward, only since 2009 have Veterans been awarded the benefits they deserve properly. Do you think if we had a weak ass military who did not follow orders we would have the influence in trade that we do? Or the same opportunities in the world?? Do you? No doubt the modern day wars have been filled with multiple agendas and corruption, that has been since the beginning of civilization. Soldiers would never follow orders to hurt their own people I can tell you that much, it goes against the OATH. And it is not about following orders. As the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, I sure as hell hope your not stupid enough to think that we can all privately pay for a military, now that is ignorant. Doesn't matter whether a war is right or wrong, there always has to be someone there to do a job that most people cannot handle or won't subject themselves to, because they are too proud and smug to do so and think everyone in the military is stupid and they are too smart and special for the service.

As I stated, it does not matter whether a war is right or wrong, you voted, you have more freedom of speech than any soldier, you elect politicians and they make the call, the same blood is on your hands when you go to walmart, or you pump the gas that goes into your car. If your an American then the American military is your team, your defender, whether your cause is just or not is not up to them. They are people who joined a very tough machine who represent their country. No it's not perfect, and don't expect anyone in any organization to be perfect, but it is ours and so that is why with honor as a country we take care of our Veterans!!! Even if a war is wrong at least most of these assholes are scum anyway, they destroyed their cultures and societies even before we arrived. And in any war civilians get hurt. You all sound like you need to read up, cause if anything none of you can even come close to the knowledge of this combat vet. I have the humility to understand that I don't know everything and I cannot ever assume anything. As far as war goes, some of the greatest men ever alive have been in war. It brings out the very best in humanity and the very worst at the same time, it has to be the one thing that causes people to dig deep inside themselves so much so that they find the beautiful and yet ugly truth of the world. An empty stomach has no ears, but a soldiers empty stomach has no choice but to have his ears in the face of battle, they learn to be more human than the average panicking person in the midst of chaos. The least this country can do is provide them healthcare and pay for their school no matter what you may think it is a sacrifice for America, have some respect. Get your heads out of your asses!!!

Now I feel better, that someone made a stupid pro-State trolling hostile response. Wall of text is never convincing.

If you are an ex-soldier, you risked your life for nothing. I never asked you to do it.

Even if a soldier does have skill and ability, it's wasted. If you have ability, and use it for evil purposes, that does not deserve respect.

I question that soldiers are the "best and brightest". They might actually be the "stupidest and poorest". Is a soldier a hero? Is a soldier someone who will murder you, urinate on your corpse, and keep one of your fingers as a souvenir?

Also, I don't need a military base in every foreign country. I'm only willing to pay for defense, and not occupying other countries.

Most military spending is pork and waste and corporate welfare.

The evil leaders would have no power, if not for fools who blindly obey orders while thinking they're heroes. Soldiers don't deserve respect. "I was just following orders!" is not an excuse when you commit a crime.

Dan commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

You're a worthless piece of garbage. It's not a crime to kill people who are shooting at you. You present not a single fact or historical example, just a bunch of "generalizations". And as far as defense goes, your sorry ass kind of thinking would destroy the entire country.

I am not talking about occupying other countries. Always there will be someone there to follow orders. That goes in any military in the history of the world. It is a service in which you give up your civil liberties in many ways. All you do is sit there and cry, war is bad, crimes, and piss and moan. No facts, no logic, nothing of significance.

All soldiers are poor and stupid? Ha who raised you? Your parents must really suck at life. Are you even from America, you don't sound like it..."The evil leaders". I agree that they suck. But listen well you ignorant child, no American soldier is going to kill you and piss on you. If you want to get facts straight most countries in the middle east will do that, and they won't just kill you and then piss on you, they will saw your head off slowly on camera and let your family see it on the internet. Just sitting there and bad mouthing your own military period in most countries will get you killed, pissed on, or deported. Think there was not a military in 1776? Or in WW2? And most people did volunteer.

Take a good look at the ones you call victims, I don't think anyone will miss scum bags who treat prisoners like this. Just sit and watch that link. And if you think that kind of evil can't touch America without the armed forces then you must not even be from here. We have assholes just at our border just like that, go see how great your bullshit flies there. You clearly have not an ounce of humility do you? You must be some kind of Pakistani Exchange student or something, sucking off a the American tit and talking out the side of your mouth.

Why are other people shooting at US soldiers? Is it because they're evil and stupid? From their point of view, the US soldiers are the evil ones, occupying their homes.

Actually, if I refuse to pay tribute/taxes to my owners, people with guns will come to kidnap/kill me. The soldiers are there to enslave me, more than to protect me.

The country is being ruined, but not by people like me. It's being ruined by people like you, or more precisely, the leaders you obey without questioning them.

In most countries, I'd wind up in a prison camp for writing a blog like this. That does not excuse the abuses that occur in the USA. "We abuse you less than other people!" does not excuse the abuses that occur.

You are the one arguing with emotion, while I am arguing with logic.

The reason you are upset is because I'm pointing out a truth that contradicts your brainwashing.

Anonymous Coward commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

Occupations can be self-fueling. The natives don't like them, so resist. The occupiers don't like resistance and so defend themselves. A lot of positive feedback and, if not careful, will go on for years.

Saurabh commented on Blogging Pet Peeve - 3rd Party Comment Tools.
Third party comment tools are great for users who comment a lot and want to keep track of their comments as well as replies. Although, your comment system is simple and sufficient too.

commented on "Best Of FSK" v1.0 Implemented!.
Quick technical question. You seem to get a lot of traffic on your blog, which is a good thing. Did you do anything special to attract an audience or did they just find you a bit at a time? For someone thinking of starting their own page, do you have any tips on how to attract readers? Thanks in advance.

According to piwik, I have around ~150 regular readers. According to my raw Apache logs, I have ~500 regular readers. I conclude that 2/3 of my readers use NoScript.

That matters because, if I want to put up ads, it's the 150 figure that matters and not 500.

It also means I'm not getting a fair rating in Alexa. Most of my regular readers aren't so stupid to install the Alexa tracking/spying widget. You can game the Alexa rank by installing the widget and browsing your own website! Some scammers will browse your website for you with Alexa installed, inflating your rating!

In the "Best of FSK" script, I didn't make any effort to filter out bots. However, I do discard duplicate visits from the same IP address. I figure that bots should crawl each page equally, so the overall "Best Of FSK" stats are still correct.

Back to the original question, here's what I've been doing for traffic growth.

I try to have one post per day. That helps for consistency. One rule is "volume leads to quantity". The more posts I have, the better my writing gets. Also, "posts that are popular" is only loosely correlated with my expectations.

The more posts you have, the more you match Google searches. I'm not going to rank for "Federal Reserve". I can rank for "Federal Reserve sucks", "node.js sucks", "Rails sucks", or various long-tail searches.

When I contribute to other forums, I try to provide links to my blog, when appropriate. However, if I'm censored by a moderator, I stop contributing to that website.

I also put my blog in my signature, when I contribute to other websites.

I don't worry about scammers copying my stuff. Google is getting good at penalizing spam blogs.

Some blogs pollute their site with "Share on FaceBook/Twitter/Reddit/Digg/etc!" widgets. Those are ugly and disgusting. If you want to share my blog on one of those sites, go ahead, but you'll have to cut+paste the link.

Once you have 100+ regular readers, you don't need to put as much effort into promotion. When I write a good post, other people will share it and link to it. After awhile "other people mentioning my blog" leads to more new readers than "I promote my own blog".

Also, some of the "long tail" Google searches get converted into regular readers. With piwik, it's *MUCH EASIER* to determine this than with Google Analytics. I may add some custom PHP that polls the Piwik database.

It's been pretty gradual growth. Hopefully, I got to keep my regular readers when I moved from I am getting growth of 1%-2% per month.

However, growth of 1% isn't as awesome as it sounds. If I grow from 200 readers to 202 readers, that's 1% growth, but it's 1% on top of a small number. If a mainstream media source grew its audience by 1% per month, that would be *AWESOME*, but I'm growing 1% off a smaller base.

When I get "Slashdotted", that usually leads to a spike and also a growth in my regular readers. For example, I was Slashdotted by Dave Winer, and my regular readers jumped by ~100-200 around that time. "Slashdotting" occurs when a more popular blogger links to me. In that case, the Dave Winer traffic overwhelmed my Linode. I made some configuration tweaks, and if it happens again, I'll tweak some more or upgrade to the $30/month Linode instead of $20/month.

The main point is to keep blogging and improving. When I first started researching agorism, I read other blogs, and some of those other blogs disappeared! Other bloggers are interesting, but hard to follow. Kevin Carson has some neat ideas, but he's a tough read, and I'm looking for more advanced material. Stefan Molyneux has some nice ideas, but he'll make a 2 hour video to explain something that should take 5 minutes, and he's also more about beginner-level freedom.

I'm also getting better at domain name picking. "Fskrealityguide" was interesting, but tough to remember. "Realfreemarket" should be easy to remember.

The next main expansion I'm considering is vlogging or "promote freedom via comedy". Unfortunately, that has to wait awhile.

CD commented on GlaxoSmithKline Gets A Slap On The Wrist.
Hi FSK. My first thought reading this was, 'this is exactly why we do not need government.' This is a sharp idea for a model of justice. Where do you get ideas like this from? This is really good.

I've mentioned this many times. It's a common problem.

CEO and executives break the law. The fine and lawsuit damages is less than one year's profit. In many cases, the damages are less than the amount gained by breaking the law.

In this case "breaking the law" correlates with "actually hurting people". The drug corporation executives encouraged off-label use of drags, which may have hurt people.

This happened before. Eli Lilly covered up "Zyprexa causes diabetes", and drug sales reps were explicitly instructed to downplay the risk. The fine and settlement was less than 1 year of profits from Zyprexa.

For another example, BP cut costs on safety, leading to the Deepwater Horizon accident. The amount they saved by cutting costs on safety may be more than the damages they paid to settle claims.

For another example, Goldman Sachs and other banksters sometimes get caught breaking securities laws. They usually settle for less than the amount they stole!

Wachovia laundered money for Mexican drug cartels, and got away with a slap on the wrist. (Actually, "money laundering" should not be legal. Those laws can come down hard on non-insiders, but insiders get away with it as usual.)

"Corporate death penalty" was commonly invoked in the 18th and 19th century. It isn't used any more. The legal principle now is "Damages from a lawsuit should never be so big to bankrupt a corporation.", which lets executives get off scot free.

Another problem is that the damages are paid by the corporation/shareholders, and not by the executives who broke the law. The Federal Reserve and inflation means that cash/bonds are a lousy investment. This forces people into the stock market, where they can get fleeced by CEOs and insiders.

Limited liability incorporation is also a factor. That places a cap on potential damages.

In a really free market, in incidents like this, the punitive damages should be so great to bankrupt the corporation and all the executives.

I also like the way the mainstream media says "Wow! $3B! That's a lot of money!" rather than "It's a drop in the bucket, compared to GSK's total earnings. It's a slap on the wrist. It's probably even less than the extra profit GSK made by breaking the law."

Robert Ferguson commented on Psychopath Lying Tell - Heavy Blinking - Bill Erpenbeck And Ruth Madoff.
I used to enjoy the tv show "The West Wing", created and largely written by Aaron Sorkin. He also wrote the script for the movie with Michael Douglas called "The American President". His themes tug at the heart strings about doing "good" and all the goody-do-gooder "liberal" stuff like caring for the poor and all that. The thing is some liberals, like other people of whatever tag political persuasion one might have actually mean well, but I found it very interesting watching Sorkin on CNN last week. You made an observation last year about David Axelrod, chief Obama advisor, when he was on "The Daily Show" with John Stewart and about the patterns of speech indicative of a mentally disturbed person, which is very well documented. Like Axelrod, Sorkin was obscene with the "uh uh uh uh, um um um um, and ya know ah ah, um and, ah the thing is, uh, uhh, um, uh uh uh....". And this guy is touted as an intellectual genius!! Like Chomsky, Sorkin is an approved gatekeeper of the Left, touching on themes of liberty but like all priests of the State, like Krugman as well, inexorably making the strong case that more State intervention is the solution to cure humanity's ills. I thought that was very interesting that a top advisor "liberal" David Axelrod literally has the same mentally disturbed speech pattern as a counterpart "Media Agent".

Justin commented on Psychopath Lying Tell - Heavy Blinking - Bill Erpenbeck And Ruth Madoff.

Hey FSK, OT but my family made me watch "The Patriot" for the 4th... dear god, worst movie ever. Have you ever seen it?

Anonymous Coward commented on Psychopath Lying Tell - Heavy Blinking - Bill Erpenbeck And Ruth Madoff.

> You can sometimes tell when someone is lying, because they’re blinking a lot.

You can tell when a politician is lying - his mouth moves!

No, I never saw "The Patriot".

That "uh uh uh" speech pattern is also a strong psychopath indication. The speaker's brain is literally skipping as he talks. The "uh uh uh" comes from the fact that the speaker is being really careful to make sure that he doesn't say anything "politically incorrect". When you're a high-ranking State liar, one wrong truthful word, and your career is over.

Angry Black Abobo commented on Psychopath Lying Tell - Heavy Blinking - Bill Erpenbeck And Ruth Madoff.


The largest Ponzi scheme in the world wasn't operated by Bernie Madoff, it's operated by the U.S. government and is known as "Social Security" (AKA, retirement extortion).

Ol' Bernie was just copying the government's lead.

Social Security is a Ponzi scam.

However, the biggest scam is the Federal Reserve. That is closely related to the income tax, also a scam. If you pay a % tax on your labor, you're actually a partial slave.

Anonymous Coward commented on Psychopath Lying Tell - Heavy Blinking - Bill Erpenbeck And Ruth Madoff.

Doing work should always be a GOOD thing.

Due to high taxation and high rents, work can now be a very bad thing.

There are women in the UK thrown into jail for claiming housing benefit to pay their HUGE RENTS, but taking on irregular, part-time work i.e. 200 - 600 pounds a month and sometimes no money at all. They would have been better off doing no work at all. But then society suffers when more people don't do work.

The real scandal is that if you do part-time work and don't know the rules, you are thrown into jail.

But if you are part of a huge scam and know the rules and get free lawyers on Legal Aid (government support for lawyers), then you can go to tribunals to get increases into your benefits and end up in total being paid 60, 000 pounds a year in benefits.

So the scam merchants with their free lawyers get 60, 000 pounds for the government in welfare benefits.

But the "honest" people that don't have free lawyers and struggle to get by, end up in jail for part-time, low-paid work.

Our government is effectively saying working can be done.

That is one problem with welfare. If you start working, you lose your welfare benefit. If a welfare recipient starts working, his effective marginal taxation rate can go over 100%, when you include lost welfare benefits.

Anonymous Coward commented on FSK Asks - Advertising Options?.
At a couple of dollars a month, I wouldn't bother.

Plus you might have to declare the income as tax.

It just isn't worth it.

I could deduct my Linode expense, $20/month, so it'd be zero actual income.

My goal is to cover my hosting costs.

With an eCPM of $0.50, I'd need 40k pageviews/month, to cover my Linode cost. I'm only 1/8 there.

Anonymous Coward commented on FSK Asks - Advertising Options?.

In the good, ol' United Kingdom our clown Prime Minister David Cam-Moron (with only 20% of people voting for him) attacked the comedian Jimmy Carr about using schemes to avoid tax.

The Chancellor George Osborne said it was immoral to avoid tax.

Guess what?

Cam-Moron's father had a business moving money off-shore for clients.

Osborne's family use trusts to avoid inheritance tax.

Is this some kind of sick joke?

Our government use schemes to avoid tax and then they attack comedians for using schemes to avoid tax.

Are they having some kind of sick joke?

Brad commented on FSK Asks - Advertising Options?.

Maybe if you get an LLC for a business tax id you can get another google adsense account. Although you will need a new ip address. and change your whois on your domain name to look like you are a new owner. it's worth a shot. although a business license is expensive.

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