“Best Of FSK” – v2.0 Implemented

I improved the “Best Of FSK” script.  It now has the ability to break down the results by year or month.

I’d meant to do that for a long time, but kept putting it off.  After all that procrastinating, it only took me a few hours.  My motivation for programming and working on my blog has returned.

4 Responses to “Best Of FSK” – v2.0 Implemented

    • What? You mean daily/monthly/yearly visitor count and % growth?

      I’d just been doing that myself in MySQL. I didn’t think it merited a page.

      I also get that information in piwik. It’s interesting to compare the piwik stats with the raw Apache logs. The raw Apache logs show 200% more visitors than piwik!

  1. Robert Ferguson July 12, 2012 at 2:31 am

    Long time blog follower and friend, I think you know that. So I support your efforts! Off topic from this post but I wanted to make an observation about what I have seen with this “Dr. Drew” on tv. First off all, the show is on the State-postured more “respectable, adult” networks like CNN Headline News Network. So funny they have all these different names to suit different favors while all of which come from the same three or four State backed media companies. Anyway, I have watched the Dr. Drew program probably because I liked the “Loveline” show he did with Adam Corolla on the radio years ago. Flatly put, I have noticed that he ALWAYS supports a position which emasculates men. He rushes to support gay rights and heterosexual man abuse at every turn. Female guests and callers are always given a lot of latitude to talk negatively about men and also make a case for a woman who wants the beta male. Meanwhile, any male guest or caller or exhibits even the slightest shade of alpha is quickly shot down for being “un-evolved”, and so forth. I could go on, but I am convinced that the State, actively and on a daily basis, and has for years, seeks to destroy families and weaken men because a strong man and strong family among the masses is a threat!

    • There’s a lot of pro-State brainwashing on this issue.

      The mainstream media promotes homosexuality a lot, often in hidden ways.

      The mainstream media also promotes beta/loser values.

      Many “romantic comedies” encourage men to think like a beta/loser. In a romantic comedy, the man meets a woman, the woman initially rejects him, he is persistent, and eventually she accepts him. That’s not the healthy way to do it. If a woman isn’t interested, you should find someone else. However, that doesn’t make for an interesting movie.

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