GrowMap Anti-Spam Plugin Defect

The “GrowMap Anti-Spam Plugin” greatly reduced my spam.  However, it did not reduce spam to zero.

If you have a vanilla WordPress setup, it’s too easy for spammers.  They can POST directly to the comment.php file, without even reading your blog.

The “GrowMap Anti-Spam Plugin” fixes this problem.  The spammer can’t directly post to comment.php.

The GrowMap Anti-Spam Plugin uses simple JavaScript, to determine if the poster is a real human.

However, there is a glaring defect.  The spammer can update his script, to account for the GrowMap Anti-Spam Plugin!

One spammer did this.  I had to take additional measures to block him.

There’s an obvious solution.  Instead of making it the same all the time, the spam plugin should semi-randomize its output.  It should always seem similar to a human user, but extra fields can be added or renamed, to keep out the spammers.

I also added a trackback verifier. It greatly reduced trackback spam, but it isn’t perfect. I can get a “real” trackback from a spam blog. A “spam blog” is a computer-generated blog that’s 100% content scraped from other sites, designed to fool Google into ranking it highly from certain keywords.

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